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{new} hand-stamped magnets *giveaway*

March 21st | jewelry

we’ve got 5 new products for the home so we decided we may as well have a decor week! our first product is our new, hand-stamped magnets. so simple, so fun.

each magnet was hand-molded and then cast in pewter. they have an organic feel and best of all? you can customize each one!

the hand-stamped magnets are nice and sturdy, so they can hold multiple sheets of paper. who needs a wimpy magnet, right?

perfect for your workshop, office, classroom or kitchen.

i use them to hold my weekly menu, matthias’ chore chart (which he loves), photos, and of course my daily lists. i seriously love a good list, how about you??

and i’m pretty sure any teacher would love this practical, beautiful gift.

look how matthias spelled ‘put away close’. melt my heart.

we’ll be doing a giveaway EVERY DAY this week to celebrate the new decor products. i’ll post the giveaway to my blog in the morning and choose the winners in the evening.

for our first giveaway, i’ve teamed with the amazing tsh from simple mom. her blog is full of practical strategies for making your home lovely and organized and peaceful. and she’s a real-life friend too. she has a new book out {organized simplicity} and it’s awesome.

two winners will each win a set of four, hand-stamped magnets and a copy of organized simplicity.

**just leave a comment and tell us TWO things on your to-do list today.**

want extra credit? you can get up to THREE extries by posting about the giveaway on your blog, facebook page and/or tweeting about it!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED {thank you!}

767 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    My to do list is full!! I have to play catch up on laundry and run to the bank. I love the magnets. Very cute!

  2. Tara says:

    Those magnets are ADORABLE. I love making to do lists, though I’m not so great at crossing things off my list. My two have-to-get-done-today-or-I’ll-die things on my list are to find a fabulous pair of white shoes and pick up an new black ink printer cartridge.

  3. Danielle says:

    These are so cute!! My to-do list today is to pay bills and workout. And all these needs to be done after work. Happy Monday!

  4. Erin says:

    1. report cards (furlough day today for staff in my district)

    2. go for a walk

    Love your stuff :)

  5. Brianna says:

    LOVE the magnets! To-do list: homeschooling, clean the kitchen, organize a closet. Eek, better get busy! :)

  6. Amanda says:

    I facebooked about it!!

  7. Mary says:

    Lots of laundry {slacker} and photographing something fun for a new post!

  8. MelissaF says:

    I adore the magnets!! On my to-do list today 2 things I hate doing the most: grocery shopping and getting tax stuff ready!

  9. heather blausey says:

    Fun magnets! 2 things: go for a run & write in my family’s journal. Can’t wait to see what else is in store this week!

  10. Cathie says:

    A list to do-

    ” Mommy taxi” my daughter to school.

  11. Sharrin says:

    Love the magnets! I need to fill out registration for school next year and book swimming lessons!

  12. Bell says:

    Ohhhh I have more than two things on my list… return emails and inspire a friend! Hahaha Those magnets look great and is sooo practical too! God bless

  13. April Hunt says:

    going consignment shopping for spring clothes and grocery shopping!!

  14. Amy says:

    Hi Lisa!
    Two things on my to-do list are:
    design and order my wedding thank you notes
    get gas

    Glad you had a fun weekend and that you’re feeling better :)


  15. April Hunt says:

    shared it on facebook!

  16. April Hunt says:

    shared it on twitter


  17. Katy says:

    I need to schedule a hair appointment for my son and reschedule a meeting.

  18. Gina says:

    Oh these are fabulous, thanks so much for the chance! On the todo list today is to finish some design work and repaint my front door.

  19. steph says:

    play with my kids
    do something creative today

  20. Cait says:

    My to-do list is decievingly short. I have to
    1: vacuum flat
    2: work on thesis

  21. ~Heather says:

    Figure out our medical bills & work out the details for our 5 & 7 year old birthday parties.
    Love the simple mom blog!

    • Cait says:

      I’ve got a scrap book of fun birhtday party ideas for kids from my days as an au pair. Feel free to email me ( and I can translate some of them for you :)

  22. Shelby says:

    I’m going to finish my paper and get some coffee

  23. Katy says:

    Tweeted about it…


  24. Cait says:

    I’ve tweeted

  25. Cait says:

    And facebooked as well :)

  26. Ingrid says:

    Empty the dishwasher, laugh with my girl

  27. Cathy says:

    Great idea!
    2 things to do: my house is for sale and I have visitors today! I also need to make sure my son is on time for school!

  28. April says:

    Wow, those are beautiful!!

    On my two do list today I have to call and see if we can move a day earlier next month, and 2) I have to remember to send out a just because card to a friend that is having a tough time right now.

  29. On my to do: 1) getting a picture made with a close friend at 10:00 at Starbucks. She & I are using the picture to blog about each other’s blog!! 2) sample 2 new applique designs and finish 4 shirts for a friend.

  30. Tracey says:

    on my to do: laundry and call about an insurance matter πŸ˜›

  31. Sharon says:

    On my to do list is : pay the bills and wash the sheets. Two of the many things scheduled for my Monday!!!

  32. nicole s says:

    I LOVE these! 2 things on my to do list….they are kind of boring!
    1) go to grocery store
    2) do the meal plan for the week…

  33. faith says:

    I love a strong magnet for all the sports schedules.
    On my list today : take boys to eye dr. for check up,
    make appt. for dog at the vet. Love lists and post it notes.

  34. Anne says:

    So adorable!

    On my to do list: clean the kitchen and put away laundry… oh, and buy my BFF a birthday present!

  35. April says:

    Facebooked it as well!!

  36. Laura says:

    i’m on spring break so i don’t have much to do but i think my list today consists of unpacking my clothes and mopping the floor!

  37. Leigh says:

    My changed to do list as of this morning is to 1. Clean up the flooded house done by my dear 6yo. 2. Take care of my sons busted eardrum.
    That’ll be great if I can finish this list today!!

  38. Jenny V says:

    I am a list maker! Just two of my items are take care of some banking at the bank and folding laundry! Love the magnets!!

  39. Anne says:

    I tweeted about it!

  40. Andrea says:

    Laundry, and find something fun for the kids to do inside.

  41. Paige says:

    Two things on my to-do list today…1. Update my planner with weekly going-ons. I still love writing in my planner! and 2. Research blogs for ideas for my blog redo. So excited to do this! L-O-V-E the magnets!

  42. Tina Vega says:

    2 things on my to do list for today:
    1. shopping for a scrapbooking retreat i’m hosting next weekend.
    2. attacking laundry mountain :)

  43. Shawn Tyler says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE magnets. Esp. these magnets!
    Today I will: Love my dog. & Take a walk.

    Thanks! PS. Just tweeted about your magnets!

  44. Whitney says:

    I need to do laundry and clean bathrooms!

  45. Steph says:

    I have to do laundry and groceries.

  46. Amy says:

    Love the magnets! Awesome! 1) Write a letter (and send) to our World Vision sponsored child in Uganda. Soooo been procrastinating and I need to get my act together. 2) Make candied almonds for my hubby. He’s been patiently waiting for them since November.

  47. Anne says:

    I blogged about the giveaway! :)

  48. I retweeted your post!

  49. Luisa says:

    Fold the massive pile of laundry that has seriously snuck up on me and continue the nesting frenzy!

  50. I also posted on my Facebook page!

  51. Myra says:

    Very cute!

    To do:
    Try to enjoy last day of spring break with my boys. :(

    Help son with homework. (Who gives homework on spring break????)

  52. Tina C. says:

    1. sew :)
    2. spackle the walls

  53. Kim davis says:

    1. Teach a kids sewing class
    2. Ship out orders
    3. Take a nap..this girl is tired!

    These magnets are awesome, Lisa!

  54. Molly says:

    My to do list today includes…swim lessons, grocery store, laundry and soooo muh more :) Love the magnets; you are so creative!

  55. Anne says:

    Two things on my to-do list are to attend a meeting and sit down with my fiancΓ© to work on our wedding plans.

    The magnets are so adorable!

  56. Anna says:

    Awesome! On my to do list today is: visit my father in law in the hospital after knee replacement surgery this morning and grocery shopping :) Thank you!

  57. Nikole says:

    These magnets are classy! I have to take my husband out for supper for his Birthday tonight and then go snug up my brand new four day old first grandbaby, Isabella Paisely, after teaching all day.

  58. Tina C. says:

    shared on FB :)

  59. Jaimie says:

    Numero uno on my list is to make sure my 2 year old doesn’t destroy the house {but that’s on my list everyday}. Number 2 would be to finish putting together and organizing my art studio {which is divine! :) }

  60. Luisa says:

    Oh and I shared the link on facebook.

  61. Amy says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway. @mcgrathfive

  62. sandy johnson says:

    heading to the lumber yard to pick up some moulding and to the grocery store for some fruit.

  63. Linda J. says:

    My day is always so unpredictable I often don’t get to a “to-do” list. However, I make sure to include two very important items every day. Eat lunch and go to the bathroom…..

  64. MichelleF says:

    adore the magnets!! :) Today’s to-dos inlcude picking up a birthday present for a party this afternoon (yikes, last minute – I know!) and cleaning those bathrooms!(still love my boys!!)

  65. Amy says:

    I posted on facebook about the giveaway.
    fb – amy.pollock.mcgrath

  66. Tyson Behrns says:

    1. Get pictures done for the kids
    2. Send out 8 birthday cards.

  67. Tyson Behrns says:

    3. Post this on facebook

  68. Joy says:

    oh my gosh! lisa those are so gorgeous. watch our new baby chicks and finish up the laundry.

  69. 1. homeschool my 3 kids
    2. try to finish up sewing a slipcover!

  70. Kelly says:

    I really need to finish cleaning out my linen closet and the ironing for the week. Thanks so much.

  71. Joy says:

    I just put it on Fb :)

  72. Kelly H-Y says:

    LOVE, love, love those magnets … what a fun week!
    It’s spring break for the kids and I have the day off from working (and, it’s POURING outside), so we’ll probably be running a few errands, doing some indoor chores, and playing with Legos and Zhu Zhu Pets! :-)

  73. Shana says:

    Today’s to-do-list:
    1. work
    2. rest
    because I am TIRED! (maybe a little cranky…) :)

  74. Angie says:

    Oh wow! These magnets are great!
    My to do list consists of:
    * finishing up producing a broadcast
    * run after work

  75. Amber says:

    2 things on my to-do list? 1. Make someone smile. 2. Make a concious effort to be more positive when the people around me are being negative!! <3

  76. Barbara, Vienna says:

    Oh, the magnet are wonderfull!!!!!!
    Things to do:
    wake up my three kids in the morning
    read your blog (makes me a little bit more happy!)
    hug my kids………

  77. Sandra says:

    Head to the grocery store and try a new GFCF recipe for muffins with hidden veggies!

  78. Sarah says:

    1. make the butterfly decorations for my wedding
    2. call the lovely ladies at the renovated barn where my wedding reception is going to be (so excited!)


  79. Lorena says:

    Super cute magnets. To do: 1. Go to Montessori toddler program. 2.Make fish tacos.

  80. Evil Pixie says:

    Fantastic magnets! Two things on my To Do list are: print workshop workbooks (I’m doing a workshop on Thursday) and make Seafood Newberg for dinner tonight.

  81. Katrina says:

    Today I have to research a paper for my psychology class and exchange my modem for a new one (my teen would just DIE without internet at home!).

  82. emily Mitchell says:

    Laundry and more cleaning! I also have to work…call the doctor to make an appointment…

  83. Lisa says:

    1. Home school my daughter.
    2. Clean my house.

  84. jennifer says:

    1.exercise. 2. catch up on emails

  85. mary says:

    1. school the kiddos
    2. tackle the never ending pile of laundry.

    there are about 20 more things i could add. lol. :)
    (love those magnets!)

  86. RainMomma says:

    Tweeted it. Twitter: RainMomma

  87. Pam M. says:

    Today’s to-do list includes doing laundry and making physical therapy and chiropractor appointments.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  88. Regina says:

    Love the magnets
    My to-do list today consists of:

    1. staying preoccupied with the fact that my husband is traveling home today after having been out of town working for too long.

    2. trying real hard to concentrate at work and trying not to stay preoccupied about him traveling home today.

  89. carolyn says:

    Those magnets are terrific! Two things on my to do list today: call about a job interview (easy for some, stomach churning for me) and laundry.

  90. Rebecca says:

    1. Make my kiddos a nutritious breakfast
    2. take snack to my son’s preschool

  91. RainMomma says:

    My to do list: shampoo the floors and start prepping for book club.

    Then: find a nice quick bread for work tomorrow.

  92. Suzanne Pennington says:

    1. Conquering a pile of laundry
    2. Work on Law & Ethics homework.
    *love your new magnets, so cute.=)

  93. Regina says:

    shared this wonderful giveaway on my facebook page.

  94. Jessica says:

    The magnets are awesome! I have lots to do today!
    1. Go to the doctor
    2. Start packing for my trip to the UK
    Thanks so much!

