Meet Brett, our third dad in our “what rocks about being a dad” series.
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Brett is husband to beautiful Kristen, dad to 3 sweet girls, and owns one of my favorite local coffee shops – the Nautical Bean!

What is your favorite thing about being a dad?

I love being there for these little girls and showing them life. I like taking them on individual “dates” to show them how a lady should be treated.

What is one of your funniest dad moments?

We have a lot of fun. Ok here’s one. I was at a chamber mixer in mission park. Scarlett wasn’t born and I had Zoe and Rozy. We’re hanging by by the fountain and I’m talking to someone and Rozy falls into the water. It was funny and she still talks about falling in that fountain.

What have you learned from your Dad that you want to teach your own kids?

My dad taught me that nothing is free in life. I like that my girls never ask for money, they ask how they can earn money.

What is one of your proudest moments as a dad?

I’ve got a couple of proud moments. I’ll do one per kid.

With Zoe its when she came to work with me when I was between bakers and she baked with me. We didn’t just make a few cookies, we bake over a hundred muffins, sheets of brownies, cooked veggies, cinnamon rolls and more. This was an eight hour shift and she worked hard the whole time.

With Rozy it was when she charged her first hill on a skateboard. I was right there by her and she was so focused on what to do. The funny thing is that she was in Uggs and a skirt. Love that kid.

With Scarlett it’s her heart. Her best friend got cancer and Scarlett was right there with her. She’d go with Autumn to the hospital and love on her friend

What have you things have you learned from having 3 girls?

From having girls I learned how to be more sensitive. Girls need a strong dad that can hold them when they cry.

 Thanks Brett! Your family is absolutely beautiful!
His girls were playing with our whimsical bubble wands!

Share with us: what is one of the funniest dad moments you have witnessed?