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christmas at disneyland

December 6th | adventures, family

We love to spend some time at Disneyland when it’s decorated for Christmas. Since we had to take David to cardiology, we spent a few hours there. I could tell you about how David kept us up half the night at the hotel crying or how he threw up at breakfast or how tired I felt, but let’s just skip over that stuff and focus on the positive.

We were only there for a few hours, but we hopped on our favorite rides and managed to grab some of our favorite snacks. Matthias loves the lego shop and Pirates of the Caribbean, David loves the characters {you should have seen his face when he saw Wreck It Ralph} and the Jungle Cruise. I think Steve and I just love watching them take it all in.

What’s something you love to do around Christmas time?

*all pics taken on my phone and edited with afterglow.

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  1. Becky says:

    So glad you “got away” a bit. Thanks for sharing doses of reality. Blogging ca be such a one sided view of ones life but you manage to share another dimension. Love it!

  2. Lyrices says:

    This is a real inspiration and encouragement to me.
    Thank you for sharing!!
    God bless

  3. Terri Christian says:

    You two are awesome parents! Love the blog!

  4. Lisa says:

    I guess if you have to go to the doctor all the time, might as well through in something fun. Looks like amazing fun. I think my kids like to see the smile on MY face at Disneyland. 😉

  5. Kelly says:

    We LOVE to go to Disneyland at Christmas, but took a break from our passes this year. Last year we took the holiday tour for my birthday…fun, and you get premium seating for the parade.

    I’ve informed Santa that all I want this year is to re-instate our passes again!

  6. Nikole says:

    Since we live in Nebraska, we have started taking our kiddos to the Watiki Water Park in Rapid City, South Dakota. It’s super fun and cheaper of course during the week. So this is how we spend three or four days of our Christmas. Disney is on our list of things to do within the next six months but since we are expecting baby number 7 on January 6th, we think it’s best to stay closer to home. :) David and Matthias are suce lucky children and are so very blessed to have such great parents as both of you are! We all have our moments of trials and thank goodness God grants us many patience to help get us through them.

    • Lisa Leonard says:

      You’ve got your hands full Nikole! Disneyland is a very fun place, you should try to go with the kiddos sometime. Take care! xo

  7. Jill Broberg says:

    I just love your family. It seems that no matter how hard it gets and whatever challenge meets you each day, you and your husband have this endless love for your sweet children and each other. It is Christlike love that you both emulate. Every picture I see I can feel the unconditional love you have for your boys. They are so blessed to be in your family. I think you are doing a beautiful job Lisa and Steve. Thanks for your daily inspiration.

  8. love disney! would absolutely love to get there at christmas sometime. our family loves to make some hot cocoa and get in the car to drive around and look at christmas lights while listening {and singing} to christmas music! we just do different parts of town over several nights throughout the month of december.

  9. Kelli says:

    I’ve…anything! Aack! Living vicariously! High-five for being resilient after the night and morning you had.

    I love how we have been incorporating Hanukkah. I love lighting the Menorah and thinking about my great-grandma’s beliefs and how those beliefs landed my grandparents and their family in a work camp in Poland in WWII…where, with grace, my dad was born. And how, all these years later, I quietly celebrate great-oma and the courage of my family. I love telling the story to my girls and how my husband tolerates my sudden fascination with the holiday. :)

    • Lisa Leonard says:

      That is such a great story Kelli, you have quite the family history! Try to make it out to Disneyland sometime, it’s wonderful. :) xo

  10. Christina Niebauer says:

    FUN! I love disney, any time really.

    Around here we drive around to see the christmas light, the first snow of the year I wake the kids up in the middle of the night to see (I do this with the fireflies in the summer), and we always make cookies for the neighbors.

  11. Marcie York says:

    You make my heart happy, Lisa! I “found” you because I knew Steve waaaaay back during our years in youth ministry at Evangelical Free church of Fresno. Love how God’s grace pours through you in creativity, faith and love…

  12. We love going to Disneyland also. We live only 14 miles away and my whole family over many years have worked for Disney and I even drove the electric parade when it was around. Disney is very special to us and it’s magical and it’s great family time.

  13. Alexis says:

    I LOVE Disney – if I lived in California I would definitely want a season pass. Very cute pictures! I was curious (and I certainly hope you don’t find it a rude question), is it a problem for Matthias to miss school when you guys do Dr. Appts for David, or is he still young enough that it’s not really an issue? I was just curious how you juggle that.

  14. Paige says:

    oh poor David. Hope he is feeling better. The love in your family is so amazing!

  15. tava says:

    Disneyland at Christmas is the best! I so wish we lived close enough to just pop in for a few hours. We live in Seattle but if it was up to me we would go once a year. Last year was our first time during Christmas. Have you seen “World of Color” yet? It is amazing!

  16. I love this, friend. It all makes me so glad.

  17. kristin says:

    Great pics, Lisa!
    How lucky to be able to go to Disney at Christmas!!!
    Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your precious family xoxoxo

  18. Diane says:

    Awww, such lovely pictures. My family also went to Disney – we went over the Thanksgiving holiday this year….it was wonderful. I too have a “special” son and it just brings such joy to see their faces light up at the simplest things. My little fellow is 27 now, but inside he’s 3 years old. God bless you and your family over the holidays and thanks for taking such good care of one of God’s special angels. – It’s a joy to have them in your life, like you could never imagine – who would have guessed :)

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