  95. Lisa Lee says:

    Love the magnets and love organizing! On my to do list today: find out about a rental car due to a car accident on Friday night and design and order new business cards.

  96. RainMomma says:

    Shared it on Facebook too :)

  97. Angie says:

    I put the giveaway on Facebook! (shared your link) Angie Patterson

  98. Marni says:

    To do today: Pay bills and prep game for office party on Friday :)

  99. Angie says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway, as well! ang_EP (I @’ed you) : )

  100. Amy says:

    Just two things? 1) Go to bank 2) Finish washing the sheets from last night spent with my vomiting 2 year old.

    Love the magnets!

  101. Katrina says:

    1st to do: Get Kara’s Birthday Party invites finished
    2nd to do: Laundry :(

  102. Kris says:

    Very cute magnets! My to-do list, make banana bread and get dinner in the crock pot. Oh, always put away laundry :) The joy of Monday :)

  103. Marni says:

    Shared of Facebook.

  104. rachel says:

    Many items on my To Do list but the top 2: call dentist and put away laundry.

  105. Lola P says:

    To do today: finish laundry, and go make payments :)

  106. Amanda says:

    1) Go to class.
    2) Attend meetings.

  107. Those are beautifuil!

    Two things that need to get done today are to cook a big pot of chili for freezer meals, and to work on a wedding order for my shop!

  108. corinne says:

    Fun fun fun giveaway!!! I’m on Spring Break, so my to-do list is fun! 1. walk on beach with fam, and 2. knit! Thanks Lisa! xo

  109. melyssa says:

    Those are so sweet… paint our toy box & laundry:)

  110. On today’s to-do list: write a paper for my class and organize my entryway.

    LOVE these magnets and love Tsh and her book

  111. Barbara says:

    My to do list is never ending being a mom. Two things that are on my to do list today and every day:

    1) Love my family
    2) Share with my family

    Life is full of chores, but without love and sharing, you cannot accomplish those chores very easily. Forget the messy house for a moment, the dishes can wait, laundry will get done, and the floor will get swept. Spend time together, loving and sharing. Makes mt world just that much brighter.

    I am sharing your giveaway on my FB <3

  112. Jayne says:

    Catch up on laundry, run to the market, and start putting together a bookcase I bought at IKEA ,

  113. Sandy M. says:

    on my to-do list today: finish at least 3 projects at work and get home in time to have quick dinner with kids before we go to a cub scout meeting tonight.

  114. anne says:

    Today: 1) car in the shop/wait to pick car up 2) post office before it closes if car is ready in time!

  115. DebZorn says:

    1. Fold laundry (a huge pile)
    2. Order photos

    Thank you for the chance to win. I love LLD.

  116. Sarah says:

    I really like those (along with a good list). On my to-do list today: finish up two grad papers and visit a friend after work.

  117. denise says:

    oh, i LOVE your giveaways!

    on my to-do list for today- balance $ account, fold laundry, teach & lesson plans for the week (home school), and bake banana bread… but none of this until i’ve visited your blog!

  118. kerryb says:

    1. enjoy my kiddos on spring break!!
    2. laundry (always!)

    loving your new line so far! these magnets are super fun and oh so cute!
    thanks for the great giveaway!

  119. Georgia Monroe says:

    love love love the magnets and book!
    1. laundry
    2. shower

  120. Marissa says:

    These are amazing! What a great new product that I NEED and is BEAUTIFUL! Today…well, I have to make a list of replacement items and their cost for the insurance company after getting stolen (boo for doing things for the insurance, hooray for getting new stuff!) and I have to mop the floors. They’re awful.

  121. Christy says:

    Really like your new magnets!!

    I’ve gotta get my laundry started, and clean my kitchen-blech!

  122. Marnie says:

    It’s Monday and the “to do” list is always long, first is bible study, then grocery shopping, laundry…on and on. Love the magnets.

  123. Brianne says:

    On my to-do list today is (1) Practice The Three Piggy Opera with my class of first graders & (2) buy party hats for my son’s second birthday on Wednesday!! Love the magnets and the book looks great, too.

  124. Lori-Anne says:

    A friend of mine invited me over to watch The Colour Purple tonight, so the first item on my To Do list is track down a fun, purple confection to bring over and share. Actually, that’s the second. The first involves answering several aging emails! The former will definitely be more fun, though!

  125. Shelley says:

    I have one HUGE to do list today with several things on it – we’re having a home inspection today to close the sale of our home! The next two things on that list are laundry and bathrooms!! Love those magnets, thanks so much!

  126. Beth J says:

    To do list:
    Clean up the spare room

  127. Becky says:

    1. make a birthday cake and dinner.
    2. clean for birthday celebration! husband is 38 today!

  128. Barbara says:

    Forgot that I have to post seperatly. Shared on FB!

  129. Alana says:

    Spend time with hubby (he is on spring break).

  130. Meg T says:

    Two of my “to dos” today are laundry and a thank you card for my father-in-law. LOVE these magnets!!

  131. only two things, okay but I wish it were only two things for the day. Today I am clearing out clothes from the twins that don’t fit, and cleaning out the linen closet, it needs lots of help and well I am not sure how much I can offer it but I will give it a go!!

  132. Becky says:

    posted to facebook:) thanks for the chance to win, love your stuff!

  133. Clean the two beds in my back yard. Can’t wait!
    Fold clothes in dryer, switch over wet clothes and reload washing machine. Can wait. Procrastinate.

    would love to have those magnets

  134. maggie b. says:

    To do today:
    Go for a run (MUST exercise to keep my sanity … espeically after that rainy weekend!)
    Conquer laundry mountain.

  135. Meghan Hall says:

    1. prep chicken noodle soup veggies
    2. pay bills (yuck)

    Love these magnets!

  136. Alana says:

    Facebooked it!

  137. Lourdes says:

    Laundry is always on the to-do list, I can’t even count it as a “to-do” item. So today I have to write some notes and cards that are way overdue and drop our tax pkg at the accounting office. Love lists, only way I can visualize what needs to be done. Love styling magnets too! What a pretty new product.

  138. Sara.arrigoni says:

    What a fantastic idea! And you are right; Tsh’s Simple Mom site and her book are awesome!

    Two things: finish up my paper clutter assignment from last week’s Simple Mom Project Simplify, and finish putting all our weekend laundry away so I can start week 3 of the project!

  139. Cristy says:

    I’m getting ready to head out for a job interview (for a teaching position! would love them for my classroom) and I’m picking my daughter up later after school for some frozen yogurt. Yay! What a great to-do list, huh?

  140. kelly says:

    I would love to win these! two things on my list
    pick up library books for this weeks school.
    costco shopping. lol good thing you capped me off at two, I have about 10! =0)

  141. 1. Finalize Itinerary for Costa Rica trip! We are leaving Saturday, and I CANNOT WAIT!
    2. Write lesson plans for tomorrow. Gotta love the life of a teacher:)

  142. Katie says:

    Today’s to do list includes menu planning and taking pics for my baby’s first birthday party invitation.

  143. michaela says:

    1. get through the piles on my desk at work
    2. go home and smooch smooch smooch my little guy!

    love the magnets!

  144. Michelle B says:

    two things on my to do list:

    pick out clothes for kids spring pictures
    attack the paperwork pile :)

  145. Susan says:

    I got a gazillion things to do today, but two items would be:

    Complete preparations for Work Project to start tomorrow.

    Pick up and drop off children in various locations at various times (and do it at the correct times!_ – 4 kids, 2 bands, 2 lessons, 1 ball practice = exhaustion!

  146. Mindy May says:

    I love everything about the magnets! Shiny, type writer print, beautiful! The two things that are on my To Do List today is to continue putting school supplies/craft supplies into my new bookshelf (think mason jars galore!) and to get some homework done. Even though I am on spring break I have a ton still to do!

  147. LOVE these!!! =)

    Only TWO things on my to-do list? After two weeks away on vaca, I WISH there were only two things! lol

    1) grocery store, or it’s ramen for dinner
    2) unpack suitcases

    Seriously, I LOVE these magnets, and am pretty sure our MDO director is gonna get these as a gift at the end of the school year. As always, Lisa, you ROCK!

  148. Julie says:

    Love them! Two things on my to do list today are doing laundry and catching up on work. Yay me! πŸ˜‰

  149. Carrie says:

    Well my kids are home from school for spring break so they are my main to do today.
    do something fun for them.
    get one home task done..
    clean up the second round of dishes from the dinner party last night.

  150. kerryb says:

    i facebooked it! :o)

  151. Debbie K says:

    So cute! On my list are 1) make it through my Monday at work 2) go home to my little boy and give lots of hugs :)

  152. Jennifer says:

    My to do list:
    Email my son who is traveling and laundry!

  153. Ashley says:

    1. going to the park with my daughter :) (i live in Iowa and the weather is FINALLY starting to get nice!)
    2. put laundry away (hence the nice weather, it didn’t happen yesterday.)

  154. Megan says:

    My to-do list:
    -Try to organize one of our closet.
    –Maybe even help my hubby to to finish up the toy storage that he is building.

  155. dawn says:

    It’s Spring Break here…so my to do list is play with the family and have fun today. (I’m ignoring the real to do list that is flying through my brain…).

    the magnets are adorable! And I need that book! Great giveaway!

  156. Halley says:

    It is pouring down rain here, so today we are staying in. First thing on the list is laundry! Second was clean up the kitchen, which I already got finished. (Yay!)
    Love the magnets, and have been wanting this book!

  157. beth says:

    1. figure out how to make my unruly hair look cute
    2. buy groceries. when you have no bread or milk, the world is off center.

  158. Halley says:

    I tweeted!

  159. Love, love, LOVE these magnets! They will be making refrigerators cute everywhere! :)

    There are a lot of things on my to-do list, but two of them are to drop off dry-cleaning and get all of the documents ready to file our taxes.

  160. Halley says:

    Put it on facebook!

  161. Jill Beison says:

    Love the magnets! I need to finish organizing the basement and do laundry!

  162. Pam says:

    Monday-mopping up foot prints from all the rain and under my magnet would be my grocery list! Cute new product thanks for the give away.

  163. Meagan says:

    Today I need to:

    -Get through my work day without killing anyone

    -Make dinner

    -Recycle all my pop cans

    Wish me luck!

  164. kate says:

    one. walk with my love and enjoy the last warm day before the snow returns tomorrow.

    two. make something delicious for dinner. i was thinking soup i have a recipe for, but maybe i’ll save that for snowier days. pizza, lasagna are other options.

  165. Kari says:

    :) My To Do List:
    1) Go for a run outside
    2) Call and catch up with my friend (who lives in another state).

  166. dawn says:

    facebooked it!

  167. cheryl says:

    on my to do list:
    clean the bathrooms
    The new magnets are AWESOME!

  168. simplyblythe says:

    loving the magnets!
    two to-do items on my list today: get to a spin/yoga class and get to the bank.

  169. Sherri says:

    Oh, these magnets are wonderful…and the book is on my wishlist at Amazon already! Two things for today…grade mid-term exams and hopefully sew!

  170. Amber r says:

    Love the magnets I can’t wait to see the rest of the new items! To do: laundry & take pics of my baby girl. Since maternity leave ended I need to remember to take lots of pics!

  171. kate says:

    oh, i love these new magnets & can’t wait to see the other new decor items. the giveaway is just the icing!

    one. walk with my love and enjoy the last warm day before the snow returns tomorrow.

    two. make something delicious for dinner. i was thinking soup i have a recipe for, but maybe i’ll save that for snowier days. pizza, lasagna are other options.

  172. Rachael B says:

    LOVE the magnets! Been looking for some good, sturdy ones for my fridge! On my to-do list today: 3 loads of laundry and a meal plan.

  173. Alison says:

    Two things on my to-do list … laundry, it’s more than piled up … and dinner, that’s a whole day process with me!! ha ha. Love the magnets and would love to see if it’s actually possible to get myself organized with what I am sure is a fabulous book! :o)

  174. FoxyMomma says:

    these are so darling!! today, i have to run to the post office & pay bills.. blah!

  175. Marie Livingston says:

    I love your magnets. My list: spring break time, so the list is huge but I keep telling myself to not overdo and have fun with my KIDS!

  176. beth says:

    and i linked you on facebook :)

  177. Jessica says:

    Two things on my to do list today: talk with a friend on skype and do homework!!

  178. Tricia says:

    I need to renew my driver’s license and exercise.

  179. Nancy says:

    My to do list feels lke it is as long as my arm, but at the top of my list is call my Mom and tidy up. Oh, and get some new, interesting magnets is on the list too! πŸ˜‰

  180. sarah says:

    these are so, so cute! i just moved and have been on the hunt for fun refrigerator magnets, along with many other things on my list (: i love lists!

    today’s to-do’s include: making a few phone calls for an event i’m coordinating for work and sketching out a web design for a class i’m taking.

    i’m so excited about decor week!

