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Your Ultimate Guide to Birthstone Jewelry and Their Meanings

If you’ve followed me on social media or through my blog over the years, then you know how much I work to give jewelry extra special meaning for that personal touch! That’s why birthstones became such a natural match for my collection.

Precious gemstones have been revered for centuries with many believing that they held special powers. Amethysts were believed to reduce toxins in the body, jade was thought to bring the wearer prosperity and rose quartz supposedly brought forgiveness and peace to the wearer while helping her find luck in love.

Whether or not you believe that gemstones can really promote healing and bring joy or good fortune, I love to use these beautiful stones in my pieces because they are treasured worldwide. They hold personal meaning and are timelessly trendy, helping you connect with a very intimate part of yourself whenever you wear them.

Our lives hold so many special memories. Celebrations with our family and friends, little moments out in nature and quiet time spent with a spouse at the end of a day are all times to hold dear. For me, special memories happen every day, but one of the most special times of the year is my birth month, August. Your birth month will never change. It is who you are and will forever be associated with a myriad of memories.

Popular Birthstones by Month

Today, every month is associated with a unique birthstone. This practice is believed to go back thousands of years to the Breastplate of Aaron when a different stone was connected to each of the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve months of the year. While the practice and the gems associated with each month have changed over the years, birthstones are still incredibly popular and widely recognized around the world.

I want to walk you through each month’s birthstone to teach you more about the gem most closely associated with your birth month. If you’re like me, you may be surprised to see just how much your gemstone might correlate to your life! I have found that wearing jewelry that includes the birthstones of each member of my family has helped me feel closer to my husband, Stephen, and my two sons David and Mathias, wherever I go. 

Whether you already know all about your birthstone meanings or you’re a first-timer exploring birthstone jewelry, let me take you through the calendar, and show you something new!

January Birthstone Meaning


Garnet has always been the gemstone associated with January. Most often thought of as having a deep red color, rare varieties of garnet can actually come in nearly any color of the rainbow! Traditionally, garnet was thought to be a gemstone given by God to King Solomon. Because of its gorgeous red color, it symbolizes passion along with light and truth. The Chinese believed that it cleared energy blockages and improved mental functioning. Garnets have also been traditionally used as gifts given to travelers to ensure their safe return.

My Stackable Birthstone Rings are a perfect way to showcase the gorgeous depths of the garnet every day of the week. At 3 millimeters thick, these rings are thin enough for you to stack a single ring for every member of your family. If your birth month is January, start with the garnet ring, and layer additional rings for each child and your spouse so that you can remember their strengths, passions, and needs. Every time you look at your hand, you will have a powerful reminder of the deep love flowing through your family.

February Birthstone Meaning


Amethysts, the gorgeous light purple stones associated with February, are actually incredibly strong crystalline quartz stones. They can also come in deeper shades of purple or contain hints of red. The Greeks and Romans once believed that the amethyst guarded against intoxication and helped cleanse toxins from the body. Today, they are still believed to cleanse negative energy from the body and are often worn to reduce stress.

I design my sterling silver Birthstone Bloom Necklace to bring a fun and unexpected touch to the dainty amethyst. This tiny flower charm with a 2-millimeter genuine birthstone can be worn on its own to help you relieve stress or can be layered for each member of your family. Just as your love blooms for your children, so your necklace can serve as a bountiful flower garden of remembrance.

March Birthstone Meaning


Imbued with the blue to blue-green hues of the calmest ocean waters, the gorgeous aquamarine has been associated with March for years. As you can tell from this gemstone’s name, aquamarine is associated with water and the sea. It was traditionally used to protect anyone traveling by water. Many wearers today believe that aquamarine can reduce their stress and increase their inner peace.

My tiny sterling silver Birthstone Bloom Stud Earrings make the perfect backdrop for the delicate aquamarine. With 2-millimeter genuine gemstones set in handcrafted flowers, these birthstone earrings make a perfect Mother’s Day gift to tell your mom just how much she means to you!

