since we are in packing chaos

i can barely structure a sentence let alone a blog post.

so for today, you get some random (but pretty pics) and some random thoughts.



i love this picture above.

i love how it’s subtle and washed out

and how to tiny flowers are paper-like.




how beautiful is sweet naomi?

i love this girl–so full of spunk.

so loving and kind.




and her big sis, who is only 6 months older than david.

and so grown up.

matthias always calls naomi and hope is cousins

and even though they aren’t really cousins, they are friends so close

it’s kinda like being cousins.




this pic of david and daddy melts my heart.

they look alike in their walk and dress.

in honor of father’s day, can i just say


and he is such a good daddy.




not sure what kind of birds these are

but i thought they were so interesting with their long necks.

every time we see a bird matty screams, “mommy, a bird!! quicky grab your camera!”

guess he knows mama likes to take pics of birds.

what he doesn’t realize is half the time i’m too lazy!




that’s a lot of wingspan.

wish i could fly-wouldn’t that be fun?




ok, off to pack more boxes or at least pretend to look busy.

please share some random thoughts with me!