  181. Alison says:

    Facebooked it! :o)

  182. beka says:

    1. get a flyer designed and out for an upcoming fundraiser
    2. get prepped for an interview i’m conducting tomorrow. :)

  183. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE these magnets, and I’ve had Tsh’s book on my wish list–this is my kind of giveaway. Today I am focusing on laundry/ironing–despite my good intentions, I often end up buried in it. I also need to do some bookkeeping/bill paying. Right now, though, I’m headed out to walk my dog before the wind picks up and starts blowing dirt everywhere.

  184. christy a says:

    Love these!!! Spend time with my family {it is Spring Break after all} and enjoy some coffee!! I am a high achiever on Mondays!!

  185. Jamie says:

    I must do laundry today and teach my daughter long division. The laundry seems less daunting.

  186. deb says:

    today i need to buy some new tights (live in canada, still chilly here!) and call about bussing for my little girl’s kindergarten!

  187. maria says:

    1. get to son’s swim class on time
    2. finish laundry started yesterday

  188. Ari says:

    There’s lots to do today :) I have to pack up our house to move back to Colorado and try to conquer the laundry, among many other things! Moving is such a big ordeal! Love the magnets!

  189. Only two? Ok…
    1. Return books to library (say no to fines!)
    2. Go to eye doctor.

    Thanks Lisa!

  190. Michaela says:

    -Start waking up at 5:15 am again, goodbye spring break
    -Plan my lessons for the rest of the school year

  191. Amy says:

    My two things for today: get my car out of the driveway (stuck in the snow) & run 8 miles on the treadmill (due to the snow)! :)

  192. Catlyn says:

    simple yet so very pretty! :)
    1. clean craft room
    and 2. enjoy this beautiful day!

  193. Alicia says:

    My to do list is vast today, but most importantly I need to grocery shop and get new running shoes!

  194. heather anne says:

    What a lovely giveaway!
    Today is my day off and I am taking full advantage of it by baking some lemon pomegranate scones and planting some flowers!

  195. Shaunna says:

    lots and lots of laundry (i boycotted it all weekend) and trying to make day 1 of spring break entertaining for our boys on a super rainy day.

    i love the hand stamped magnets. our fridge is our “lifeline” in the house. everything is on it, chore list, menu, grocery list, calendar of events, therapy schedules, sports practice/game schedules. those magnets would come in handy.

  196. amy miller says:

    #1 mondays mean grocery shopping
    #2 clean out kids closets a la tsh and her “spring cleaning” schedule!

  197. Jodi says:

    to do: run, and clean, clean, clean…we sold the house and inspection is today :)

  198. Shauna Lobre says:

    I am in wine country today with my husband so my to do list is short
    Rest & Relaxation
    vs my USUAL 200 things
    I LOVE the mangers Lisa<3

  199. Megan says:

    #1 Get sick kid well
    #2 Find a way to do 2 weeks’ worth of work in 6 hours’ time

  200. Julie says:

    Love the magnets!

    #1 Laundry
    #2 Grocery List / Shopping

  201. I LOVE these magnets!! Can’t wait to see all the other new products! Today I need to:

    1. Work on my session for Indie Biz 3.0 :)

    2. Wash a LOT of clothes – there is a small mountain forming in there!

  202. Vicki says:

    Oh! I love those new magnets–I’m thinking Jack’s teacher definitely deserves a set!! On today’s to-do list: pick up books at the library, bake cinnamon bread.

  203. Alicia says:

    These magnets are so cute and I could definitely use a book on organization. I can’t seem to get it now that I have twin girls who are almost 3!! My to do list today consists of laundry and going to the grocery.

  204. Molly Byrd says:

    love the magnets!
    My two things TO DO today:
    wash all the puked on laundry for the 10th time in a week
    try to find time to take a nap after a week of stomach bugs and Influenza B

  205. sarah says:

    tweeted (:


  206. Vanessa says:

    Adorable magnets! To do list for today: Caleb’s ROOM!!!

  207. Amy says:

    I facebooked! :)

  208. Jeni Majors says:

    I work at a youth camp so on my to do list is long as summer is coming, but what has to happen today is
    1. finish the graphics for our high school camp
    2. start book layouts
    Love your stuff!

  209. Linda says:

    My to-do list includes making cookies and making a roast for dinner. yippee

  210. sarah says:

    fold 50,000 loads of laundry
    call the doctor

    LOVE your new sweet magnets! adorable!

  211. Krystal says:

    My to-do list today consists of:
    1) take care of my sick 2yr old
    2) do dishes

    I also love the magnets:)

  212. Candace says:

    I feel like such a mom saying these are the top two things on my list… Wash my oh-so-dirty hair & buy more coffee!!

  213. holly says:

    ::1:: go to the gym

    ::2:: clean out the refrigerator

    thanks for your inspiring blog posts each day, lisa!

  214. Patty says:

    My to do list includes washing dishes and using the blender to make some yummy food for my son.

  215. Chris says:

    I love these magnets, and would look so cool on my fridge! It’s Monday so my to-list is long…but one of the things I want to do is go to the library and pick up a book I have on hold, and I also need to do laundry which is probably on everyone’s list too!!

  216. Ann says:

    So much to do today…wash laundry and vacuuming.

  217. Mary Kathryn says:

    1. start a painting project for which I picked up primer for yesterday. LOVE starting new projects!
    2. snuggle with my babies

    thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway! I LOVE the new magnets!

  218. Anna D. says:

    Two things on my to do list:

    1. Exercise
    2. Mail pkg to husband

  219. Shauna Lobre says:

    TWEETED about giveaway as nocnurse12

    Thank YOU Lisa <3

  220. Jamie White says:

    Love these! My “to do” list today includes laundry and playing with my sweet girls!

  221. Elizabeth says:

    I love your new magnets!!

    1. Go to the doctor (sick with a bad cold)
    2. Grocery shop at the lovely Trader Joes :)

  222. Kelly says:

    2 things on my list today:

    1. clean up from my sons birthday party yesterday (15 boys!)

    2. help my husband pack for a work trip overseas.

    Thanks Lisa!

  223. SusanC says:

    Laundry and send out “thinking of you” cards to 2 of my very dear friends!

  224. 1. Pick up my daughters passport.
    2. Take my son to art class

    Thanks for the opportunity

  225. Denise says:

    LOVE the magnets!!!! Ok, today…I have several things on my to do list…but here are two of them…organize my cookbooks and move to a different cabinet and LAUNDRY!

  226. Kristen says:

    i love these magnets. so cute! i can’t wait to see what else you have for us this week.

    i have had my eye on that book!

    on my to do list:
    * laundry
    * preparations surrounding my sons lego themed birthday party this afternoon

  227. my to-do list is very full on mondays…but here are TWO things that I really need to do today…go to the post office & deliver a package and the bank.


  228. Jenna Nelson says:

    TO DO: menu planning and grocery shopping.

  229. Lisa Silver says:

    These are darling! My list is split between work stuff and home… and I’m a procrastinator of the worst kind if the stuff is un-fun. :-)


  230. Chris says:

    I told my friends about your giveaway and blog on Facebook.

  231. Kristen says:

    posted on facebook.

  232. Shauna Giesbrecht says:

    To do today:
    – go to walk-in-clinic to see doctor about sinus infection
    – make Smartie Monster cookies with the boys

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I purchased your “word of the year” necklace (joy) and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

  233. Kathleen says:

    Two {of many} things on my to do list today:

    1. address wedding invitations for my sister-in-law
    2. work out!


  234. jujy says:

    Personalized magnets?! What a great idea! My “To Do” list includes:

    – Pack at least two full boxes (I move out this Saturday) &
    – Send out a letter to a friend!

  235. Dia says:

    Laundry and change sheets, like every Monday! love the magnets!

  236. Dana says:

    To do: clean kitchen table, organize computer desk

  237. Jen C says:

    1. Grocery shopping
    2. Go over budget (new magnets are great for keeping budget info)

  238. Teresa says:

    My to do list (besides work-related items):

    book hotel for weekend

  239. Jennifer says:

    The top two things on my to do list:
    1. work on budget
    2. make soup for Mr. Joe
    Thank you!

  240. Kathy Thompson says:

    Two things on my to-do list today:
    1. Check out your blog for the new items (done!)
    2. Sign up for your giveaway (done!)
    Pshew! Now I can rest.

  241. Andrea says:

    1. Mail a birthday card to my lovely grandmother.
    2. Call the Vet

    Have a wonderful Monday! L.O.V.E the magnets! Can’t wait to see what else you are introducing this week! :)

  242. shelley says:

    1. laundry
    2. NOT make dinner because it is my birthday! :)

  243. Deb says:

    My list is long, but the first two are laundry & a walk for the dog.

  244. Jen C says:

    1. Grocery shopping
    2. Go over budget. (magnets are great for budget stuff)

  245. Laura Leighninger says:

    To Do:
    Tell Lisa how much I love her new magnets!
    Teach my boys their homeschool lessons for the day
    Book club with my sister and mom

  246. Kristen w. says:

    Those magnets are perfect! My top two on my long list today are laundry and getting my body to the gym!

  247. Kels says:

    TO DO:
    1. Theology of the body class tonight
    2. Laundry
    3. Decide what to make for supper

  248. Delicia says:

    I love the magnets!
    1. Laundry
    2. Go to the store to get stuff boys need for baseball

  249. Natalie says:

    Love the magnets!
    Two things on my list: (1) blog, (2) finish herb markers that are in the works

  250. Jen C says:

    I love these magnets. I think they good for doing a point/reward system with my daugthter. Love them.

    1. work
    2. make a nice Italian dinner for my husband’s birthday.

  251. Tracie says:

    1. Finish my Daniel Bible Study
    2. Homeschool my Boys

  252. wendy says:

    Awesome magnets!! How fun are those!?
    On my list today:
    laundry, laundry, laundry
    cleaning the bathrooms.
    Don’t you wish you could be at my house today?? Sigh. Me neither.

  253. Kimberly says:

    So cute! These would be such a fun, thoughtful gift to give.

    1. workout @ the gym
    2. tackle this super yucky pile of work on my desk!

  254. Colleen Smith says:

    Stay in pajamas til noon.
    Wait for daughter to get off bus.

  255. Tonya says:

    Those magnets are darling little things!

    On my list today:
    1: Hang sheets on the line for the first time this season!
    2: Play w/my kids since we’re all on spring break!

    It’s gonna be a good day!

  256. Janet says:

    2 things:

    Take my “brest friend”to the breastfeeding support group to donate. And see my favorite lactation consultant.

    Make grocery list for the week.

  257. Kelli says:

    So adorable Lisa!!
    To Do List:
    Doctor Appointment
    Work Out
    Find something delish to make for the hubby tonight :)
    I know that’s three!

  258. -K says:

    The two things on my to-do list, is care for three little ones and laundry, always laundry!

  259. Southern Gal says:

    The magnets are adorable.

    I’ve crossed a couple of things off my list so far:
    Testing for my youngest
    Cut out an Amy Butler tulip bag pattern

    Next I have to mop the floor. Procrastination….

  260. Kelsey says:

    Love those magnets! To do list: call to get our washer fixed, and grocery shopping. And try not to stay too late at the office, as it’s my anniversary :)

  261. Meg says:

    These. are. so. cute! love them!
    1. put together sides for my senior directing project auditions tomorrow (ack!)
    2. finish up my taxes so i can buy an iphone 4 asap!

  262. Hah – only 2 things? πŸ˜‰
    – Start rinsing out all the scarves I dyed
    – Prep for my classes this week!

    I’ll stop there!

  263. Two on my to-do list::
    Playdate with friends (better get going …)
    Package & Ship samples sewn for Robert Kaufman’s LA Textile Booth (so happy to have these finished).

  264. Cindy says:

    Love the new magnets—the look, the feel—menu and simplify! To do, today. Two emails to those who will rent our home—finished, the front garden which has polka dots of green—doing, well, almost.

  265. Melissa McClain says:

    Let me pick two things from the mile long list:
    1. Clean the bathrooms
    2. Play w/ my kids after work (my fav)

  266. Juju says:

    #1. make the truck payment

    #2. clean the kitchen after the massive birthday party!

  267. Jenny says:

    Today I need to:

    1. Finish the Laundry.

    2. Pick out pics for the slideshow at my high school reunion.

  268. Melissa says:

    There is a huge list of to-do’s but here are two:
    Clean out the girls closet & mop the kitchen floor

  269. Hillary says:

    Loving the magnets!My to-do list:
    1. Photography Homework for class tonight
    2.Work Out!

    Thank you:) Happy Monday

  270. Stephanie says:

    Love the magnets! Need to make a doctor’s appointment and do laundry!!

  271. Caitlin says:

    my to do list:
    register for classes
    begin the second round of student teaching!!

  272. Linda says:

    These are amazing and I’d love to have these magnets on my fridge!

    Two things on my to-do list today are to crochet some “socks” for mobiles and to clean my work room.

  273. krista says:

    My to do list for the last day of spring break:

    *Make banana bread muffins with my 2 boys!
    *Ease my laundry load by having everyone stay in jammies today!


  274. Caryl Hope says:

    LOVE those magnets!

