What Will Love Be Like In 100 Years? you & me {forever}

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on saturday evening steve and i had a date night planned. the babysitter arrived and i grabbed my tripod and asked steve if we could shoot a few pics before we went to dinner. he agreed {he’s such a good sport} but as soon as we walked up the hill we started to argue. he had ideas. i had different ideas. i got mad. i was ready to pick up the tripod and forget the whole thing. but then we each took a deep breathe and apologized.

and i tried to let go of my pride and hear his thoughts. which were good. and then we started having fun and we ended up getting some pictures that i love. we’re not perfect, but we’re good together.

babe, it’s you & me forever. i love you.


i {heart} sally loo’s!

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it seems like i keep hearing about sally loo’s coffee shop here in san luis obispo. so today i stopped by to check it out. and yep, it’s darling! plus, i ran into a bunch of friends, too!

love the bright green door.

love the cozy fireplace and comfy chairs.

oh that bagel looks sooo delicious. my mouth is watering!

and i love that old dresser {seems like most little girls had one like that!}

yum. just yum.

hand-sculpted little birdies. not for sale? but i need!!

funky lamp next to awesome leather couch plus paper cranes equals awesomeness!

sally loo, i {heart} you!!

go visit them-next to SLO train station. and follow them on twitter {@sallyloos}


do you have a favorite local coffee shop in your town?


question for you.

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when chrissie and i were in high school, we shopped the sales at the gap with a passion.

and one day we found the cutest sweater on sale.

and we both wanted it sooo bad. but there was only one.

so after a lot of discussion, she got to keep it.

and then on christmas, i unwrapped it. and i was so happy.

it was such a thoughtful thing to do. i love that girl!


david {and me}

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velcro, my buddy, my shadow, my love.

david’s been out of school for 4 weeks now.

two more weeks to go.

and we hang out all the time.

i’ve gotten pretty good at one handed typing.

it’s tough when we are both trying to send emails at the same time–

but we are working it out.

i love you, sweet david!


ps–cardio postponed us to tomorrow so we are in LA another day.

everything looked pretty good with pulmonologist today.

they are switching up his inhaler medication. love to all of you!!


full of meaning necklace, marked by love

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our new marked by love {audrey’s necklace} is full of meaning.

i am so excited to tell you about it and hope it will be meaningful to you or someone you know.

it’s meant for moms who have lost a child, but can be worn by any woman, any mom.

angie smith and i put our heads together to create a necklace

that would bring hope and be a reminder of life and love.




angie and todd lost their baby girl, audrey, shortly after she was born.

it’s a beautiful story and you can read it here.

grab a couple tissues.



it’s a simple, beautiful piece

that will touch your heart and resonate with all types of moms.

* * *

and we’re giving two away.

leave a comment and tell us how YOU have been marked by love.

blog it, facebook it, tweet it, for extra entries.

please leave a comment for each entry!!

* *

view the new marked by love necklace here!

{GIVEAWAY CLOSED, thank you!}


making me happy today.

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happy pictures to celebrate friday!

i wasn’t such a happy mommy last night-two fussy boys were draining my patience.

guess that’s real life. sigh.

but it’s a new day with much to be happy about!


a faded green door with red and white strips

and a beautiful lavender flower. so happy!



looking through old pictures and remembering sweet times

and little boys who are getting bigger every day!




colorful buttons.

are buttons lovely?



date night this weekend is making me giddy!

we’re hoping to see alice in wonderland.

have you seen it?

and the brightest flowers from a sweet friend. love.



david and i took a quick trip to the beach while matthias was in art class yesterday.

we didn’t actually find a heart shaped rock, i just arranged the little rocks to make it look like a heart.

it might be cheating, but it’s still fun!




i can still taste the chocolate-peanut butter cupcakes erika brought to the workshop this week.


and i know, enough with the desserts, right?

i have such a sweet tooth lately!



matthias and max made masks for each other.

they’re power rangers, can’t you tell?

and shadows holding hands. so happy.

* * *

what’s making you happy today?


speaking of my heart melting…

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this kid and his sloppy kisses turn my heart to complete mush.

we’re relieved to get a good report on his little nose.

and it was so fun to see him play at the beach friday.

david’s grown up a lot since last summer.

if i didn’t catch him, he would have run straight into the waves to play

crazy kid!

enjoy your sunday-and grab as many kisses as you can today!

* * *

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the best kind of worn out.

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these are the shoes david wears every day.

and guess what? they’re worn out.

there’s a hole right through the bottom of the shoe.

and you know how he did it?

exploring, walking, running, and generally getting into trouble.



and we couldn’t be happier.

i remember when david was born

and the doctor told us he would never walk, or talk

that he may not see or hear.

and we cried.

and we wondered and waited.

and one day, when he was five years old-he did it!

for months, he’d been pulling up, cruising, but finally, he walked.




and now he’s wearing out his shoes.  love that.

here are some new kicks. get busy wearing them out, kid!



and david we love you.

you are pure joy and silliness.