Brave Love

Becoming a family isn’t what I thought it would be. I started out optimistic and naive–determined to be the perfect wife and mom. When difficulty came our way I tried to stay positive. I told myself we would figure it out–but we’d solve one problem and another would pop up. I’m not perfect and I never will be–no matter how hard I try. Our family is made of real people–each with our own likes and dislikes, our own quirks and preferences. We tried having it all together but it was too much work. Way too much work. So we decided to be real instead. It is scary and hard and SO MUCH BETTER than trying to be perfect.

Love requires bravery–there is no love without risk and vulnerability.

We’re crazy, but our crazy compliments each other.
We argue, we scream, we get angry, but we also fight to stay together.
We are stable, not because the path is easy, but because we hold onto each other tightly.
When walls build up, we break them down.
We make mistakes, we own our mistakes, we forgive each other.
We each bring strengths and weaknesses–we wouldn’t be us without them.
Each of us is part of the whole.
We are better together.
You are you, I am me.
You make me braver, I make you braver.
Love makes us brave.
Together is where we want to be.
We are a family and that won’t change–no matter what.
We love bravely and with honesty. This is the meaning behind the Brave Love ring.


  1. This touched me so much, just ordered it. Life is messy and never perfect but it’s our life and we live each day intermingled with pain, joy, sorrow and immense happiness! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  2. Beautifully written from the heart.
    True creativity is a gift from the BIG CREATOR.
    There is manic in the product and the love comes through.
    God bless! Wish for your prosperity.

  3. Love your designs. Just ordered a heart flower charm that says Ricky. I lost my husband of 37 years on February so I wear it on the chain with my name tag at work. I am a night nurse. You have to be real like the Velveteen Rabbit to feel the love! You are admired! ✌?

  4. This response is for your previous post with the doggies peeing in the house! We got one of those lights from Amazon, and found a wooden piece of furniture that was Buddy’s favorite! We used Nature’s Miracle hard wood cleaner to clean it good then I put a light layer of Vicks vaporub on it to discourage him, so far so good!

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