    2 important must-dos today:
    See the doctor {loosing my voice}
    and clean the house{after the weekend, it’s like a hurricane just went through the house}. come to think about i could use that book right about now. ;-p

    it’s all good tho. :-)

  275. Cute magnets! On my very long “to do” list, 2 of the most important involve $. Pay HOA fees and file taxes! BOOOO! :) Thank you!

  276. 1.Pick a day this week to meet an old friend for lunch
    2. Plant sunflowers in my flowerbed when i get home from work.

  277. Lori says:

    Love the magnets! Must do today: workout and stop by the pharmacy…both on the way home from work!

  278. Melissa says:

    I blogged about it too!

  279. Jessica says:

    Only two?! What to pick…let’s see I have laundry, bathe the boys…oh and give the hubby a big ole ‘thankgoodnessyouarehome’ hug from his latest trip.

  280. Leigh says:

    I posted on FB about the giveaway

  281. Jackie says:

    My to do list:
    -send out big girls bday invites… :)
    (I could add a million more)
    Love the new magnets :)

  282. Shyrl says:

    today I will take time, even if only 5 minutes, for myself and secondly I will get my checking account up to date

  283. Brianne says:

    these are perfect! on my to-do list today is going to the bank and the post-office :) and hopefully winning some amazing magnets! xo

  284. Daniela Schnurrer says:

    The 2 meaningful things on my to-do-list for today are:

    1* accompany my son to enrol for school
    (for the very first time in our life)
    2* visit the new born baby cousin

    What a lovely day!
    And of course lovely magnets!

  285. Kate Barnett says:

    Vacuuming. Ugh. Also have a meeting with the tax guy that I’m really not looking forward to.

  286. Julie M. says:

    Love the magnets! Love that you are creating new items for the home. On my To Do: Clean the kitchen and go for a walk. Thanks Lisa!

  287. pam says:



  288. Jules says:

    Things on the list today:

    1. Stop Coughing.
    2. Move from the computer to the couch.

  289. therese t. says:

    Adorable magnets! On my “to do” list… laundry (lots of it) and bake banana bread (lots of ‘ripe’ bananas)!

  290. Becca Goodman says:

    so cute love them :)
    my to do list was – that was until I realized I was snowed in :(
    1.take dog to vet
    2. then work

    now it looks like getting unstuck so I can go tomorrow :)

  291. Melissa says:

    Two things on my list, besides the usual work, laundry, and study; yoga class and smile/ laugh today. I think those two are far more important on my to-do-list.

  292. Diane says:

    LOVE these! Today I need to finish a crochet project that has taken me WAY to long to and to pay the bills :(

  293. Jessica says:

    Those magnets are so cute! I’m currently re-doing my kitchen, and those would make the perfect addition to it :) Two things on my to-do list.. sigh. I try to ignore my to-do list cuz I’m a procrastinator at heart. But I suppose I should be painting my cupboards and/or doing some laundry!

  294. Leigh says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway @funkyfaithgirl

  295. Whitney says:

    Buy sand toys and do laundry.

  296. Beverly says:

    My weekend was filled with a lot of “to do” things, but today, the two things I wanted to accomplish — walking 3 miles and coming to work – are already completed. Phew!

  297. Put away the clean and folded clothes that are sitting on my coffee table for the third day & pick up a few things I forgot at the store. If I don’t need Nsh ‘s book I don;t know who does. :)

    Love the magnets!


  298. Becky says:

    My to-do list WAS to make a few returns and take the cats to the vet, but my daughter decided she wasn’t finished with Spring Break yet, and is home sick. Now it includes watching a movie or two, and trying to make her comfortable.

  299. Kelly says:

    My to do list today consists of laundry (always, it seems) and making a run to the thrift store to drop off my ever-growing pile of stuff to donate (might have to make it 2 runs) =)

  300. Joyce C. says:

    With a newborn my to do list is fairly simple:
    1. Spend time with my toddler
    2. Get through my first day with daddy back to work!

    Love the new magnets! I can’t wait to see what other new stuff you came up with!

  301. Sallie E. says:

    Sadly, my Christmas cards are STILL on my to-do list. There’s a ton of laundry on the list too.

  302. Becky says:

    And tweeted! @rabidcat

  303. Marcee Rodgers says:

    We need to do School and our FlyLady missions.

  304. Sallie E. says:

    facebooked it.

  305. Laura says:

    Two to dos: 1. Create spin profile for class tonight, 2. Drop donations at goodwill.

  306. Mandy says:

    My to do list for today includes cleaning out my car and pulling out my spring clothes.

  307. Julie says:

    Take some photos (I’m behind on a project)
    repack my gym bag for the am!

  308. Stacey says:

    Those magnets are really cute! 2 things (of many) on my to do list is to exercise and do some pricing for my upcoming garage sale.

  309. Sylvia says:

    My to do list today:
    1. mail my taxes (DISLIKE!)
    2. sign the babes up for soccer

  310. Kim T. says:

    Those are AWESOME!!!!
    to do: a) shower :)
    b) have the kids do some schoolwork

  311. Marisa says:

    Ooh, I LOVE the magnets! Hooray for combining organizational tools with Lisa Leonard hipness! :)

    On my to do list today (I can only pick two things?)–make invites for my middle son’s 4th birthday and fix dinner for some friends that just had a baby. Celebrating life over here. :)

    Thanks for the fun giveaway, Miss Lisa!

  312. Chelsea Sanford says:

    Things to do today:
    1. Go for my week 40 checkup at the doctor.
    2. Take lunch to my hubby at work.
    3. Have a baby. (maybe)

  313. Chelsea Sanford says:

    Posted on Facebook!

  314. Marisa says:

    Just Tweeted about the giveaway. :)

  315. Nicole says:

    1. do some baking for my sister and just-home-from-the hospital newborn.

    2. go on a date with my toddler to celebrate him getting over “the crud”

  316. Marilyn says:

    The magnets are lovely. Simple and striking. On the list – put a check in the mail for our contractor and put out the trash.

  317. Melissa says:

    Today is my day off, so on my to-do list are make cupcakes and do some yoga. :)

  318. Nicole says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway :) @nikksworld

  319. 1. Make reminder phone calls on two work-related items.
    2. Give the hubster a huge hug & kiss when he walks in the door.

  320. maryz says:

    1. Cut 2yr old’s hair and give him bath. (done)
    2. Get caught up on laundry
    3. Day 1 of Organized Simplicity (working my way through the book). If I win a copy I have a dear friend I know would love to have a copy. I LOVE the magnets!

  321. Jennifer says:

    on my to do list for today: a long run (already checked off!) and putting away laundry after work.
    Thanks for the chance. Love these magnets :)

  322. Michelle C says:

    I’m a full-time student so my To -Do items are school related. The top two are 1. Pick up an application for scholarship
    2. Complete online Ethics quiz.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  323. Tiffany Day says:

    Hi lisa,

    love the magnets!!!!

    Two things on my to do list: organize my filing; fold laundry!!

    glad you had a good weekend!

  324. Rae says:

    – Cancel an un-used gym membership that’s costing us too much $$$
    – Go to an appointment with my son and husband

  325. Jean Ziessler says:

    On my to do list today is have a good meal for husband to night and visit a grandchild who just had surgery.Thanks for the cute give aways.

  326. Amy says:

    So cute! The top two things on my to-do list for today are to mail my taxes and submit my report for a meeting tomorrow night.

  327. 1. fold the laundry (groan)
    2. hug my mom

  328. Rae says:

    tweeted! @RaeDaze

  329. Marci says:

    Today – pedicure with friends and my daughter, shopping for foam balls for a model solar system

  330. Marci says:

    I facebooked it!

  331. Alima says:

    Love the magnets!!
    Monday’s list is always too long! Grocery store and mopping the kitchen are already checked off. only 18 gazillion more to go πŸ˜‰

  332. Rita McKay says:

    Yea! Love them!

    1.Create invitation design for Wounded Warrior Luau Fundraiser.
    2.Book hotel for Tahoe trip.

    Booked! Tweeted! Blogged!

  333. Denny says:

    1. Wash raggy jacket that I finished this weekend.
    2. Laundry.

    Hmmm. Maybe I’d better reverse the order of those two things.

    Thanks for doing this!

  334. HamiHarri says:

    1. Clean house.
    2. Snuggle baby girl :)

  335. Vinnie says:

    These magnets are lovely! :)
    My 2 to-do items are kinda contradictory!
    Because one says “Diet!” while the other says “Learn to bake cupcakes”. Hahaha I wonder which one will be accomplished first πŸ˜‰

  336. HamiHarri says:


  337. Monica says:

    1. Finish school work with boys.
    2. Must get allergy medicine!

  338. Laura says:

    To do:
    1. be patient
    2. stay calm

  339. maryz says:

    I tweeted! (aka @kvetinka)

  340. HamiHarri says:


  341. Michelle S. says:

    I love these magnets!

    1. Get grad loans deferred.
    2. laundry

  342. christina says:

    i have laundry to do and plenty of beds to make! :)

  343. Love these, Lisa!

    {to do}
    1. Clean bedroom.
    2. Cut out fabric circles for blooms.
    …and so much more! Yikes!

  344. JennaLynn Self says:

    Take a nap!
    Do some yoga!
    I try to have non work related to do lists!

  345. so, so fun! and you’re right, that’s an awesome teacher gift!

    today’s to do:
    1. re-organize lola’s room (in hopes of finding her shoes…)
    2. sort through shoe bench and put the ones that don’t fit in the donate bag (in hopes of finding lola’s shoes…)
    3. i know you said “two” things, but in case the first two don’t prove successful, option 3 is to search the backyard for lola’s shoes.

    i really don’t want to have to buy new shoes. :)

  346. Amber says:

    Doctor appointment and work out. Not very exciting. :-)

  347. Alina says:

    We have laundry to put away and organize my craft office area….these magnets are lovely. I need organizing help :)

  348. Allyson says:

    1. Return overdue books to library.
    2. Brush the dog.

  349. ErinV says:

    Oh the to do list

    Menu for week

    Lisa such cute stuff!

  350. Kristin says:

    Two things that I have to do today:
    1. Finish my lesson plans for school
    2. Workout…trying to make this a to do for every day this week!

  351. Ashley B. says:

    My to-do list is looooong!
    Two things:
    1- Laundry
    2. Work on Baby B’s birthday cake fondant

    Going to post to Facebook & Twitter :)

  352. Kathy says:

    I love the magnets!

    On my to-do list for today:
    1. go to craft store
    2. pick up special order @ boutique

  353. katiebee says:

    1. finish a owl mobil for my grandgirlie
    2. make bread for dinner

  354. Sally C. says:

    Phone calls and emails to respond to at work and laundry & bathrooms waiting for me when I get home!

  355. Mindy says:

    I am definitely a list maker so LOVE these magnets. I have a day off today, so my list is long but here are 2 of the things I still need to do (boring!):
    Pay the bills

  356. Denise says:

    We are packing to move into our new dream home and it just so happens that I’m doing Tsh’s Project Simplify. So my two to-dos are: pack up too big summer clothes for the kids and pack up too small clothes to give away!

  357. Laura says:

    1. I have to fold the growing pile of laundry downstairs
    2. I need to straighten-up my craft room

  358. crystal says:

    Those magnets are wonderful! Two things on my “to do list” – blog
    – catch up on the final two “Bloom” videos on (in)courage

  359. Rita McKay says:

    Twitter Entry… :)
    3. Print new Marketing Materials for recruiting folders
    4. Create Komen Race Volunteer poster

  360. KStiles says:

    1. laundry
    2. clean craft room

    Love the new products, and that book looks amazing!!!

  361. Meaghan says:

    Two things on my list today are:

    Sew up some reusable teabags
    Do four loads of laundry.

    Guess which one I’m actually looking forward to!

  362. April says:

    Love the magnets…of course I really love a good magnet! My to do list:
    1. Clean bathrooms – yay!
    2. Watch my friends 2 year old & maybe get a closet cleaned out too!!
    Oh and watch the snow continue to fall on this second day of spring – boo!

  363. kate wille says:

    Today: renew passports for Hannah’s graduation trip and fill Sophie’s new desk with art and office supplies as a fun birthday surprise :) A good day with fun jobs!

  364. Rita McKay says:

    Facebook entry…
    5. Buy ruffles socks
    6. Write blog entry

  365. Niki says:

    Lisa I love your designs! Every time I wear my “Whooo Do You Love?” necklace I get tons of compliments. My to-do list today: pay bills, grocery shopping, and lots more!

  366. Emily says:

    Oh how I would LOVE to win this giveaway!!! I love that book, and have actually had a picture of the book jacket saved in my pictures for about 6 months. The magnets are so fun, what a great way to expand your inventory!!
    My TO-DO list today…I need to tackle the mountain of laundry that has piled up this weekend, and ironicly I need to de-clutter my house. We had cousins with us this weekend, and there are creations in every nook and cranny of the house, great excuse to de-clutter!
    Hope you have a great day!

  367. Mariah says:

    I love those! I’ll be sure to check in all week for all of your beautiful stuff!

