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5 Subtle & Stunning Cross Necklace Designs

Sometimes we want to wear an ornament that expresses what we hold most dear. My cross necklaces are really important to me because they serve as a reminder of my faith and what it brings to my life.

I began making jewelry as a hobby. After I started my family, I wanted to spend more time with my beautiful baby boys. I started Lisa Leonard Designs to craft beautiful creations that are not just ornaments but expressions of life, love, joy, hope and faith. My jewelry is the tangible expression of my passion for life, my love for my husband and family and my relationships with my friends, coworkers and mentors.

Here, I am sharing the meaning behind five of my favorite cross necklaces. They express my deep relationship with nature that inspires my designs, they express the quest for peace and unconditional love, and they express the impact of forgiveness that comes from the grace of God.

Inspiration is natural to me, a fluid experience that reaches my core. I love to sit by myself and connect with the beauty around me. That experience flows from my perceptions into my jewelry designs. What you see in my earrings, pendants, necklaces and other ornaments is this deep appreciation of the world and the love that keeps us living each day.

Grace for Today Cross Necklaces

I find hope and love in the most unusual places, allowing me to celebrate the present moment to the fullest. Often, we feel the pain of remorse, shame or sorrow as we regret our actions, words and thoughts. I overcome these feelings by concentrating on the good of the moment, remembering the strength of the power of love.

My Grace for Today Cross Necklaces are a reminder of the grace bestowed from a higher being and that forgiveness lets us continue through our journey of life. We may not know what tomorrow will bring. Simply concentrating on this present moment, I know that there is grace for today.

This necklace includes a simple, handmade cross measuring ¾-inch by ¾-inch. Its smoothed finish and undulating surface evoke a weathered timelessness, reminding me of the enduring quality of faith. The equal proportions of height and width are unusual for a cross, giving a solid, balanced appearance. The rounded edges soften the look, a gentle reminder of the softness of love.

Grace for Today Cross Necklaces are available in sterling silver, 10-karat and 14-karat gold with a choice of the type and length of chain. Our handmade sterling silver link chains come in 16-, 18-, 24-, 30- and 36-inch lengths. The slender, ovate rings give a light, airy feel. The handcrafted ball chains, our sturdiest chains, come in 16-, 18-, 24- and 30-inch lengths. Each ball measures 1.5 mm.

The gold crosses come with a gold-filled, fine-link chain, available in 16-, 18- and 20-inch lengths. Like the sterling silver link chain, the fine craftsmanship of the thin links gives a delicate, feminine look, a perfect cross necklace for women.

Cross of Faith Necklaces

The cross is the most recognized symbol of the Christian faith. It represents sacrifice, love and forgiveness. It also represents victory and salvation. I strive to weather the ups and downs of life with hope and love. Wearing the Cross of Faith Necklace reminds me of that ultimate sacrifice, humility and absolute love. It is a gentle reminder of my faith and the redeeming grace of the love of God.

The cross may have a special meaning for you. To some, it represents rising above the self and entering the realm of the divine. The structure of the cross symbolizes this. The vertical element, in the shape of the letter "I," represents the ego. The horizontal element represents a bar or an obstacle to overcome. When we transcend that limitation, we leave our worldly cares below and rise up to a higher spiritual level.

My hand-molded Cross of Faith Necklace symbolizes these important qualities of faith and spirituality. The front bears a heart positioned at the center where the vertical and horizontal poles of the cross meet. The word "faith" is hand-stamped on the back.

The cross measures 1 inch high. The proportions are typical of traditional renderings of the Latin cross. The horizontal axis is situated approximately two-thirds of the way up the longer vertical axis. The hand-molding accentuates the intentional irregularities designed into the piece. Combined with rounded edges, the overall look gives an organic feel.

The 14-karat gold cross comes with our gold-filled, fine-link chain, available in 16-, 18-, and 20-inch lengths. It is also available in 10-karat gold and sterling silver. There are two types of chains and several lengths in sterling silver that let you customize the look.

