we went to santa barbara was to take david to a new specialist. one of david’s biggest challenges is with his GI (gastro-intestinal) system. He has reflux and at three months of age he a malrotation (a twist or block) of the intestine repaired. Since there are no pediatric GI doctors in our area, we have been using our pediatrician as a sounding board. Although he is great, I felt like we needed to build a relationship with a specialist who can follow David and get to know him. I really liked the doctor. He took a lot of time to get to know David and asked a lot of questions. He has seen children with the same syndrome which is nice. He had a couple of great suggestions, too. So it a very profitable trip!
And letting the kids be together made it even better!

I am working on a couple silk knot necklaces that will be ready in the next week or so! Yay!!