  368. Tamara says:

    I’ve never been a magnet fan, but these could change my mind. Two things on my to do list today: unpack two boxes from moving and respond write two much needed letters to family.

  369. Rita McKay says:

    Blog Entry…
    7. Read “The Thank You Economy” by Gary Vaynerchuk
    8. Plan company social to SA Missions Game

    Whew…I better get busy!

  370. Tracey says:

    On my list today:
    Call bank to report fraudulent charge on my ATM card (ugh!)
    Call and schedule my next dentist appt


  371. Renee says:

    Put away the laundry i did last week, Oh wait I need to fold it first! and mop my kitchen! 2 little boys make a big mess in there!

  372. Michelle W says:

    1. Call my sisters
    2. Finish laundry from the weekend
    And have a great Monday!!

  373. Katie says:

    Lovely magnets! To do list: Quick grocery run and house cleaning. Can’t wait!

  374. Amanda says:

    love the magnets! – nice and classy – unlike the tacky collection that currently graces our fridge. 2 things on the to do list: laundry and playing princess w/ my 4 yr old.

  375. Tara says:

    Starbucks! Target and bank!!! Play with my girls!!!

  376. Jen says:

    Love these magnets! Two of today’s to-do’s are: buying my husband a birthday gift (he’s so hard to shop for!) and mailing a thank you note to a friend.

  377. Sarah W. says:

    Today I am tackling Tsh’s project simplify assignment for the week: my son’s toys and clothes. My boys and I are organizing and simplifying. :)

  378. Amber says:

    My to-do list…
    1. Take Eloise to the doctor…again (sigh).
    2. Laundry.
    3. Edit photo session.

  379. Kelsi says:

    lovely magnets…
    1. groceries!
    2. laundry!

  380. Brittany Johnston says:

    LOVE this new stuff! You are so creative.

    1. Go to work…

    2. Be a mommy to my 3 children.

    Hope you ahve a great day, Lisa! XO

  381. megan says:

    1. Dentist
    2. Grade Shakespeare quizzes

  382. Jaymie W. says:

    On my to do list today: take the hubs’ work clothes to the dry cleaner and stop at the post office to send my bestie a gift for her week old baby! LOVE the magnets!

  383. Taylor says:

    Study and feed/walk the pups! :)

  384. Michelle says:

    Go to the grocery store and clean my floors. Both no fun at all!

    Love the magnets!

  385. Melinda says:

    My to-do list for Monday:
    -clean showers/tubs
    -make brownies for lounge duty

  386. edie says:

    Today my to do list, is small, I am sick. So its bake some goodies for the kids, and to vacuum…. Thats all…. e

  387. Sunny McDonald says:

    ::To do list:: feed chickens, play catch with Kai…..

  388. ok, *gasp* LOVE!!!! these are beautiful Lisa!!

    to do: laundry & craft

  389. Tina M says:

    2 items on my to do list today are.

    1. clean the hall closet
    2 organize my desk

  390. Jesica says:

    This is almost the best giveaway EVER! My two favorite blogs and two things I REALLY need!

    To Do, Today:
    Have fun with my littles
    Make dinner

    It’s monday, I’m keeping the expectations low.

  391. Amy Cannon says:

    Menu and grocery list.
    Love love love the magnets!!!

  392. Tina M says:

    shared on Facebook

  393. Tina M says:

    Tweeted :)

  394. Darlene says:

    Today I have to make a quick run to Target and mail some letters at the post office.

  395. Kim M says:

    1. Try to recover from taking last Friday off of work.
    2. Start reading Pioneer Woman’s new book.

  396. Victoria says:

    Grocery Shop- My husband was so sweet and put the list in front me as I was drinking my morning coffee :)

    Goodwill- Our store gets Target brand items!

  397. Alison says:

    Hmm…just two?

    1. Pick up my brothers mail (his family is on spring break)
    2. Give my daughter a bath (we slacked a little this weekend)

  398. Jodi says:

    On my TO DO LIST today: buy cat food
    go for a walk
    I L O V E the new magnets!!! So perfect. Love the simple look of them. Thanks for creating them.

  399. Lisa says:

    On today’s list:
    -take out the recycling
    -finish up some homework for a medical terminology course

  400. Melanie says:

    1) phone calls and 2) CSA membership.

  401. Kristin says:

    Love the magnets. My two do list today is laundry and taking my 6 year old to daisy girl scouts.

  402. 52scrap says:

    Two things to do today!
    1. Catch up on some work
    2. Sweep and mop the kitchen floor
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  403. Tiffany says:

    To do…
    Work on making more product for etsy
    Work on a sewing project

  404. Juliana says:

    the list is long today, but 2 important things are to clean the kitchen & make white chocolate macadamia nut cookies…yum!

  405. Sue says:

    Love your stuff!!!!!! My todo list is cleaning house then off to work!!!!

  406. Donna says:

    Finish my homework for university photo class, and go for a walk with my teenager and our dog.

  407. Laura says:

    I love the magnets….so cute! My to-do list is always big, but 1) take dog to the beauty shop, and 2) try to get caught up (haha) on laundry.

  408. Tonya says:

    Love your products and your blog! Thank you for the inspiration and chance to win. Let’s see, 2 things from my list for today…1. Finish my unit for school so that I can send it off for grading. 2. Send info off for taxes…Hope you have a beautiful week.

  409. 1. Sort & purge our linens.
    2. Deal with the enormous stack of papers/mail/etc. that I hid in a tote last night because we had family coming over. :-)

    Awesome giveaway! The magnets are adorable.

  410. Debbie says:

    These are so adorable!! I just got my “lucky” horseshoe necklace- Love it!
    I have sick 5 year old at home today- so my to do list:
    1. Snuggle and try to make it a little better
    2. Fold a laundry – boo!

  411. Czarina says:

    Magnets are adorable!! My to-do list today is to be “mommy taxi” to my daughter and workout. Happy Monday!

  412. Michele says:

    Such a generous giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win.

    1. Give birth in two weeks
    2. Sleep as much as possible now! :)

  413. Melissa says:

    Love Them! Two things on my list: 1. Stop by Home Owners Office pay dues and drop off proxy. 2. Dermatoligist appointment @3:30 downtown. it keeps going, and going, and going..but those two are next.

  414. Jenny Lynn says:

    Ohhh – I would LOVE to win. I love cute magnents AND this book has been on my wishlist!

    1. Work on the banner for the etsy shop I’m starting [squueeaalll!]
    2. Wash my sheets.

  415. Shelly says:

    LOVE the magnets! Super clever!
    To do list:
    *Draft my birth plan
    *Hang a vinyl sticker in my daughters nursery

  416. Joe says:

    Love the giveaway. My TO-DO list =
    1. Work in the yard
    2. Enjoy time with my family

  417. Holly says:

    LOVE these magnets! They would add a fun detail to my fridge without feeling all cutesy and cluttered…Love the simplicity!!!
    To Do Today: Exercise…School…Purge the coat/shoe closet!

  418. amy says:

    * buy bandaids and antiseptic spray (had our first knee scrapes this weekend and i was not prepared!)
    * birthday party gifts for my very-soon-to-be-four year old’s party!

  419. Joanne says:

    LOVE the magnets! My to-do list includes finishing the laundry and grocery shopping and a whole lot of other boring stuff!

  420. Tweeted here –!/bunnytrails/status/49887180360912896 LOVE the magnets – so cute!! I’ve also wanted that book forever. πŸ˜€

  421. Renea says:

    LOVE those magnets!! Two things I need to do today is make a dent in the huge pile of laundry and take my boys to the library. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  422. Sonya says:

    I actually feel lucky, I broke my ankle skiing 3 weeks ago, then had to have sugery on it last week. I always try to be positive, but was having a hard time putting a positive spin on not being able to walk without crutches for 5 more weeks. Then, I read your blog! My positive spin, I have a VERY SHORT to do list, thanks to my kids, husband, parents and friends! So…. 2 items to do today-read a good book-check, and e-mail my substitute-check! Thanks for making helping me stay positive πŸ˜‰

  423. andreakientz says:

    What a great idea !!! Love it !!!

  424. #1-finish up PTA/Silent Auction project for kid’s school
    #2-catch up on fostering paperwork!

  425. love them!!! fun giveaway!
    On my list: pack etsy orders to ship, and stop by the fabric store. Thanks for the chance! xo

  426. Marin D says:

    Finish cleaning my craft room and come up with some healthy recipes for dinner. I should have go to the gym on the list… LOL!

  427. Briana says:

    The magnets are great! I have to do laundry and clean out a drawer!

  428. Kimberly Marcus says:

    Love the magnets, so cute.

    My list consists of:
    follow up on job interview..

  429. Hydie says:

    I LOVE THOSE MAGNETS!!! My to do list today has …..
    1. Laundry
    2. Supper (still deciding what to cook)

    And these have to be done after I’m off work. I hate chores but these magnets could make them funner!!!!

  430. I have a busy day planned, but two things on my list are cleaning the bathrooms {yuck} and going grocery shopping.

  431. Becky K. says:

    So excited for a week full of new products AND giveaways!! So fun!

    To Do:
    Put away laundry.
    Meal plan for the week.
    And MANY more!

  432. Robbie says:

    Love your magnets! After wqrk I will go the gym and get a manicure.

  433. Fiona says:

    Love the magnets – and the suggestion that they would make great teacher gifts – gets me thinking and planning! On my to do list – laundry and grocery shopping – it seems as if they’re ALWAYS on my list!!!

  434. Hydie says:

    I usually don’t do list that often, but outside of the
    daily chores two things that we should all do daily is…..
    1. pray
    2. be thankful

  435. Lauren Davison says:

    1. Put away laundry. (I feel like this is on my list EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.)
    2. Clean the kitchen.

  436. Jana says:

    I think these would be PERFECT for either my craft room or the new baby’s room (where I’m planning to do a magnetic wall).
    Two things on my to-do list today: 1. record online lessons @ school, 2. finish all the marking in my pile!

  437. What a fun week this will be!

    #1 on my to do list: get over this cold I have!
    #2 on my to do list: cuddle with my son so he gets over his cold!


  438. Cathy D. says:

    To do today: take 13 year old to the orthodontist and make a yummy, healthy salad for the fam for dinner!

  439. Aimee S. says:

    Those magnets are perfect for teacher gifts!! It might be hard not to keep them for myself, though. πŸ˜‰ I just ordered Organized Simplicity–should be in this week! So looking forward to reading it. :)

    2 things on my to-do list today are::

    1. Workout

    2. Mop floors

  440. Jessica says:

    the two things on my to do list are:

    1. rest
    2. relax

    we just got back from a spring break trip to the beach and i need some down time!

  441. Tracy Ross says:

    Lovely giveaway!
    Well since it’s still snowing here (I KNOW!!), two things that are on my to-do list:
    1. bring wood in for the stove
    2. shovel walkway

  442. Laurie says:

    Love the magnets! My to do list is huge. Tonight I need to pay bills and do laundry. UGH!!!

  443. Amy says:

    Today: laundry and meal plan for the week..

    Love the magnets and as a former teacher, I agree those would make great teacher gifts!

  444. these are really cute

    1) put away mountain of laundry
    2) make grocery list and go shopping for the groceries of course

  445. Lauriel says:

    To do list today:
    Set up an appointment to sign papers for our new house!
    25 week baby appointment, yeah for hearing baby heartbeats!

  446. Bekah Moser says:

    LOVE THESE!!!!!! to do list: laundry!!! and sew up my son’s super hero costumes that are falling apart.

  447. Pam Leeper says:

    My To Do List:
    1) 3 Mile Walk
    2) Laundry

    Happy Monday!

  448. Jen F says:

    1. Play play play with my kiddo – #2 will be here in 6 weeks and time w/ my son is top priority.
    2. Catch up on medical bills paperwork – yuck!

    LOVE the magnets! I am a huge list maker – everyday. In our mud room we have a huge white board we put my son’s artwork on and all our daily lists. Your magnets would be such a great addition!

  449. Jen F says:

    FB’d it, too! Thanks!!!

  450. Michelle says:

    Rip out old carpeting…done..Finish laundry…not done!

  451. Tracy Ross says:

    Shared on facebook!

  452. Lauren T says:

    1. Win our Varsity softball Game
    2. make something new for dinner!

  453. Nichole says:

    I’m excited to see the new products! My to-do list today includes…
    1. Schoolwork with my son.
    2. Grocery shopping

  454. Raina says:

    My list includes cleaning the kitchen and paying the electric bill…but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

  455. CeCelia Breivik says:

    Love em! My to do list today is 1. be a mom to twin baby boys 2. Change diapers 3. Feed babies!!!

  456. Meg K says:

    Today I am picking up my mom from the airport….. and….. ummmmmmm…………. CLEANING MY WHOLE HOUSE BECAUSE MY MOM IS COMING IN TOWN!! Yikes, I better hurry. :) Babies keep napping!!

  457. Tina says:

    These are so cute!!
    Let’s see. It’s evening for me in Spain. I have baths for the kids, clean the kitchen and hang some laundry on the “to do” list this evening.
    The magnets are gorgeous!

