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Walk in a Winter Wonderland with the Best Christmas Village Set

Winter Wonderland Christmas Village Set by Lisa Leonard

Christmas village sets are a whimsical way to celebrate the holiday season! Imagine your perfect setting for Christmas— it’s probably a quaint little town, covered in white snow and sparkling Christmas lights. Christmas town village sets let you bring that magical landscape into your own home! Seeing those small villages set up on a mantel or bookshelf always fills me with wonder. Who lives in those cute cottages? Are they all getting cozy together around the fire singing carols? {Please take me there!}

Since I love these sweet little Christmas decorations so much, I wanted to craft my own. Out of beautiful, shining pewter, each magical detail was carefully designed to make the best Christmas village set!

Take a Walk Through the Winter Wonderland Village Set

Winter Wonderland Christmas Village Set by Lisa Leonard

There’s no doubt that this little village is a true winter wonderland. My complete Christmas village set come with four pieces, giving you plenty of ways to arrange and rearrange your village.

Take a walk with me around the town to see the sights! First we’ll find the church with its tall steeple and bell ready to ring in the season. Just imagine all the villagers gathering there in celebration on Christmas morning.

Next we’ll find the whimsical house. This two story home is ready for all the holiday festivities! The front door is decorated with a wreath, inviting in every guest with some Christmas cheer. The star on top makes the house all the more welcoming and fun! This is the place family and friends will gather for a Christmas meal and present opening {and you’re invited too}!

But before we go to the Christmas party at the cozy home, we have to stop at the adorable toy shop. In the window we can see some fun toys that will make the perfect gift for any little one in your life. I can almost hear the laughter and joy going on inside the shop as kids and parents pick out something fun to play with.

And finally, no Christmas village decoration set is complete without a Christmas tree!! This beautiful tree towers high above the Christmas village houses and shops, making it the biggest site to see in the whole town. Decorated with ornaments and a bright star on top, this Christmas tree immediately catches your eye. The whole town feels so festive with it front and center!

This sweet, small village is sure to capture your imagination and make precious memories for all the Christmases to come.

Expand the Tradition with Add-On Christmas Village Figurines

Winter Wonderland Christmas Village Set by Lisa Leonard

The village is growing! Each year, I’m continuing to craft more add-ons to my best Christmas village set. With additional buildings and Christmas village decorations, your little town can grow bigger and bigger. Expect even more magical details and joyful fun with these sweet additions.

Our Cozy Cottage Christmas village add on by Lisa Leonard

Are you ready to move into this winter wonderland? {I am too!} My new cozy cottage can be all yours. This little home is full of one-of-a-kind details that make it the perfect addition to your village. Even sweeter— the cottage can be personalized! Add your family name or the year you were established to make it all the more meaningful.

Santa's Sleigh and Letters Christmas Village Collection by Lisa Leonard

Santa’s coming to town! His sleigh is full of toys and gifts for everyone. Add this Santa’s Sleigh and Letters Christmas Village Collection to your village to make it more jolly. What will you ask Santa for? Send him your wishlist with the adorable mailbox. Look, a little furry friend is also sending Santa a letter! The small hand carved detail to these figurines will bring even more magic to your village.

Carolers Christmas Village Collection by Lisa Leonard

Can you hear the music? Dressed in their warm winter clothes, the carolers are ready to fill the whole village with their joyful singing. The Carolers Christmas Village Collection is completed with even more decorations for the town— a festive lamp post and bench with a Christmas puppy! These little additions will make your village even more whimsical. Where will you place your carolers?

Christmas Village Set Up Ideas

Winter Wonderland Christmas Village Set by Lisa Leonard

Putting out Christmas decorations is one of the best ways to bring in the holiday spirit! With my Winter Wonderland Village Set, you can arrange your figurines however you want to create your own magical little wonderland. You can even add more decorations to your set to really make it your own. Be creative and add twinkle lights, pine branches, berries, or more!

Here are some Christmas village set up tips you can try with your village.

First you have to find a spot you want to display your Christmas village. This beautiful decoration deserves a spot where it can be seen and admired! I like placing mine in the middle of the dining room table, but you could also put it on your mantel, bookshelf, kitchen counter, or coffee table. This village is made out of fine pewter, meaning it likes to shine! So wherever you set up your village, make sure there is a good source of light that can shimmer off the surface.

After you have the perfect spot, it’s time to arrange your set. Sometimes, I like placing mine in a line like a little street. Other times, I like having the buildings in a half circle with the tree in the middle. Have fun and play around with the arrangement until you find something you’re happy with!

Then, you can add some extra decorations to really make your Christmas village special. Fake snow, bottle brush trees, and pine cones give your village a nice natural feel. Or, add some color with ornaments and artificial berries. You can even craft some snowmen out of tiny styrofoam balls. Let your creativity shine with some fun extra decorations to really make your village your own!

Finally, it’s time to enjoy your best Christmas village set! My Winter Wonderland Village Set really captures the wonder of the season. Let it be a new magical tradition for your holiday years to come!

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