April Birthstone Meaning


Those born in the month of April have long been considered luckier than the rest of us. The diamonds associated with April were believed by the ancient Greeks to symbolize purity, perfection, courage, and indestructibility. This is the hardest gemstone around and is still the most loved gem for nearly any type of jewelry. Diamonds are usually clear, and the most expensive ones are completely colorless. However, some come in shades of yellow, brown, black, and many other colors.

If you are “lucky” enough to claim the diamond as your birthstone, you will love the sterling silver Sunburst Birthstone Ring! This wide band has a gorgeous, sunburst pattern inspired by a sunset I saw over the beach here in San Luis Obispo. For the month of April, the gorgeous genuine diamond will brighten up your day and give you hope. This makes the perfect gift for yourself if you have recently gone through a difficult time or need to remember your own strength.

May Birthstone Meaning


The gorgeous green emerald has long been associated with love and fertility and was one of Cleopatra’s favorite gemstones. The Romans associated emeralds with Venus, the goddess of love. Other legends reveal that wearers believed they would be granted protection from evil spells or would be able to see the truth or falsehood in oaths. Today, emeralds are still associated with love while also bringing about good fortune and youthful vitality!

If your birthday is in May, my sterling silver Always Together Birthstone Ring, might be a great piece of birthstone jewelry. This gorgeous ring features six bands that are soldered together and include three to six gemstones. If you are buying this for yourself to remember your personal strength, you can add three of the most beautiful green emeralds. You might instead want to add the birthstones of each of your beloved family members to keep their memories close to you every day.

June Birthstone Meaning


Although alexandrite, an exciting color-changing gem, is often used today as June’s birthstone, the pearl was the traditional stone. As the only gem that is made by a living creature, pearls come in a fascinating array of hues. While the most common pearls are white or cream, pearls can also come in many different shades of pink, gray, and even black. Can you believe that! Today, many pearls are cultured because naturally occurring pearls are in short supply.

Pearls have long denoted royalty because of their richness and value. In addition, they are associated with purity, truth, and loyalty, all important qualities in any king or queen.

My one-of-a-kind sterling silver Open Circle Pearl Necklace is as unique as you are. The circle, which can be customized with the names of your loved ones, is hand-molded. The tiny, freshwater pearl hanging from the center makes this a classic piece. I’ve always strived to create classic jewelry like this. While I follow fashion trends, I’ve always felt that classic gems like a pearl can carry more meaning than a trend that comes and goes. When you wear a pearl, you remember just how special, unique, and valued you are.

July Birthstone Meaning


Like the January garnet, the deep red ruby, sometimes called the king of gems, has long denoted passion while also being said to influence the heart and blood flow through the body. The Chinese have also associated the ruby with decision-making and positive family relationships. 

Calling all entrepreneurial spirits! The ruby is said to help those in business find great success! Today, it is still associated with passion and love. It can often be distinguished from the garnet by its slightly pinker shade of red. However, it can occasionally appear orange-red or even include a tinge of brown.

My sterling silver Finespun Birthstone Ring is a great piece for everyday wear. You can wear it alone or stack it with your other rings. A gorgeous genuine ruby is hand-set inside a sterling silver bezel, making this ring strong enough to stand up to anything you do during your day. This ring can be an excellent gift to yourself or a thoughtful gift for a friend who needs some encouragement.

August Birthstone Meaning


The green peridot has been used for centuries as the August birthstone and has often been associated with prosperity and wealth, much as the emerald is. However, this gemstone is typically lighter in color than the emerald and is also said to bring about feelings of peace and acceptance rather than anger and stress in relationships. The wearer may find greater self-expression from peridot while also warding off evil.