  458. Carmen says:

    I love the new magnets. Simple and beautiful. What a great gift idea! Today my To Do list includes making biscuits and washing a floor that is much dirtier than I care to admit ;). Can’t wait for the rest of the new products to be introduced this week.

  459. Christina says:

    To do today: go see a friend in the hospital and give each of my four kids a big hug and kiss!

  460. ileana says:

    I love these magnets – super cute idea!

    to do:
    1. laundry
    2. more laundry πŸ˜‰

  461. Colleen Wheeler says:

    #1 – Finish my expense report at work…guess I should be doing that instead of looking at my google reader!
    #2 – Mail out thank you cards from 2 year old’s recent birthday party!

    Great new product, these will look so great on my fridge!!

  462. Susan says:

    The magnets are so fun! I love lists too and on my list today are: pay bills and do some laundry.

  463. Jennifer says:

    I love the personalized magnets!

    My to do list has only one item — that I need to do many times. Laundry and laundry! I doubt there is anything left in our drawers anymore.

  464. Victoria says:

    Fix Dinner and Craft!

  465. Sherri says:

    Well I am right there with everyone else – LAUNDRY and then more LAUNDRY. But I also added to my to do list some “me” time too!

  466. Amanda says:

    I love everything about this giveaway! Love those magnets!! On my to-do list today:
    nap (for me and the toddler)
    get the house in order from the weekend
    Thanks, Lisa!

  467. Patricia says:

    1. laundry – washing, folding, ironing and putting away
    2. vacuuming…my poor house sure needs it!

  468. Pam says:

    Those are the cutest magnets.

    On my list for this snowy first day of spring:
    1, My sweet dog and I are off to dog training class.
    2. Surprise my husband at his office for lunch.

  469. Sarah Sharp says:

    I need to prepare our taxes. April is getting so close! :-(
    I also need to purge the kid’s closets and bring out their spring clothes. April is so close! :-)

  470. Hmm… only two things? I’ve got a ton to choose from but I think I’ll share: 1. Go grocery shopping to make a new fun dinner for my hubby and myself. 2. Give my new little newborn a bath!

  471. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new magnets!!!!
    On my to-do today… 1 – go through all the FAB biz cards I collected at BBCSD & visit all these new blogs!
    2 – list my new blogging goals!

  472. Melissa says:

    1. Clean the bathroom
    2. Put away 6-9 months clothes

  473. Heather says:

    I have to finish preparing my families tax returns and make phone calls for donations of hygiene items to hand out to our community through a new church ministry

  474. Katie Snow says:

    Fun! I’ve already accomplished many “to-do’s” today! It’s been a rather productive one I’d say, but on my list: mop floors, clean kids fish tank – yuck, I really loathe that last one.

  475. Kara says:

    What lovely magnets!
    My to do list…
    1. make banana muffins (done!)
    2. tackle a book that needs read

  476. Sonya B says:

    The to do list for the day included a staff meeting at work and Boy Scout crossover ceremony for my oldest child.

  477. My to-do list is long and nothing seems to get done as I have 10 day old newborn and a 16 month old. I think top of my list is just survive!
    1. Wash diapers
    2. Trip to the mall to get new shirts and ties for my husband

    Hope I win!

  478. Paige says:

    To do today: 1. laundry (always on my todo list) and 2. snuggle boys. Love these new magnets!

  479. Hi Lisa… love these cute little newbies!
    2 must do’s on my list today are grading papers to hand back this afternoon and grocery shopping (which I am happy to say is already checked off!).
    Love you!

  480. Meredith Hoffman says:

    Great idea! Two things on my LONG to do list:
    * Take time for bedtime stories to my two young boys:)
    * Plan out a couple days during April school vacation (what we want to do for family time that is local and fun!)

  481. Tracy R says:


  482. Judy says:

    Catch up on my online reading and finish the laundry.

  483. Caroline says:

    The magnets look great and useful. Thanks for the opportunity for these and Tsh’s amazing book. Two things on today’s to do list: take clothes to the donation center and finish washing and folding the laundry!

  484. Angie says:

    They are so cute! Love all the new and fresh ideas you come up with!

  485. Dawn says:

    Today is laundry day and I need a nap… does a nap count as a ‘to do’?

  486. Jen says:

    1. Lesson plans
    2. Shop for a hot & sassy dress for a bachelorette party this Saturday!

  487. Jen says:

    LOVE the new magnets!
    Two things on my Monday list:
    1. Finish a report (at work).
    2. Homework with the kids (at home).

  488. Caroline says:

    I tweeted about this post here:

    Thanks again for this opportunity!

  489. Joanna says:

    my list?
    1. take a nap – check!
    2. meeting at church tonight

  490. Amanda says:

    i have about 12 things on my list but I’m playing on the computer instead! lol
    laundry and write my morning pages…

  491. Mary F says:

    1. Pick up dog food.
    2. Stop at grocery store.
    3. Get gift for girlfriends birthday dinner.

    Thanks…love your stuff!

  492. Kate says:

    Just got notice that my latest order has shipped. So excited!

    My to-do list-

    1. Get a pedicure
    2. Clean the carpets.

    I try to keep things even with work/fun.

  493. Melissa says:

    My to do list today is becoming more and more full. BUT the major ones that I need to are:
    1. Unpack/do laundry after a week long road trip in the midwest (hit up Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Branson, Eureka Springs….so many other fun little stops along the way!!)
    AND……(super excited for this one!!!)
    2. Design/create my wedding invitations!!! Got to get those out by next week, so today I got to get crackin’!!

    Love those magnets!! Super adorable. πŸ˜€

  494. peachgirl says:

    1. Fold laundry
    2. Wash dishes

  495. 1. Make din din
    2. Shop for an upcoming vaca

    Oh and buy a house! :)

  496. Cindy says:

    These are wonderful! I love how clean and simple they are. My to-do list today consists of quite the variety…the top two {which I’ve already done…check, check} were *grocery shopping for the Pastor’s Pantry and church and *work in my son’s kindergarten classroom! Now, home for lunch then off to the gym!! It’s been a great Monday so far. I just love it when they’re productive!

  497. Suzanne says:

    Today I need to do laundry and get rid of the ants that have invaded our kitchen.

  498. Nicolle says:

    My 2 biggest things on my to-do list is to finish up a presentation that’s due TONIGHT for school. :) And I need to actually work at my day job. :)

  499. Jodi says:

    Blogged it!

  500. lindley says:

    Must do today list: take car in to be serviced and grocery shopping. Love the new magnets—been looking for some cute and practical ones–hooray!!

  501. Jodi says:

    Facebook too!

  502. Beth Troy says:

    Love the magnets, so here’s hoping! My to-do list:
    1. Make some buttermilk sandwich bread.
    2. Finish up the last bites of chocolate chip chocolate pudding cake before I bake anymore desserts for this house!

  503. Amanda C says:

    Children to school, mom to school,dog to vet. 2 out of 4 done so far:)

  504. Valerie says:

    My to-do list went out the window today when my daughter had to stay home from school with a cough, and I’m now coming down with the cold that has made its rounds through the family. So take a nap (done) and sip lemon ginger tea (doing) are all that are on my list, and that’s OK!

  505. carla stolte says:

    Two things from my to do list today:
    1. go to the library
    2. decorate for a 4-year old motorcycle birthday party (yay!!!)

    Thanks for the giveaway – those magnets are lovely!!

  506. Emma says:

    Love the magnets!! On my to do list: start planning my son’s first birthday party and organize my photos!

  507. Amy says:

    Oh so pretty!!

    1. Exercise

    2. Vacuum

  508. Sarah Austen says:

    1 – make Hungarian Goulash for dinner
    2 – Call my Grandma in England

  509. Sarah Beth says:

    I am a list maker too!! I have lists for everything! Today it is laundry and order baby chicks!!

  510. erin says:

    My to-do list is completed for today– laundry and helping hubby clean out the garage. I love those magnets!!!

  511. Kelly R says:

    LOVE these! i can think of so many people they would be a great for!
    two of the many things on my to-do list today…pay/mail bills (yuck!) and edit a video.

  512. Tammy says:

    To Do #1) Speak an encouraging word to my teen & tween daughters.

    To Do #2) don’t do so much!

  513. Riann says:

    1. Read another chapter in 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp
    2. Catch up on grading my children’s school work

    Love the magnets…and I think of you often as I wear daily your “family tree” necklace. Bless you!

  514. Kathy says:

    1.Take Dv’ds back to the library and collect the mail
    2.Declutter craft room

  515. Sarah P says:

    I love magnets that can hold multiple pieces of paper, and these are so cute.
    Today, I need to go to the grocery store, and plant some seeds in the starter trays. I am also working on laundry, and purging lots of papers.

  516. Only two things? Glad I don’t have to list them all!! Don’t have that long to type! On my Toodledo app today, two of the things I MUST do are fold the clean laundry and hang up clothes!

  517. Jessica B says:

    I just love these new magnets. I can already think of a few people that would love to have them as gifts. Of course i will definitely need a set for myself too. :)

    Ok, two things on my to do list today are:
    1. Update my blog
    2. Get gas before my car runs out of it

  518. Juliet says:

    I need to unpack from our trip this weekend, and do laundry!!!

  519. Susan says:

    On my to do list is clearing the craft table so I can start a baby blanket I need as a gift on Saturday & to clean up the guest room. The magnets are amazing! I love magnets. My fridge always has magnets on it’s doors.

  520. amy says:

    My to do list included buying my mom a birthday present and going to the gym.

  521. Victoria says:

    Make a purse and my niece’s birthday gift :)

  522. Jodi says:

    LOVe the magnets ……my to do list is back to routine after March break…..Laundry, Laundry and finish up my income tax….not much fun but I will make the best of it and feel like I accomplished two big chores….Thanks

  523. wendy6 says:

    2 different baseball games are on my to-do list today… already!!

  524. Abigail D says:

    Two things I need to get done on my day off of work today…take my little boy and our dog for a walk to enjoy the gorgeous weather, and start cleaning out his clothes/toys for the summer…he’s growing too quickly to keep up!

  525. grade papers
    rearrange student desks

    (2 of the many things I have on my list!)

  526. Sharon says:

    I have a BIG list but the two most important is to finish the laundry and make a pot of Tortilla soup.
    Thanks for your generosity!!!

  527. Susan says:

    Magnets? So cute! What will you think of next? My “to do” list today:

    1) Finish packing my “go” bag for when my daughter calls to tell me she’s in labor and I have to “go”

    2) Make sure there are no dirty dishes left in the sink in case I have to leave in a rush and be gone for a week. (Sometimes the breakfast dishes have to sit in the sink until I’m home from work if I am behind in the morning). That CAN’T happen this week in case I race out of town and don’t come home to clean them. Yucky!

  528. Debbie says:

    Love, love, love the magnets!

    Two of my umpteen to-do’s:
    Make an impossible dent in the laundry.
    Plan dinners for the week.

    Thanks for the give-aways. Very fun!

  529. Kathleen says:

    I LOVE all your creations!!
    my two “to do” list items EVERY day are:
    1) read and be inspired by your blog (it truly does inspire me and gets me going!)
    2) do something nice for someone else!

  530. I’ve been sick for four weeks now, and was looking forward to some good sleep last night. However, a bucked turned up-side-down in my neighbour’s backyard made for a nice drum for the rain.. kept me awake half the night! So on today’s to-do-list:
    – ask the neighbour if she can move the bucket,
    – bake rolls

    (and as I write this the neighbour is aware of the bucket, and the rolls are in the process! Yey!)


  531. Karen says:

    Ironing (lots)
    Shop for running shoes!!

    Love the magnets!!

  532. Kelly Pramberger says:

    #1 Make meal plan for the week
    #2 Laundry


  533. Meagan says:

    What a neat idea for teacher gifts. Love it.

    My to do list today is long, but main ones include:
    1 – Clean the bathrooms…ugh
    2 – Play tea party with my daughter after school…yay!

    Have a great day.

  534. emily hope says:

    2 things today:
    re-work kiddos’ lesson plans
    wash all the bedding

    but first: finish my coffee :)

  535. Sarah K says:

    1. Clean toilets (yuck)
    2. Email work schedule to co-worker

  536. liz r. says:

    I love the magnets! On my to-do list, among other things: buy gifts for birthday party on Saturday, and return library books.

  537. Jennifer says:

    I need to go to the gym and catch up on laundry :o)

  538. Mrs. Puma says:

    Love these! My to-do list today:
    1. Change a lightbulb & the air filter – done!
    2. Remember to put the new insurance cards in my car – done!
    3. Attend my masters class – that’s later tonight

  539. Lindsey says:

    1. hang photos from our Dominican trip… that was two months ago

    2. catch up on the laundry

  540. monica says:

    Work (high school teacher)
    Run 3 miles
    Put 3 baskets of clothes away
    Fix dinner
    Clean up dinner
    Take daughter #1 to swim practice
    Give kids a bath

  541. Chrissy says:

    Love, Love, Love these magnets!!

