I talk often about how imperfect life is. Sometimes with all the beautiful photos we put up on our blogs, it’s easy to think that someone’s life is perfect or charmed. And while I’m surrounded by so many blessings, I’m also surrounded by so much brokenness.

I have a friend who’s struggling with depression, another who is facing infertility, a friend who was in a horrible car accident and the marriage of some close friends is crumbling around them. Brokenness is everywhere.

Meanwhile in my own life I’m caring for a ten year old who still has to be diapered, fed and given medication three times a day. He is also tons of fun, super silly and the best snuggle bug, but the drain that comes from meeting his needs day in day out is real. Not to mention all of the other responsibilities that fill up my day.

I look around me and I see all this brokenness—but what’s even harder for me to look at is the brokenness in my own heart. I am self-centered, prone to fatigue, and sometimes discouraged. I think I’m doing just fine, being productive and full of energy, when all of the sudden I feel angry and resentful.

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