hello monday {link up}

hello sunflowers

hello sunshine

hello fall–it’s finally offical!

hello pumpkin patch

hello silly kids running from the ‘haunted jail’

hello gourds and leaves and a miniature donkey

hello hay

hello exploring with daddy

hello making difficult decisions–which pumpkins to pick?!

hello bright orange and burnt red

hello cousins and auntie and being together

hello wishing for cooler weather

hello work and email and lots of ideas

hello to do list that goes on and on

hello monday, i’m inspired! are you?

what are you saying hello to on this bright, fall monday? blogging a hello monday post? link up in the comments and i’ll hop over!


  1. Hello busy week with husband off on a big field trip.
    Hello helpful friends and family while I’m flying solo!
    Hello to my 2nd showing at Olympia Arts Walk this weekend! Can’t wait!
    Hello to seeing the play “Bunnicula” with my 6-year-old on Sunday.

    Hello, Lisa!

  2. Every Monday I do my Gratitude Journal and I hope others are doing theirs because it will totally change your perspective and your life. Love your pictures, Lisa. Looks like the family had a great weekend!!!

  3. Hello to a beautiful almost cloudless blue sky and cooler (a little) temperatures. Hello to my fall decorations that I’m putting up around the house. October is great!

  4. Hello to a breezy blustery fall day outside and a warm snuggly sweater.
    Hello to pumpkins on the front porch. They just make me smile.
    And hello to a chance of snow on Wednesday – not ready for that yet.

  5. Hello to wearing tights and boots and sweaters
    Hello crisp macintosh apples and roasting heirloom root veggies for dinner
    Hello fall – I’m so happy you’re back!

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