I came across this website the other day. it is by a woman who wore the same brown dress everyday for a year. She actually made the dress herself. She did it to fight consumerism and be friendly to the environment. She shows pictures of all the darling outfits she put toether throughout the year. I find the idea very intriguing! I’m not that extreme–but I like the idea of living simply. Check it out at littlebrowndress.com

South Beach diet update–I’m hungry!! I’m not a real meat and cheese kinda girl, so I hit my limit before I get really full. This morning for breakfast I had eggs, sliced tomato (with fresh basil and mozzarella cheese) and turkey sausage. I couldn’t even eat the sausage. It grossed me out! (I haven’t used that phrase since Jr. High!!) I’m hoping my body will adjust in the next day or so. I crave fruit and sweets and bread. I’m trying to hang in there!!