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***Hello Monday is where I greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. It’s a new beginning–and there’s so much to be thankful for! Join me by leaving your own hellos in the comments section or linking up a hello monday post there!***

I’ve been seeing boyfriend jeans everywhere–but when I’m shopping I can’t find any I like. Last week I came across these boyfriend jeans online and took a risk–figuring I could return them if they didn’t work. And I LOVE them. I’ve worn them at least every other day since I got them. So comfy, and easy and fun!

How about some hellos?

Hello favorite jeans! A good pair of jeans is like a security blanket, don’t you think?

Hello late start. Every Monday the boys’ school starts at 9:25am instead of 8:25am. Late start Mondays are the best invention EVER.

Hello blonder hair. I took some pics to show you later this week. {My hair is still darker in these pics!}

Hello knocking out my to do list. Instead of avoiding certain tasks I’m trying to jump in and get things done. Feels good.

[[Outfit details: Jeans, Big Star. Striped top, Stitch Fix. Chambray top {under} Anthropologie. Leopard print heels Target. Bag, Target. Bracelet, My shop.]]

Hello sweet time with friends over the week. Much needed.
Hello continuing to eat low carb and actually beginning to feel GOOD!
Hello thankful for the bit of rain we’ve had lately and praying for more.
Hello designing and dreaming and stretching my imagination.
Hello cleaning and organizing. Clears my head!
Hello February–what?!
Hello getting things together for David’s hospital stay {he goes in February 11 for tests}
Hello addicted to Downton Abbey. Do you watch it?
Hello YOU. How are you?

Hello brand new, beautiful week! Are you ready?

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos for us in the comments or link up your own hello monday post there!


  1. Hi Lisa honey, today I’m saying hello (even though it’s my Tuesday!):
    – Trying to garden with a very sore hip because I’m panicing about it going to wrack and ruin when I can’t do anything in it for a month or more after 24 Feb when I get my left hip joint replaced
    – Making the most of a cloudy morning by being in the garden with said sore hip, LOL
    – Getting ready to have a house guest to ”help” when I get home from hospital as have lots of outdoor animal tasks each day and John works in the mornings
    – Enjoying every minute of every cloud that passes over our hot summer sun
    – Eating fresh plums out of our garden.. mmm nothing like a sun-ripened and still warm plum!
    Big smiles..

  2. Hello Lisa, you are seriously too cute, and inspiring in sweet ways.

    praying God magnifies His peace and provision on you all when David has tests next week.

    Downton Abbey, has me hooked too. I like that it’s on Sunday night. Vegging with Bates and Anna and Mary after a full week is a treat.

    1. I have a really hard time handling the bates/Anna plot line. I want them to be happy! Hope your Monday is filled with grace Denise! xx

  3. I also love Downton Abby (and Sherlock).
    Also love a great pair of boyfriend jeans. So comfy!
    Saying hello to bright pink tulips with yellow tips that brighten up my kitchen.
    Hello to the bright sunshine.
    Hello to clean laundry and organized closets that make like easier.

    Thank you Lisa for your joyous and contagious optimism! : )

  4. Saying hello to the start of spring cleaning! Maybe closets first? Cute boyfriend jeans. Eddie Bauer has been making boyfriend jeans for years and seriously they are amazing.

  5. Your jeans are so cute and flattering. Love!

    I love reading all of your Monday “hellos.” I think it’s such a great way to start the week full of hope and optimism! I’ll add a few of my own here.

    Hello new unit study for homeschool. American Revolution here we come.
    Hello Monday with dad off from work. Yay!
    Hello tennis and golf and PE and sunny, warm weather.
    Hello “me-time” with teen book club and ladies’ fellowship from chapel.
    Hello to a full-fridge; groceries and meal plans are already knocked out .
    Hello to clean sheets and a good night’s sleep.
    Hello to a month of “re-mixing” my closet and finding inspiration.
    Hello to choosing joy.
    Hello to laying aside worries about our next move.
    Hello Monday!

    1. These are awesome hellos–especially the full fridge and meal plans. I love it when I’m on top of that stuff! xo

  6. Hello young adult children dreaming big and making plans, hello trying not to worry about them.
    Hello to trying a new routine with my younger boy and making plans for a visit with his bio family.
    Hello believing that God is a good and loving Father!

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