Work of Art Cross Necklaces

The cross is represented in many ways, often reflecting design elements from a particular period, culture or geographic region. Each has a unique form, such as the Greek cross with arms of equal length, the Roman cross with a longer vertical axis and the Celtic cross with an ornamental circle connecting each of the arms. Only the pope can use the papal cross, designed with three graduated horizontal bars that cross the longer vertical axis.

My Work of Art Cross Necklaces build on the form of the Roman cross. I added trefoils at the ends of each arm that give it a historic look. The three lobes symbolize the Trinity, the expression of God as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Like Celtic crosses, a circular motif connects the four arms. Tradition views the Celtic cross as representing nature, wisdom, and divinity. The open spaces within the arms create a cross within a cross. To me, these spaces represent light and hope.

No matter how a cross is designed, it holds a special meaning to the one who wears it. I envisioned the Work of Art Cross to symbolize the uniqueness of each individual and celebrate what makes each of us who we are. It affirms each person as a work of art, distinctive in the world and exclusive in the eyes of God.

Each cross is handcrafted and measures 1 inch tall and ¾-inch wide. Choose from our sterling silver link chain available in five lengths or our sterling silver ball chain available in four lengths. The 10- and 14-karat yellow gold crosses come on a gold-filled, fine-link chain. Choose between three lengths.

Known and Loved Cross Necklaces

The power of love is immense. Knowing that I am loved as I am brings a sense of peace to my life. My faith has taken me through many rough times, times of doubt, sadness and despair. Knowing that I am accepted as I am by God, with all my imperfections and inconsistencies, is the keystone of my existence. Living in this atmosphere of acceptance and forgiveness gives me strength and encouragement. I have learned to approach each moment as an opportunity to appreciate it for what it is. This keeps me going and lets me thrive.

My Known and Loved Cross Necklace is especially dear to me, expressing my faith that is core to my being. The design is balanced, based on the Greek cross of four arms equal in length. Each arm ends with three circular appliques that represent the three manifestations of God as one being. These circles are not perfectly round. Instead, each is a uniquely shaped circle to emphasize how each of us is unique and loved as we are.

We pair this 14-karat cross with a fine-link, gold-filled chain. It is also available in 10-karat gold and sterling silver with a choice of two silver chains.

Shining Light Cross Necklaces

I see the spark in each of my children, a shining light that makes each one different and extraordinary in his own way. They have helped me find my own spark, a light that emanates from within. My Shining Light Cross Necklaces symbolize this light, a reflection of love from the highest source that shines through me into the world.

Measuring ¾-inch in height by ¾-inch in width, this beautifully proportioned cross is based on the form of the Greek cross with arms of equal length. The organic shape is crafted with soft outlines. A second cross set inside the first appears to rise up out of the background. The thin, angular rendering of this interior cross contrasts with the rounded form of the outer cross. The arms are budded, symbolizing the union of three aspects of divinity in one godhead.

This sterling silver cross necklace comes with a sterling silver chain. Choose between the delicately crafted link chain, available in five lengths, and the ball chain, available in four lengths. The 1.5 mm hand-wrought balls complement the soft form of the cross.

This necklace also is available in 10-karat and 14-karat yellow gold with a gold-filled link chain.

Find the Perfect Cross Necklace in My Beautiful Collection

As you browse through the collection of Lisa Leonard cross necklaces, take time to reflect on your feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Each of these necklaces is based on an idea about how we live our lives and how we achieve spiritual growth and find peace. Each cross is designed to represent a tenet of faith. Wearing one of these necklaces serves as a subtle reminder of how each one of us can live in the moment guided by a shining light, forgiveness, hope and love. For me, it is a reminder of the love I feel for my family, friends and others around me. Most of all, it affirms my faith.

Each necklace comes in sterling silver and 10- and 14-karat yellow gold.

If you need help personalizing your order, please contact us by phone during our business hours at 1-888-672-9174. You can also email us at [email protected]. We can help you select a chain length and select a type of metal. We also offer a three-year warranty that includes cleaning and refurbishing twice during the warranty period, clasp repair and repair due to normal wear and tear.

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