    1 – Investigate a few cribs for our new nursery
    2 – Unload the dishwasher (my least favorite chore)

  542. Melinda says:

    I love the new magnets, they are just perfect!
    Two of my to-dos:
    1. Backup my computer to my external hard drive
    2. Clean the litter box – eww!

  543. 1. Pack at least 2 boxes for the move
    2. Find the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday!

  544. Ronda says:

    grocery store and laundry!

  545. Those are adorable Lisa!!

    Two things on my list…

    I need to clean my house.
    And work on a chevron project for my home :)


  546. 1. Get caught up on my emails!
    2. Grocery shopping. :)

  547. Gina says:

    awesome, awesome, awesome!!! What a great idea to do magnets!!!!! LOVE it!

  548. Chelsea says:

    Grocery shopping and make dinner for the family- at least enough to feed 8!

  549. Megan says:

    1. Finish and ship an etsy order
    2. Work on Indie 3.0 so I can catch up! {btw, Lisa, this course has been AMAZING. I can’t wait to utilize everything I’m learning.}

  550. Meagan says:

    Posted on Facebook. Spreading the word about your wonderful jewelry and products.

  551. Jenn says:

    Love them!
    I’ve done my to-do list today already….
    1.Present shopping and 2.Grocery shopping.
    Now I’ve just a few minutes to look around at blogs before the school bus comes!
    Have a great day!!
    Jenn :)

  552. Brinn says:

    To do list:
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  553. all shall be well says:

    1. Do bills.
    2. Do laundry.

    Pretty exciting, right? :) The only thing on my imaginary to-do list is to GO TO THE BEACH, but that is pretty much an everyday wish (as I do not live near one.) :)

  554. Nadine says:

    1. Put away the huuuuge pile of stuff sitting on my bed right now, and
    2. Fold/put away laundry.

    Oh how I wish these were the only two things left on my list today!

    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  555. Gretta says:

    1. Homeschool the Kids
    2. Do the dishes (we have no dishwasher)

    Love the new magnets too! Thanks for the chance to win.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  556. Donna says:

    i absolutely {love} these magnets. i am a huge list-maker. Two to-dos for today: swim, 5:30 a..m., send niece a birthday card.

  557. Claudine says:

    Oh oh oh — love the book AND the magnets!

    Two things on my list today:
    * enjoy the mud of spring outside
    * mop the kitchen floor (because of the mud of spring outside!)


  558. maria says:

    1. pick up copy of x-rays at dentist
    2. meet inlaws at restaurant to celebrate persian new year!

  559. Christina says:

    Well, today is my 1-year anniversary with the love of my life, so two things on my to-do list are:

    1) Do everything I can to make him feel like the most special man in the world to me…

    2) Give my baby girl a million hugs and kisses so she doesn’t feel left out! πŸ˜‰

  560. Liberty says:

    These are Precious!
    My to-do list today includes {but is of course not limited to}
    drive home from out of town
    make a feast for unexpected guests!
    Bust day around here!

  561. Chelsey says:

    I have spring fever, so my to-do list is easy today! I plan on sitting on the patio reading my Nook and taking the family downtown to a “gourmet hot dog” place for dinner :)

  562. Tasha says:

    1. Call clients
    2. Clean kitchen before making dinner


  563. Kerry says:

    1. laundry
    2. more laundry

    Seriously, it’s the “to-do” that never ends!

  564. Dienna says:

    I LOVE these!
    To do:
    1. Pick up son from classes.
    2. Find a recipe in a new cookbook from Anthropologie to make tomorrow. : )

  565. jenn says:

    well, as the day is coming to a close…my to-do list is pretty much done. but i can give you what was on it:

    *grocery shopping
    *lowes-lumber for raised vegetable garden

  566. Janeen says:

    Love these!
    1- clean out closets
    2- organize my coupons and grocery list for the week
    **gonna mention you on my blog too!!

  567. Darcy says:

    1. Book a hotel for weekend trip
    2. Homeschool my preschooler.

  568. Tara says:

    Beautiful! I love them
    Two things on my list today is to
    *mop {yuck}
    * and grocery store!

  569. Tammy Fulinara says:

    1. Cook
    2. Clean

    I love to organize and I would love to have the book. The magnets are adorable.

  570. Michelle says:

    Lisa these are seriously so cute. I love all the new things you guys are coming up with! Makes me long for a creative job! I swear I am getting these for my kids teachers – these are perfect! Thank you for your creativity!

  571. Tanya says:

    My to-do list:
    1. Finish GA position application for grad school
    2. Take a shower…just got back from the gym! (which should actually be my #1)

  572. Lola says:

    1. homeschool my 17yo, 15yo, 13yo & 7yo & let the 5yo play!
    2. not send the 17yo, 15yo, 13yo & 7yo & playing preschooler to boarding school! (said absolutely tongue in cheek…but, it HAS been raining for many days now and doesn’t look to let up any time soon!!! I think I have cabin fever!)
    Thanks for the great give-away! I love your stuff!!!

  573. Kimberley says:

    Love the magnets!!!
    To do:
    1) Laundry
    2) Dishes

  574. Alana Erickson says:

    1. dog to groomer
    2. grocery store
    done and done!

  575. Lisa L says:

    I have been out of town all weekend, so I have lots on my list today — laundry, cleaning the house, grocery shopping…

  576. sheri says:

    1. pack for italy, greece & turkey!
    2. make the chicken tortilla soup i’ve been meaning to make all weekend…

  577. Kim p says:

    Only 2 things…the list is long! I’m going to finish sewing a new table runner and I’m going to make reservations for my anniversary dinner! Those are my favorites things on my to-do list. BTW, I love the new decor magnets; stylish & practical. What’s not to love!

  578. Caroline says:

    I love the magnets!
    On my to do list today is/was make cushions for our snug (area where my 6 year olds sit and read) and design a couple of hand puppets for a friend of a friend whose toddler is not talking yet.

  579. Amy says:

    Two thing on my over-overwhelmingly long to-do list include laundry (from start to finish… not just make it to the basket after the dryer) and floors that are in desperate need of a wash. Good luck to me!

  580. sheri says:

    Tweeted your cute giveaway!!/lilgirluho

  581. Amy says:

    And tweeted it… but I don’t know how to link to it, but my twitter name is @maizeysmommy so you can check if you like!

  582. Leah says:

    cute magnets!
    Two things on my to do list
    1. wash the dog
    2. grocery shopping

  583. jocelyn says:

    Todays to do list…teach my son kindegarten and the dishes! Awesome giveaway.

  584. Kim p says:

    I just tweeted! Great product!

  585. Ellen L. says:

    Great giveaway!

    My two items to do are wash the towels and sweep the floors. Wish there weren’t so many more chores on the list!

  586. Hmm on my list today:
    1. Finish a paper for class
    2. Take a quick 10 min. coffee break with the hubby :)

  587. Sarah W says:

    Love the magnets!!! So two of my to-do was to love of my daughter today because it’s her 2nd birthday day….check, and catch up on emails….check! Both accomplished!

  588. Lynn says:

    How absolutely adorable and brilliant! I seriously love these. On my to do list today – give my husband a back rub and stop by the craft store for some flowers to brighten my studio.

  589. jocelyn says:

    I retweeted the giveaway!

  590. Kathleen in SC says:

    Vacuum and change sheets- then take the boys to play outside!

  591. I shared on my Facebook page (Knitty Bitties).

  592. Kathy says:

    Tweeted about your fantastic giveaway on Twitter!

  593. Alisa says:

    laundry and vacuuming!
    Those magnets are great!

  594. Susanne N says:

    laundry, more laundry, shower & wash hair, watch dancing with the stars. yes, i live a thrilling life.

  595. Kathy says:

    Just shared on FB.

  596. Holly says:

    Love the magnets! Very stylish and love that they are not wimpy! My to do: 1. finish decluttering my closet- only one small pile of clothes left to go! 2. vacuum the upstairs

  597. Tracy says:

    Super cute:

    1: finish baby quilts
    2: Start cookies

  598. Katy says:

    1. put on mascara.
    2. make cookies.

    love the magnets!

  599. Clare says:

    With a four week old, a two year old & just turned 5 year old, top of my list is just to get through the day, second on my to do list is practice for my sign language course more.

    So cute x

  600. Rebecca S says:

    1. Update my blog
    2. Finish folding/putting away laundry

    I think I can handle these two today! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and your incredible work!

  601. kara f. says:

    – help naaman w. homeschool math!
    – take girls to swim team prac.

    (: bye.

  602. Holly says:

    Just posted your link to facebook.

  603. On my list today…
    go to the beach
    Get Rita’s Ice
    Done…and…done :)

  604. Lindsay says:

    Love the magnets – what a fun idea! Monday’s are my catch up day, so big ticket items include grocery store and laundry.

  605. Suzanne G. says:

    Bake an apple pie for my son coming home for spring break and ice shamrock sugar cookies that I should have baked last week:-)

  606. Shanna says:

    Since my two girls are missing their Dad (he’s inn London for a week on buisness and the time difference makes it very difficult), the two things on my “to do” list are deep breaths and big hugs.:)

  607. Melissa says:

    Hmm.. on my to-do list today is laundry and scrapbooking, to name a couple!

  608. Caiti says:

    1. teach 100 kiddos how to plot longitude and latitude.
    2. go check on my new casa that they started TODAY!

    (PS – that new book there would be an awfully big help getting me settled into my new house <3)

  609. Pick up groceries
    Take my son to gymnastics!

  610. Jennifer says:

    organize the activity calendar for my small group at church, outline a theology paper, make lesson plans for my preschoolers, put away piles of clean laundry….

    gosh! i need to get busy! love the magnets! you are so creative. i’m thankful for creative people like you who make the lives of us noncreative gals more fun!

  611. Sonia S. says:

    On my to-do-list today will be giving my two bullies a bath and laundry. Nothing like a Monday! Love the magnets.

  612. holy moly! 646 comments πŸ˜€

    on my to do list: laundry & dictation – done and DONE! yay me!

  613. Blair says:

    Let’s see… I need to finish the laundry that I started last night and never seem to fold before bed. The weather is beautiful here today so I plan to take my puppy, Hurley, for a long walk to enjoy the sunshine. And, I should go to the store and restock milk, fruits, veggies, etc.

  614. Lori says:

    Spring Break is over :( so it’s back to work for me!
    On my to do list for tonight is homework with kids and make dinner!

  615. erin says:

    dinner and laundry…i think ill add read part of my book to make my day look a little more exciting :)

  616. Amy says:

    On my to-do list? Conduct a planning meeting for our church playgroup ministry and plan a menu for the week and….oh yeah, just two.

  617. Marie says:

    To-do: buy groceries & take a walk.

  618. meagan says:

    my to-do list is out of control but 2 things I really need to do is put away laundry and pack away baby toys!

  619. hannah says:

    wowie! love these, lisa!

    1. organize pantry shelf(did grocery shopping this morning!)
    2. fresh sheets on the beds(i never got to this on saturday:) ha)

  620. Mary says:

    1. Clean up birthday party disaster
    2. Work out.

  621. Charli says:

    So cute! My exciting to-do list:
    1. Study biochemistry (ICK)
    2. Go for my first run in months (double ICK)

  622. Alice says:

    I just love your handmade magnets! And that book looks like a great one to have on hand.

    1. the never-ending laundry
    2. put summer-weight sheets on the bed

    At least one of these got done…..

  623. Arijaan says:

    Hi Lisa, I just love these magnets, great idea! Today I’m working through my to-do list on a flight: update budget and write thank you notes are on the agenda. Have a great week Leonards!

  624. diane says:

    the magnets are a great idea, I love the organic look of them. On my to do list today is
    1- bake some blueberry apple muffins
    2- ski some runs with my middle son

  625. Robin J says:

    Love it, Lisa!

    1) Go to LA and do legal paperwork so my daughter can have dual citizenship… check!

    2) vacuum… or wait till husband comes home and ask him to do it. Ha HA!

  626. Robbin says:

    2 things on my list: Organize my little corner of the room and get back to Indie Business (behind, but will start working on it again – glad it’s at our own pace).

  627. Melanie says:

    1 – Walk our cute little Corgi, Ellie, and 2 – laundry!

  628. Mary says:

    Posted on facebook-check!

  629. Alice says:

    I posted about this in the sidebar of the blog

  630. Tessa says:

    meeting with my soon-to-be-adopted daughter’s caseworkers, and girls night out with my mom and sisters!

  631. Mary says:

    Tweet tweet! Twitter-check! @jmdapelo

  632. Michelle says:

    take my husband for an angiogram and reschedule some meetings at work

  633. Cindy says:

    Two (of too many) things to do today:

    Make homemade shredded beef enchiladas for dinner tonight.

    Get some cute Easter goodies so I can package them up for a care package for my darling daughter and her sweet roommate at college in Colorado.

    Love your blog <3

  634. Maria says:

    Cute cute cute!

    Two things:

    1. Get all clean laundry folded.

    2. Survive first night of baseball practice.

  635. Cindy says:

    grocery shop and cook dinner with the kids, they love to help!