Today, you can get the benefits of peridot or simply celebrate your birth month with a sterling silver Bezel Birthstone Necklace. The rectangular tag can be custom-stamped with your name or the name of a loved one, and I add a 2-millimeter gemstone to a bezel setting at the base. The birthstone necklace can be worn on its own, combined with another pendant, or worn as a set with all of the birthstones of your loved ones. It pairs amazingly well with v-neck tops and casual outfits.

September Birthstone Meaning


Thousands of years ago, the gorgeous deep blue sapphire of September was thought to ward off evil and symbolize wisdom. Today, the depth of color reflects its meditative qualities and is thought to bring peace, positive attitudes, and creativity. It is also thought to decrease pain. Although you are probably most familiar with the dark blue sapphire, this gemstone can actually be seen in almost any shade of blue along with white, yellow, pink, purple, and many others.

My 10k gold Birthstone Bloom Bracelet is an excellent gift for your daughter or a good friend. The dainty flower features a 2-millimeter birthstone, and September’s genuine sapphire looks amazing against the yellow gold. The bracelet adjusts from 7 to 8 inches and is finished with a tiny ladybug charm dangling from the end. Your loved ones bloom like flowers in your life, and the Birthstone Bloom Bracelet will let them know just how special they are to you!

October Birthstone Meaning


Although the iridescent opal has traditionally been the birthstone for October, pink tourmaline has edged past the opal in popularity in modern times. Tourmaline actually comes in many different colors, including blue, yellow, and red, but pink is most frequently seen. Ancient Egyptians believed that this gem received its gorgeous array of colors as it passed through a rainbow when coming from the center of the earth.

Instead of using this stone to protect against dark magic, many now connect the tourmaline to love and compassion. It is also said to increase happiness, flexibility, and coordination.

I have created my sterling silver Constellation Ring to bring out the light and beauty of your birthstone. The star pattern of the six stones set in the wide band will help you remember that you are shining as a star in this world. Choose one for each of your family members for everyday wear, or choose a genuine pink tourmaline for all of the stones for an eye-catching look at your next special event.

November Birthstone Meaning


The modern birthstone choice for November is the citrine, which is similar in color to the more traditional golden topaz. However, the citrine is a more durable choice because it resists breakage and is a moderately hard stone. Citrine ranges in color from yellow to orange and brown and is known for healing, wellness, and vitality.

The earth-toned citrine gemstone looks fabulous in the sterling silver Personalized Passage Ring. These birthstone rings are the perfect way to remind you every day that each of your children are precious gifts. Each band is stamped with the name of your child or the date of his birth and includes a bezel-set birthstone. Celebrate your November baby with a genuine citrine, and stack more rings around it for a heartfelt reminder of the mother-love you will always carry in your heart.

December Birthstone Meaning

December BirthStone

Many different stones have been associated with the month of December since ancient times, but they all had one thing in common. Each was a shade of blue. The blue topaz is a common, modern option. In folklore, this stone was known for healing and for protection from enemies. The Egyptians, Romans, and even South American tribes revered this stone. Today, it is associated with honesty, deep attachment in relationships, and long-lasting romance.

My Always Together Birthstone Ring in 10k yellow gold creates the perfect backdrop for the typically pale-hued beauty of genuine blue topaz. With six handcrafted bands that are fused together, this ring represents togetherness in relationships, much as the blue topaz does.  

Celebrating Yourself or Your Loved Ones with Birthstones by Month

While many once used birthstones as amulets to ward off evil and heal the sick, these 12 gorgeous gems can still bring you strength, hope, peace of mind, and relief from stress every time you look at them. Plus, they can remind you of your own self-confidence. Most of all, they can symbolize the love you have for your children or grandchildren.   

It’s very important to me that jewelry doesn’t just look cute, but that it carries with it a special meaning.  That’s what sets my collection apart: its personalization. Thanks to the ever-lasting meanings of birthstones, each piece is incredibly symbolic while still being a cost-effective gift. 

To shop birthstone jewelry or browse other unique designs in my collection, visit my website today!  


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