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Lately I’m trying to fill my life {and my soul} with good things. It’s a way of seeing myself and loving myself. Many times as women we care for other people and put ourselves last. It’s often necessary. But it’s also necessary to care for myself. I’m trying to grow in this area.

Sometimes filling my life with good things is simply noticing all the good things around me and being thankful. It’s Monday and a brand new week. How about some hellos?

hello good things-01

Hello bright pink car standing out in the middle of a very gray day in Paris. Love it!

Hello new podcast. Do you love podcasts like I do? I listen to them while I clean the house, fold laundry or take a walk. Smartest Person in the Room with Laura Tremaine is brand new and so good!

Hello second week of school. We made it through the first week. The boys have great teachers and we’re getting used to early mornings again. I love having only one drop off and one pick since they’re at the same school again!

Hello french press. Since I’m talking about good things I have to include coffee. We pulled out our french press over the weekend and wow! it makes such good coffee.

Hello Christmas planning. I don’t know if Christmas is on your radar yet but having a retail business we plan for Christmas all year long. It’s getting close!

Hello new bed for the pups. They have loved sleeping in bed with Matthias but he’s not getting good sleep lately. So we got them a new cozy bed and we’ll try it out this week. I hope the like it.

Hello trying out my new Instant Pot and loving it. Have you heard of it? It’s a pressure cooker and more. Cooks food fast and keeps meat tender. I’ll share more soon!

Hello to YOU! It’s a brand new week with beauty and good things to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Hi Lisa. I am so grateful to have found your post a bit ago. I love checking in on it. I know this is an old post, but this was a whopper of a weekend for me. http://www.musingsofamiddlywed.com/2016/09/musing-32-cant-deal-with-narcissistic.html and I find myself gravitating to your blog to find perspective and pick me ups. I love the picture of this car. It lifted my heart. And your other hellos remind me to look for the positives. Thank you. Thank you for your outlook. I find it healing.

  2. The car is just a lovely! This week I am saying hello to reading The Danish Girl, post article about Markthall to my blog and just explore more and chill. So I am saying Hello to chill.

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