  636. Joni says:

    Two things left on my list for today are laundry and balancing my checkbook. Sounds fun, huh? :)

  637. Kelsey says:

    On my to-do list today: laundry and snuggles with my one-week-old!

  638. Kelli says:

    That a great idea! Two of my to-do’s:
    1. grade 9th grade research papers
    2. finish grading film class’s journals
    Meh. Ick. Me no likey this list :(.

  639. sydney says:

    my to do list is long. I even stayed at school til 5 working on it!
    – get materials ready so they can be laminated tomorrow
    – submit book orders
    – more
    -grade papers
    – more
    oh and then i brought more home. is a teacher’s job ever done?!

  640. Amy says:

    1. Help boys with their homework.
    2. Make homemade soup for supper (for hubby, whose under the weather!)

  641. Alice says:

    Hello, Lisa! My favorite to-do’s for the day were:
    1. enjoy (not just take!) a nice long walk (Hello Spring!)
    2. find some new creative inspiration at the library (brought a big armload of it home!)
    LOVE, love, love the magnets! :) XOXO

  642. Cherith says:

    I have to catch up on laundry, take some things to goodwill and help my husband get his suitcase unpacked from a deployment. Love the magnets!!!

  643. Deb says:

    those are absolutely gorgeous! i love them!
    on my to do list today
    1. buy an adjustable stool for my youngest so she can reach her drum kit properly
    2. 2nd trip for groceries to get things 1st store did not have yesterday (annoying since i know that means more impulse buying by me LOL)

  644. Tina says:

    Love the magnets!!

    To do list:

    Run sweeper
    Spend time with my boys!

  645. Holly M says:

    Walk the dog & put away the dishes are 2 of many things to do! Love that you’re adding more decor items!

  646. Corrina says:

    To do today:
    Stay awake at least until the kids go to bed! (so tired today)
    Feed my kids a vegetable at dinner.

    Survival my friends, the name of today’s game.

  647. Tina says:

    School with the kids and outside animal chores!

  648. Lynda says:

    I cleaned my oven and baked banana bread!
    With the help of my lil boy!

  649. tara says:!! So many possibilites! Today on my list: Pick up chicken feed and go to the chiropractor! I just found tsh’s blog last month. I’ve been doing the 5 hot spot challenge. It’s been great!

  650. Rosi says:

    Hmm…I will be doing homework and buying me some pizza for lunch!

  651. Allison says:

    On my to do list…..
    grade papers
    prepare for tomorrow’s classes
    make gifts for my daughter’s wedding shower!!

  652. Amy T. says:

    First of all, love the new magnets. Such a cute idea! First on my todo list was to straighten out the laundry closet. Boring but needed job. Second on my todo list (which lasted much of the day) was to organize my scrapbooking supplies for a workshop this weekend. That job was a fun job! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  653. Shana says:

    Todays to do list: balance checkbook and put spring wreath on the front door

  654. Wendy says:

    Such cute magnets…fab idea!
    On my to do list:
    1. strip my bed
    2. do the laundry..yikes!

  655. Traci Lauderdale says:

    Lisa- Love this giveaway!
    On my to do list- finish cooking dinner and finish up lesson plans!! :-)

  656. Allie says:

    Love these! 1. get house ready for home study (adoption), 2. clean out fridge. :)

  657. Denise says:

    So cute! I’m a teacher and would love getting these as a gift! On my to-do list: fold that pile of clothes and read some stories with my three-year-old! Thanks Lisa!

  658. Helen says:

    Gorgeous magnets! My to do list: 1. Tidy kitchen 2. Play with my boys.

  659. Shannon says:

    1. get out of bed….. 2. survive.
    πŸ˜‰ Heehee

  660. Laurie Ann says:

    My to-do list includes things I have been putting off (of late):
    1. Get new tires/balance/rotation
    2. Take my sweet pup Bella to the groomer for a bath

  661. Danielle says:

    Laundry and organizing the home office.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail dot com

  662. Kelly says:

    On my to do list:
    #1: Show and tell my husband about my next necklace I want to order from you! :)
    #2: Fold laundry and actually put it away before I go to bed…

  663. Melanie says:

    Lots of fun things with four boys…..swimming lessons and library top the list though! :)

  664. Janelle Eller says:

    Long walk and doggy baths. These are adorable!

  665. Lisa H. says:

    Oh the to do list…the one that is never finished! Clean the ferret cage and decorate for Easter. The second one is finished. The first one will hopefully be done in the next hour.

  666. Piper says:

    On my to-do list today was two really important things! 1. quality time with my husband, David and 2. strength and agility test for a new job!

  667. kathy h says:

    OMG…you are getting so many comments!!

    I have so many things on my to-d0 lists AND I have so many to-do lists! Ha!

    First, is to schedule my baby’s baptism, and another is to go to the grocery store.. I’ve been putting if off because of the rain.

  668. Lisa says:

    today i have to: make an art project example for the kids’ art group i volunteer for

    and, do the dishes :)

  669. Celeste says:

    1. fertilize our citrus trees
    2. spread the new mulch

  670. Joy says:

    LOVE the magnets!

    My to-dos today: 1) first prenatal/OB appt. 2). Clean house

  671. Heatherly says:

    My to-do list:

    Clean up the mess my kids just made…

    Pick out the books for my son’s book order

    Put away all of the clean laundry

    Make more of it clean!

  672. Elizabeth says:

    Love the new magnets Lisa!! I would LOVE those magnets to hold my lists on the fridge in style!! :) Grocery list, To Do List, Dinner Menu for the week…If I don’t write it down I don’t remember it haha, I thank my mommy brain for that! πŸ˜‰ On my to do list today was, Laundry {I washed, folded and put away all the laundry in the hamper and washed and changed all the sheets and bath/kitchen towels! SUPER HAPPY!} #2 on the list was to bake my son banana bread with very ripe bananas sitting on sink which I just took out of the oven and it smells delicious!! :) Have a blessed day and thanks for the giveaway!

  673. Adorable!

    My to-dos: 1) Laundry 2) Dishes ug!

  674. Jennifer D says:

    To-Do List:
    1. InDesign Training
    2. Take oldest daughter to pre-op appointment for tubes in her ears and then Girl Scouts meeting.

  675. pam bennett says:

    this funny to me…i posted it to facebook earlier without even knowing about this.
    I went on a weekend getaway with three friends and gave lisa leonard necklaces away….they all loved them.
    I just ordered myself another necklace that is shipping today. I am sold about how amazing you are.

  676. Sherri Ohler says:

    Two things on my to-do list….only two??? hahaha
    Promote my webpage via Twitter and FB in a cute & clever way Lol, design a graphic for a friend’s wedding invitiation. (That latter one is left over from last weeks to-do list! Yikes!)

  677. Megan LaBelle says:

    These are really beautiful, Lisa! Two things still on my to-do list for the day are washing the sheets and walking the dog!

  678. jackie s says:

    i had to make a bunch of calls concerning flood insurance, and also buy some multivitamins for my baby.. fun! haha

  679. Love them!
    * empty & re-load dishwasher (double yuck)
    * workout

  680. jackie s says:

    tweeted it!

  681. Love the magnets:

    1.) Take photos of new tea towels.
    2.) Walk the dog BEFORE it starts raining again!

  682. Melissa K says:

    I absolutely love these and in need of more magnets to put pic’s on the frig and hold “to-do-list”!

  683. Kristin says:

    I am loving the magnets :)
    On my To Do list today is Laundry & Lesson Plans for next week!!!

  684. Suzanne says:

    1. Make seam binding for the Dress A Girl dresses

    2. Write 3 thank you notes!

  685. Mary B says:

    1. Make spring break plans

    2. Laundry (that is everyday)

  686. Kathryn says:

    On my To Do List…
    1. Attack inbox

    2. Yoga

  687. Mary Ann says:

    1. folding laundry
    2. picking mom up from Alzheimer’s Day Center

  688. Lori Schilling says:

    1. Fold the laundry
    2. Snuggle my grandsons

    Just discovered your blog/website & beautiful products today! So happy I did! Love them!

  689. My to do list today:

    1. Love on my newborn

    2. Nap when he naps!

  690. Stephanie says:

    Oh, those magnets are too cute!
    Two things on my list Everyday:
    1. Tackle the clutter
    2. Try to organize this crazy house…

  691. Lori Schilling says:

    Two more to-do’s:
    1. Send encouragement card to a friend
    2. Bake cookies for the baseball team

  692. Lyndsey says:

    My to do list:

    Make Dinner and Clean the Kitchen

  693. connie says:

    2 things on my to do list
    {1} print orders
    {2} print international shipping labels
    {3} take the night off to spend curled up on the couch reading with the family

  694. Heidi says:

    1 laundry, 2 catch up on grading papers :)

  695. Donna says:

    1. Finish clients Facebook page
    2. Go to bed before midnight :)

  696. missy r says:

    my two do list:
    1 get another load of laundry done (or at least started)
    2 make a fun and yummy supper (chicken taco burgers! yum!)

  697. Pam says:

    On my to do list today was a doctor’s visit & finishing a few cards. Done! Great magnets!

  698. Courtney says:

    My two things:

    1. Cuddle with my boys! They help me stay focused on the important things in life!

    2. WORK OUT! Desperately need to do this to keep me sane!

    I’m sure there are sooooo many others, but those things can ALWAYS wait until tomorrow!

  699. kate says:

    on my to do list today:
    1. give dog a bath
    2. pick up toilet paper

    p.s. since it is now actually the end of the day for me do i have to admit if i actually accomplished both?! (hint: my pup still stinks!) :)

  700. Lorena Mora says:

    My to do list includes washing clothes, blah, cooking dinner, helping daughter with homework.

  701. Gretchen says:

    Get groceries and workout! :)

  702. Abbeyviolet says:

    Playing with kids and working. Love the magnets!

  703. Anne says:

    Lots to do and never enough time…
    grade papers
    I could go on but it would make me tired :)

  704. Marcie says:

    To do list:
    1. Call to have power cut on (Check)
    2. Call to have phone/internet/cable hooked up ( )

    Good thing there is always tomorrow :-)

  705. Cathy Roberts says:

    Love the magnets!
    On my to do list:
    #1- write thank you notes
    #2-enter this contest

  706. Kathy Z. says:

    My to do list includes:
    1. Fix dinner.
    2. Kids to hockey,

  707. kristen says:

    Finish a layout for my design team assignment and play with my kids. The rainy weather has us all a little sick of each other…but they still need me! :)

  708. Dana says:

    LOVE the magnets! On my still-to-do-list tonight are folding the laundry out of the dryer and setting out the boys’ clothes for school tomorrow!

  709. Briana N. says:

    1. Parent/Teacher conference (I’m the teacher!)
    2. Making dinner

  710. rhea says:


    also love the magnets. if i won, i would donate them to the auction that i am having for anna to find a cure for rett syndrome.

  711. sarah r. says:

    oh my god, these are so cute!
    you’ll laugh at my first to do, but it’s truly on there:
    1. rewrite to do list
    2. make dentist appointment
    (and it goes on for MANY more items but you just asked for 2. :))

  712. Stephanie R. says:

    oh gosh, my to-do list is loooooong these days! here are my top two for today:
    #1: manager’s retreat at work (done!)
    #2: plan for saturday’s dinner party (all raw foods- far from done!)

    thanks for an awesome giveaway- love the magnets!

  713. I’ve been a fan of your designs forever, and I’ve also been following Simple Mom’s blog and would love her book!

    On my to-do list:
    1. Call around to find glass etching cream to put names on canning jars.
    2. Bake cookies for dessert. Yum!

  714. Laura says:

    1. work
    2. sleep

    rough day :( but “close” made me smile :)

  715. Gina says:

    Oh! What a day it has been and my feet agree! Two major things on the list today and I am happy to report they are DONE, Finished, crossed off! Go, me! 1. Paint Firstborn’s room – a pewter grey – so beautiful. And, 2. Shop for groceries since there was nothing to eat here. I think I will add a third: Go put my feet up and read my library book! (:

  716. Melissa says:

    Facebook it too!

  717. Stephanie says:

    Two things on my to do list for today are 1. finish a book of memories to give to my husband before the Picaboo free book offer expires tomorrow and 2. ice cupcakes for lunch with friends tomorrow!

    stephaniejanzen at gmail dot com

  718. tawnya says:

    1. Order our food CSA share
    2. grocery shop

  719. Gretchen says:

    1. Buy the dog a new toy
    2. Take the dog on a walk

  720. 1. Put up clean dishes
    2. Fold clean laundry!

  721. Cristi says:

    Hope I am not too late. These are GREAT!

  722. Patty says:

    1. unpack
    2. wash and fold laundry

  723. Veronica says:

    1. Pray for the child I am carrying in my womb.
    2. Send back shoes to Endless that did not fit.

  724. Keshet says:

    Answer emails and cook dinner!

  725. Nice post! I like all the magnets, specially the custom pewter magnets. The two thing on my to do list is shopping and spending time with friends. Thanks for sharing.

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