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June 18th | family


since we are in packing chaos

i can barely structure a sentence let alone a blog post.

so for today, you get some random (but pretty pics) and some random thoughts.



i love this picture above.

i love how it’s subtle and washed out

and how to tiny flowers are paper-like.




how beautiful is sweet naomi?

i love this girl–so full of spunk.

so loving and kind.




and her big sis, who is only 6 months older than david.

and so grown up.

matthias always calls naomi and hope is cousins

and even though they aren’t really cousins, they are friends so close

it’s kinda like being cousins.




this pic of david and daddy melts my heart.

they look alike in their walk and dress.

in honor of father’s day, can i just say


and he is such a good daddy.




not sure what kind of birds these are

but i thought they were so interesting with their long necks.

every time we see a bird matty screams, “mommy, a bird!! quicky grab your camera!”

guess he knows mama likes to take pics of birds.

what he doesn’t realize is half the time i’m too lazy!




that’s a lot of wingspan.

wish i could fly-wouldn’t that be fun?




ok, off to pack more boxes or at least pretend to look busy.

please share some random thoughts with me!

20 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    Happy Friday! I received my fath, hope, amor necklace and LOVE IT! Have a great weekend! I hope your move goes well!

  2. Lisa McGriff says:

    I love love love my husband to, he is a great man! How many men do you know who would stay up till after midnight to wash dishes for their wife while she is decorating cakes.. Oh how I love this man!

  3. Denise C. says:

    Some random thoughts from me to you today….hmmmm…
    -It’s 87*, which is not hot enough for me.
    -I am looking forward to my anniversary date with my husband (of 6 years now!) on Saturday!
    -I began ripping apart my closet last night. It’s literally a closet & I counted 39 holes in the walls. Hmmmm.
    -I cannot wait to get my iPhone 4. My kids drowned my current iPhone, & it has not fully recovered.
    -I love running, & go out every.single.morning. It makes my day.
    -My husband is an EXCEPTIONAL father to our 2 kids. They IDOLIZE him, & it melts my heart to see so much love between them.
    -I love that my hydrangea plant is in full bloom. The flowers are blueish-purple, absolutely beautiful.
    -I am potty training my daughter. M & Ms seem to be working on getting her to sit on the potty. My kids know the green one is my favorite & will watch me like a hawk with how many I will eat.

  4. Random… ok…
    ~my hair is actually out of control today… it looks like i got stuck in a vaccuum
    ~it is my parents 39th anniversary today!
    ~i am 1/2 way through the kids being gone for 2 weeks w/ the grandparents… I miss them so much

  5. mary says:

    can’t wait to see your new digs
    thanks for sharing – love the family news & pics
    you are one lucky lady with a life full of love & happiness

  6. Kathy says:

    Great pictures…good luck with move and I hope your hubby has a great father’s day!

  7. Kristy says:

    I am ONLY random lately, so I’ll play!
    my brother is expecting twins next week
    I love coffee so much, but I think it’s ruining my sleep
    My hair is so long, I look like Crystal Gail. (ok, not really, but my husband keeps accidentally pulling it. Yesterday, it got it caught while he was crossing his arms and I was standing in front of him. We were in a restaurant in the middle of a conversation with friends, so I tried to play it off, while asking him to free my hair. Subtlety didn’t work and the whole thing ended in a loud, OW! and, how did that happen? Time for a cut!)
    We’ve moved a lot. I’m feeling for you today. :)

  8. oh i love these pix today!!! so cool. and the one of nay is to die for. love it.

  9. oh, and the pic of david and steve — they pretty much match completely. hilarious. =)

  10. Nancy says:

    I love pics of birds and flowers too. If the birds in your picture are about the size of a duck and you are not too far from water, then my guess is that they are cormorants. They have long skinny necks so that they can dive down and catch fish. That’s my random thought for today.

  11. Ev says:

    I love David’s t-shirt. What a hip little dude.

  12. Philippa says:

    Random thoughts, yikes I’ve had SUCH a week – way too much stress so my random thoughts have randomed up and gone! Smiles.. slightly stressed ones, but trying not to be! Now where’s my Rescue Remedy!

  13. Denise C. says:

    I need to edit, it’s my LAUNDRY CLOSET I am ripping apart!

  14. Hannah says:

    I especially loved your pictures today….wonder why, hum. Amazing photography, as always.

  15. Caryl says:

    i realized this morning i need to roast more coffee. no time, so i had to buy a cuppa! =(
    before i swept the pool, i could see the bottom. now it’s green. kinda scared to get in there and finish cleaning it.
    i love how my girl screamed tonight because she was so happy to see her daddy (forget the food she was eating, and the fact that i lost some hearing…)
    i love how my girl fell asleep on my chest tonight (rare!!) and snored away.

  16. ramona says:

    I just ordered 2 necklaces from you. One for my 15 year old daughter – a dancer and a worrier – and one for myself. I am half way through the year and I am finally ordering my word of the year necklace…. I need the gentle reminder. It was such a easy process. Maybe too easy now that I know… yikes.
    I quite enjoy your space here.
    If you ever come up to BC you must let us know.


  17. Julie says:

    *my vacation ends tomorrow.
    *have I mentioned that when I purchased one of your marked by love necklaces for a friend who lost her baby that my Customer Service was off the charts good???
    *I ‘secretly’ enjoy reading blogs
    *I am trying to decide whether or not to homeschool my kids.
    *my daughter recently weaned herself from nursing…(some sadness here)…but I still hear that contented sigh as she’s drinking her bottle…and I so enjoyed hearing that tonight as she was falling asleep drinking her bedtime bottle.
    *the baby is 8 months and #3.
    *laid in bed with my 2 1/2 yr old daughter tonight and played the game that my Dad played with me when he would put me to bed each night…”Nighty night! Sleepy tight! Don’t let the bed bugs….
    …….BITE BITE BITE BITE!!!” Of course there is lots of tickling during the “BITE” parts :) Was so sweet to hear her singing it to herself long after we had said our goodnights tonight…love her to pieces.
    *am missing my oldest and only son who is out with his older cousins seeing Toy Story 3 at the Drive In!! (he just turned 5) YES, the drive in, and YES, he thinks he is something else!

    …and that’s about it… LoVe your work and enjoy your blog. I’m looking forward to my 7 yr. anniversary in July. I asked for your Open Circle necklace… hehehe, we’ll see?!?!

  18. Linda says:

    I love, LOVE your photographs … they bring a quiet beauty to simple things.
    Random thoughts … let’s see …
    *right now, I have the balcony door open so I can hear the birds going about their morning routine
    *am going to get ready to go and help someone out with their over messy home
    *love my cat, Homee, to pieces and would love to spend the day watching him sleep
    *hmmm just noticed it’s getting a little overcast and will probably rain (hope I don’t lose power again – YIKES).
    *am going to enjoy a nice hot shower before I do anything!
    *felt the love yesterday when my friend’s ashes were scattered in Lake Michigan during his memorial
    service – it was a fitting send off for a charter captain
    * just learned I love drumming as a form of meditation
    * am fortunate to have three amazing friends in my life who have my back no matter what
    * wishing you good luck with your move!!

  19. I could look at pictures of flowers all day long! I love when the one bud is in focus and everything else is out of focus. I drift off to my serenity place when I see pics like that! Thanks, Lisa!
    Worked on some cards this morning. Always feels good when I can do something creative. Gotta get my creative juices flowing again with photography. That’s on my to-do list this year!

  20. Libbie says:

    I really really love that picture of your husband & son too! It really just seems to capture so much of life right in that little snapshot…it captures love.

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