happy pictures to celebrate friday!

i wasn’t such a happy mommy last night-two fussy boys were draining my patience.

guess that’s real life. sigh.

but it’s a new day with much to be happy about!


a faded green door with red and white strips

and a beautiful lavender flower. so happy!



looking through old pictures and remembering sweet times

and little boys who are getting bigger every day!




colorful buttons.

are buttons lovely?



date night this weekend is making me giddy!

we’re hoping to see alice in wonderland.

have you seen it?

and the brightest flowers from a sweet friend. love.



david and i took a quick trip to the beach while matthias was in art class yesterday.

we didn’t actually find a heart shaped rock, i just arranged the little rocks to make it look like a heart.

it might be cheating, but it’s still fun!




i can still taste the chocolate-peanut butter cupcakes erika brought to the workshop this week.


and i know, enough with the desserts, right?

i have such a sweet tooth lately!



matthias and max made masks for each other.

they’re power rangers, can’t you tell?

and shadows holding hands. so happy.

* * *

what’s making you happy today?