celebrate (8)



david turned {8} on the fourth of july!

my little sweetheart is eight.years.old. whaaat?!

i can hardly believe it was eight years ago

when steve and i was held each other on my hospital bed,

crying, feeling hopeless.

believing our lives were over.

little did we know, our lives had just BEGUN!




when david came to us, he brought more smiles than tears.

more laughter than heartache.

more togetherness than loneliness.

far more joy than pain.




we had cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas and a few friends

help us celebrate.

we ate pizza, opened presents,

colored pictures, sang and ate cupcakes.




there was lots of snuggling and hugs and kissing.

and just being thankful.

thankful that God has given us such a sweet boy.

with a determined and silly spirit.




david, every day you teach me how to love

and what makes a person valuable.

we love you, david!

  1. Happy Birthday David – 8 WOW! Time just flies by – I pop by the blog as often as i can, its such an inspiration. Haven’t blogged on my personal blog for some time now, been busy with the business blog, and tend to put a lot of our family stuff there too. Hope you are all doing well 🙂 all the best, Deni P.S. I’m wearing my chain daily, love it! Thanks again soooo much

  2. Was thinking about you all on the 4th, remembering it was David’s birthday and trying to fathom the fact that he is 8 years old. So glad you had such a nice time with family and friends. Loving the pictures you post, especially of your family. Thanks for sharing. love and hugs

  3. It is so strange how I have never met you…..yet here I sit with tears of joy streaming down my face. Happy Birthday David, if you only knew how many people love you! Your mommy has an built an army of love with her blog.

  4. Happy Birthday to a very special 8 year old!! Also, a great big THANK YOU for my new necklace… My puppies names with two little paw prints, it is perfect!!! My second Lisa Leonard necklace and I love it love it love it!

  5. Hi Lisa, it looks like you had a wonderful time. How precious to be celebrating your lovely David’s birthday with all that family! Bless your hearts, may David have a wonderful birthday year!! Love and smiles

  6. Oh, precious. Lisa, you have the beautiful touch. In your writing, in your jewelry creations, in your photography and in your (new!!!!) home. That was so lovely about Sweet David. Happy Birthday, David!!!

  7. Time flies when your having fun hey? Happy Belated Birthday David! Hope you guys had a great day…..looks like you did! When is David’s surgery??

    Take care,

  8. What a joyful celebration… loved the paper plates – where did you get them? isn’t it amazing when we learn difficult situations can bring us joy?
    I had a very hard time when my daughter was diagnosed with Stargardt’s (juvenile macular degeneration) at 15 years old. She will be turning 33 this Saturday – leads a very active life – with limited vision… she’ll be taking the Calif Bar Exam at the end of this month – and will work on advocating for special needs clients at a law firm in Berkeley…
    Enjoy your boys! did you get more packing done?

  9. Hi Lisa!!

    Happy Birthday to your big boy – such a sweet face!! Hey, any cupcakes left? 🙂

    hope you have a great week!


  10. sounds like you guys had a wonderful birthday celebration! Happy Birthday David, may God continue to bless you and your family for many years 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday to David!
    And how ironic that you say you felt like your life was over but it was just beginning and he was born on Independence Day! Love that! And looks like a great party!

  12. Happy Birthday, David!!!
    Lisa, your last words (David who teach, how to love) are very, very important…
    Your blog is like a sunny day everyday, I’m so happy, that I find it….
    And photos… wonderful!

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