slipping and sliding



every summer grandma gets all the cousins together for ‘cousins camp’

where they do games, crafts and water activities.

and the kids look forward to it all year!

i’m pretty sure the slip and slide was the highlight this year.

ah, summer! i am really starting to get into summer mode-

and then i looked at the calendar and it said july 20.


august is 10 days away? is that possible?

it’s almost time to start thinking about backpacks and school clothes.

yikes!! the summer is slipping and sliding past!

i still want to picnic in the park, visit avila valley barn and sign matthias up for zoo camp.

* * *

what do you want to do before summer is over?


  1. Oh my! My parents do Cousins Camp too! So nice to get time to ourselves and the kids have priceless memories together. It was their best idea ever!

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  3. Nope, I am refusing to think about it. I do not want summer to end and so I am going to continue in my little world of denial. I can not even think about what I want to do before summer ends, so I am going to go back to ignoring it. Thanks for understanding.

  4. Hi Lisa, isn’t it amazing how fast time goes. I can’t really say what I want to do before Summer is over because it’s winter here in New Zealand – giggle!! Big smiles..

    I am hoping to even out my “farmer’s tan.” My poor legs need some color! 😉

  6. i just want to really try and enjoy the last few weeks of summer because soon enough i am sending my oldest off to kindergarten and i am just not ready for this!

    also i have promised the kids we are going to have a lemonade/muffin stand to raise $ for the Red Cross…we need to do that soon!
    love your pics and cousins camp sounds like so much fun!

  7. i would like to revamp my 2×4 apartment (affectionately referred to as ‘the bungalow’)…

    summer in the south is next to unbearable and this year has been the hottest summer i can ever remember here in north carolina. still, because of my friends whose favorite season *is* summer, i decided to embrace it this year. so, if i can get through the rest of it without trying to make my fall clothes pass as my summer wardrobe, i’ll be very happy. 🙂

    meanwhile…wedding this weekend in charlotte…and then another one in a few weeks in new jersey when i will also get to see my sister and brother-in-law…however, next weekend i’m attending a conference in charlotte for women called to ministry, put on by women who are already in ministry. i’m so, so excited about this.

    every other weekend you can find me at the beach. 🙂


  8. I want to sew myself a summer nightgown. I guess I can still wear it in the fall and winter, but with a long sleeve sleep cardigan.
    I want to go to the beach (Just an hour away).
    I want to get a sun tan.
    I want to move some furniture around to make the school room a bit more separate so the boys aren’t on top of each other again this year.

  9. If I look too closely at the calendar, I get panicky! I want to take the boys to Schlitterbahn, and plan a trip to Port Aransas. We are also going to a lake near Dallas to visit relatives. Band camp starts soon and our days will be spoken for…

  10. I’ve got to just got to get a couple room’s painted. We moved in in November and have been dragging. I’ve got to do it just not sure when…We’re out of town 4 times in August…aaaahhhh! Thanks for the inspiration =)

  11. Hi Lisa,

    I know exactly how you feel – summer is slipping by too fast! I want more beach days – more time at the beach to relax and breathe! I want more down time, slow mornings and late nights!!

    We have our vacation coming up – and then once we are back – it will be back to school mode – argh! But I wont think too far ahead – I will just embrace each day!!!

    Have a good day!

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