beauty in the brokenness

I talk often about how imperfect life is. Sometimes with all the beautiful photos we put up on our blogs, it’s easy to think that someone’s life is perfect or charmed. And while I’m surrounded by so many blessings, I’m also surrounded by so much brokenness.

I have a friend who’s struggling with depression, another who is facing infertility, a friend who was in a horrible car accident and the marriage of some close friends is crumbling around them. Brokenness is everywhere.

Meanwhile in my own life I’m caring for a ten year old who still has to be diapered, fed and given medication three times a day. He is also tons of fun, super silly and the best snuggle bug, but the drain that comes from meeting his needs day in day out is real. Not to mention all of the other responsibilities that fill up my day.

I look around me and I see all this brokenness—but what’s even harder for me to look at is the brokenness in my own heart. I am self-centered, prone to fatigue, and sometimes discouraged. I think I’m doing just fine, being productive and full of energy, when all of the sudden I feel angry and resentful.

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  1. Wow, this is such an important post in today’s social media world. What we see on the outside is NEVER what is truly on the inside. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to your family, Shelly

  2. I am really hearing you today. It’s all so hard, and we make it look so easy on our blogs. I even find that people who are friends who read my blog rarely ask how I am anymore in person, assuming that everything is rosy like they see it in their in-boxes. Sigh. We are all human and prone to mistakes. Sending you a hug! Life is real and messy, isn’t it?

    1. Totally Kelli. I am so happy that we can relate. But that’s life, there are hard times and really good times. It’s what makes life real. 🙂 xo

  3. I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. You are a great mom, wife, daughter and sister. All the more so because you are know your shortcomings and are striving to become all that God wants you to be. Love you, sis.

  4. Lisa, I love your posts like this because I think so many of us {your readers} really look up to you and when you post something like this we are so grateful. I am a full-time working mom and deal with lots of “mom guilt” leaving my baby girl every day. The beauty and grace in our lives is that she is so loved by her Nanny and babysitter. Thank you for this. xo

  5. i was just thinking about this the other day. thanks for sharing the reality that you live with, as well as the beauty that you see within your circumstances.

  6. Lisa,
    This was so spot on. I was nodding along to every word you wrote. I have four kids (6,4, and twin 19 month old boys). One of the twins was born with kidney disease and is on dialysis. My husband and I are his primary caregivers and hook him up every single night to a machine. Some days I just want to cry trying to be everything to everybody. Then I think, what would I do without our little Blake? It is unimaginable to think about. This is who he is and I love him just the way he is. Thank you again for your wise words!

  7. Lisa…THANK YOU for posting this. Just yesterday I was reading your blog and thinking that I don’t do enough fun, creative things daily or should snuggle my kids while they sleep. I felt guilty because I’m thrilled when all three of them are resting/entertained and I can catch a break. Again, another reason why I follow your blog…you keep it real. xoxo

  8. Thanks for being the Mom that takes care of her child who needs her very much. I am at the other end of life. My boys are grown, but my parents need me. My Dad age 91 is depressed and is hardly eating. Mom has dementia and Dad expects her to get better. She won’t.

    keep it up and so will I.

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