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Succeeding at any goal requires grit and resiliency, and our black cuff bracelet in sterling silver is crafted as a wearable symbol of your dedication. The resiliency oxidized silver bracelet is sandblasted for a black matte finish, representing the shaping effect of meeting opposition head on. We will set a bronze rivet in the black metal cuff bracelet for each person who stands beside you as you pursue what matters.

In sterling silver, this men and women's black metal cuff bracelet is sandblasted to a matte black finish that will patina over time and get better with age. It measures 1/3" tall and has a diameter of 2 3/4" with a 1" opening. Pick your choice of up to 6 bronze rivets. Available in one size only, the cuff adjusts slightly to fit most wrists.

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As low as $104.99 Regular Price $139.99
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Reach your goals with the Resiliency Black Metal Cuff Bracelet
Succeeding at any goal, whether it’s one about your career, family, or another field entirely, requires resilience and grit. Resiliency is a certain toughness, an ability to bounce back when things don’t go as planned. It is a trait that we all have within us and must pull from when times are hard. We can grow in our resilience. As we age, grow in faith and experience, and surround ourselves with people who support us, our capacity for resilience expands.

Resilience is gained from a strong foundation. This can be set down in faith, motivation to achieve a goal for others, our closest relationships. When we set our foundation in something other than ourselves, we can gather strength from that source when we are feeling tired or overwhelmed. Our faith can carry us through the hardest times by reminding us of our purpose. In the same way, the motivation to accomplish something greater than ourselves can keep us going when we want to give up. And of course, the ones closest to us are always there to support us when we can’t stand.

The Resiliency Cuff was designed to be a symbol of your determination and grit. As you strive to reach your goals, let this solid sterling silver cuff bracelet represent the resilience you use along the way.

Grow resilient with this black cuff bracelet
What are your goals you hope to accomplish? They may change throughout your life, but one thing they all have in common is that they all require a resilient spirit. Children are great examples of resilience. When you are young, you need resilience to learn all the lessons the world must teach you. We’ve all seen it, a child falls and maybe even gets a scrape. Or, they bump their head really hard, and we think “There’s no way they’ll recover from that”. But the kid gets up, brushes off the dust, and keeps going. That’s resilience.

As we get older, the examples aren’t as clear. Sure, we also have to get up and dust ourselves off when we stumble. But there are more inner experiences of resilience we must overcome as adults. We put ourselves out there again after rejection. We try a new route after facing failure. We start up a new hobby even if we’re considered ‘too old’ or ‘past our prime’.

To achieve our goals, we’re going to face setbacks, roadblocks, and even failures. This is okay and should be expected. Instead of giving up, we practice resilience when we readjust and forge on ahead. In the end, it doesn’t matter how long it took us to get there, or even the path we took along the way, but the fact that we persevered through it all.

Meaningful design in our oxidized silver cuff bracelet
Our Resiliency Cuff is designed in both a sterling silver and black sterling option. The matte black cuff bracelet is sandblasted for that oxidized appearance. The blackening process represents the shaping effect of meeting opposition head on. As the sterling silver meets sand, the design is given it’s signature color and texture, uniquely setting it apart from other bracelets. In the same way, we grow and become more ourselves when we face challenges in our lives.

Both the sterling silver cuff bracelet and the mens black cuff bracelet are hand molded into a durable thin cuff. The cuff is adjustable so it can fit most size wrists. The smooth but narrow look doesn’t overpower, but still looks strong on your wrist. Let it stand out among other bracelet combos or a watch, or make it your signature piece and wear it on it’s own. Either way, your Resiliency bracelet is sure to make a statement.

Remember the ones who stand beside you
This mens sterling silver cuff bracelet can also be customized to represent the important people in your life. Who stands beside you as you stretch yourself towards your purpose? It may be your parents, your partner and kids, your siblings, grandparents, or even your friends. And it doesn't just have to be friends and family. Your boss may be a big support and mentor in your life, or you may have a teacher or pastor who has set you on the path to success.

When we are facing our biggest challenges, the thought of our loved ones is the motivation that keeps us going. Their love and support holds us up when we can’t stand on our own. They are always there to lend a helping hand when we need it.

With this rivet cuff bracelet, a bronze rivet is embedded onto the front to represent each of the loved ones who stand by you. Add up to 6 rivets for your biggest supporters to always keep them with you. Every time you look down at your rivets, you will be strengthened by the thought of them.

Give him a mens black metal cuff bracelet
Just as we have those in our lives that uplift us when we are struggling, there are also loved ones that we have supported in their own trials. They mean the world to you, so you are there for them whenever they need you.

Who do you support? Are you a leader or mentor, guiding others in their studies, careers, or faith journey? Or are you a parent who loves and raises your children to face their battles with courage and strength? You have friends you fight for, and loved ones you have helped through hard times.

If you know someone now who is in the middle of a struggle, or striving to reach a goal of their own, the Resilience mens cuff bracelets black or sterling silver would be the perfect uplifting gift. This black cuff bracelet shows your loved one that you are there, ready to support and cheer them on along their journey. It shows them that they are capable of any goal they set their mind to.

Be an encouragement for those you care for most, and remind them of all those by their side with a rivet for each loved one in their life.

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