david turned {8} on the fourth of july!

my little sweetheart is eight.years.old. whaaat?!

i can hardly believe it was eight years ago

when steve and i was held each other on my hospital bed,

crying, feeling hopeless.

believing our lives were over.

little did we know, our lives had just BEGUN!




when david came to us, he brought more smiles than tears.

more laughter than heartache.

more togetherness than loneliness.

far more joy than pain.




we had cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas and a few friends

help us celebrate.

we ate pizza, opened presents,

colored pictures, sang and ate cupcakes.




there was lots of snuggling and hugs and kissing.

and just being thankful.

thankful that God has given us such a sweet boy.

with a determined and silly spirit.




david, every day you teach me how to love

and what makes a person valuable.

we love you, david!