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How to Fit a Men’s Cuff Bracelet

While men's jewelry continues to gain popularity, you might feel apprehensive about adding a bracelet to your wardrobe for the first time. I understand; it took me a while to learn how to fit, style, and wear jewelry comfortably and confidently too. I started with just one bracelet; one that I thought was pretty safe and masculine. I received so many compliments and felt so confident wearing it that before long, I wanted more bracelets to choose from.

My goal with this piece is to help those of you who are where I was: thinking about jewelry but struggling to make the first move. Here you’ll find the different types of men's bracelets to choose from, the best ways to style a cuff bracelet, and how to choose the right size. As a bonus, you’re given some of my favorite cuff bracelets options to help you get started.

Why Wear a Bracelet?

Men have worn bracelets for centuries, first to deflect evil spirits and then as a display of power or wealth. Today, men wear bracelets as accessories to start a conversation. Bracelets that carry a message or interest those around you can draw attention and serve as a great conversation starter!

They also serve as a form of creative expression. Just like you put thought into what you wear every day or how you style your hair, men put thought into their accessories and use them to express themselves. Adding a bracelet to your outfit for the day can make you look more rugged, more professional, or even more family-focused, depending on the bracelet you select.

Meaningful bracelets are valuable in that they serve as an all-day reminder of your core values, what matters most to you. They represent the person who gifted it to you, can be engraved with bible verses or symbols of faith, and can depict the names of family members to remind you of your children or spouse.

Friends often ask me, "I love your bracelets, but do you really think I could pull it off?" The answer is yes! If you're in the ministry, you can pull off a bracelet. If you're in business or finance, you can add a bracelet to your suit to level up your style. If you're a personal trainer or a nurse or a doctor, a bracelet gives you the perfect opportunity to achieve a polished look and express yourself in clothes you may not have chosen yourself.

Bracelets transition well to your personal life, too. They belong at a date, on the golf course, at bible study, in the grocery store, and at home. Being a man does not exclude you from the freedom to accessorize! You deserve to look good, feel confident, and express yourself creatively when you get dressed every morning.

My Favorite Types of Men's Bracelets


There are thousands of bracelets to choose from. This can make selecting your first bracelet tough (and again, is why I'm taking the time to write out this guide for you). Most of the men I talk to want to start with something that doesn't require much bravery on their part; perhaps something that isn't so different from a wristwatch or that works well with both casual and professional attire.

While most bracelets are relatively versatile, men’s cuff bracelets often land in the comfort zone. They're masculine and can be either rugged or refined to match your personality. They can be worn just to accessorize or express yourself, or they can hold special meaning, reminding you of your family or faith. It's pretty easy to find the right fit (and finding fit is one of the factors that can be intimidating and prevent you from taking the plunge). Cuff bracelets transition well from church to work and then to home and even date night; they look great with a suit.

Other common bracelets for men include chain bracelets, leather bracelets, and beaded bracelets.

Men’s Leather Bracelets  


Leather bracelets are typically made of leather and clasp behind your wrist. They can be plain, braided, or include an emblem, plate, or beads. Some of the leather bracelets I love include:

I also have a soft spot for leather cuff bracelets. They're really about as cool as it gets! I'll share those later when I list my cuff bracelet recommendations with you.

Chain Bracelets

Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets are made from metal chains, usually gold or sterling silver. Examples of chain bracelets I love include the Always Unified Bracelet, which is a simple statement piece that can up your game with little to no thought or coordination, and the custom engraved Identity Bracelet, which allows you to share a message you choose with yourself and those around you.

Beaded Bracelets 

Beaded Bracelets
Finally, beaded bracelets have been popular for women for years and have finally gained popularity for men in recent years. Men's beaded bracelets like the Blood Stone Beaded Bracelet, Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet, or Onyx Beaded Bracelet depict strength and resolve and are neutral enough to work with anything you wear.

How to Wear a Men’s Cuff Bracelet

Men's Cuff Bracelet

You can wear a cuff bracelet any way you want! In my experience, you can add a cuff bracelet to your suit, your gym clothes, your church attire, or your workwear – even if you wear scrubs or a uniform to work.

Here are some tips for choosing the right bracelet to accessorize your outfit. For a bracelet you can wear to work, consider the leather cuff bracelet. They’re comfortable on your wrist, flexible and unrestricted. A clean leather cuff can give off a professional vibe.

Alternatively, you can opt for a men’s metal cuff bracelet in sterling silver or black sterling to church, out with friends, or on a date.  Metal is a little more formal, helping you to dress up a casual outfit or impress!

For the best of both worlds, choose a sterling cuff with leather accessories. These bracelets are great for the gym, the golf course, work, home, church, and nearly any other event you can imagine yourself attending.

I share my favorite men’s wrist cuff bracelets at the end of this article. There, you can see what they look like when worn there, which eliminates the guesswork for you. Keep reading – I'm confident you'll feel glad you did. 

How to Size a Cuff Bracelet

how -to-szie-bracelet

The most amazing thing about cuff bracelets is that they typically come in one size, designed to fit almost everybody with only minor adjustments needed. The most important thing to look for is the size of the opening or the gap (if there is one; not all cuff bracelets have a gap). You want to choose a bracelet with an opening of an inch to an inch and a half. These fit most comfortably, are easiest to put on, and won't fall off when you're working or playing a game of catch with the kids.

Once you get your cuff bracelet, if it has a gap and isn't fitting exactly the way you want, you can make slight adjustments at home. Simply tighten the bracelet to open or close the opening. Only slight adjustments are recommended to preserve your bracelet and ensure it lasts you as long as you want it to. If you choose a cuff bracelet that closes in the back, you won't have to worry so much about losing it or adjusting it.

Find Your Ideal Cuff Bracelet at Stephen David Leonard


There is no rule in choosing the right cuff bracelet. It's all about who you are and what speaks to you. I often find that friends and family members who are apprehensive find a style they love as soon as they begin browsing. Here are my favorites:

  • Forge a Path Handcarved Men's Cuff Bracelet Seriously, this bracelet serves as the perfect reminder to fight the good fight and receives compliments everywhere. It's rugged and strong, just like you.

  • Identity Leather Cuff (Black with Bronze, Brown with Bronze, Brown with Silver, or Black with Silver), which is effortless, comfortable, and casual and, because it's fully customized, gives you the opportunity to keep a meaningful message close.

  • Determination Cuff in Black, Brown, or Tan, which is the most versatile of all our cuffs, transitioning perfectly from the office to the barbeque at the end of the day.

  • Resiliency Cuff in Black or Silver is the easiest, least risky bracelet for a man new to accessorizing. It's simple, understated, and casual, giving you the opportunity to start your bracelet game safely if that's what you're looking for.

Now that you have everything you need to get started, browse the full collection of men’s cuff bracelets here. I can't wait to see what you choose!


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