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Cross Of Faith Necklace {14K Gold}

Cross Of Faith Necklace {14K Gold}

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The cross represents sacrifice and redeeming love; it's where my heart finds hope. This hand-molded symbol of faith is filled with meaning. It is cast in 14K yellow gold and hand-stamped with the word 'faith' on the back. Pendant measures 1" in length and hangs from gold-filled link chain. Gorgeous!

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Special Price $562.49 Regular Price $749.99
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Wear your faith with faith cross necklaces
Faith is such a meaningful part of our lives. If you are someone of faith, then it is important that you live your life in a way that shows your faith to those around you. To be loving, generous, hopeful, and kind are all things that set apart those that live by faith. We give grace to others, because we were given grace first. In a way, we are meant to be set apart by the overflowing love in our hearts!

As followers of Jesus, we are called to live like he did, to love others more than we do ourselves, to value faith and hope over material things, to have a different perspective of the world to come. We are created to live differently, to love without cause, to give grace and forgive even when we’re hurt. Our faith is what guides us in every decision we make because we know our lives are made to be lived for God.

One way we can show our faith to others is by wearing a faith necklace. When we wear the cross, we are proclaiming to those around us that we love Jesus, that we live with faith as our guide. There are many styles of cross necklaces out there, but one of my absolute favorites is my Cross of Faith Necklace! My uniquely designed faith necklace signifies God’s endless love for us, and can be the perfect reminder to us all to share that love with those around us.

The symbol of the cross
The cross is an important, meaningful symbol of faith for those that love Jesus! If you are a Christian, the cross means a lot to you, and chances are you have it on jewelry, clothing, or decorations around your house.

The cross as a symbol of faith has been around as long as Christianity has. Originally, the cross was designed as a way to execute prisoners. It was a symbol of pain and death. Jesus had died for all of us on a cross so we could be forgiven of our wrong doings and have a relationship with him. After he was raised from the dead, and appeared to his followers, the symbol of the cross changed meaning.

Early Christians would wear the cross to tell others of their love for Jesus. When they were hurt, rejected, or cast out because of their faith, the symbol of the cross helped them find other believers, and also was a point of encouragement. The cross reminded them of Jesus’ perseverance, sacrifice, and love for us all. It was a symbol of forgiveness and grace. It also became a marker of their community of fellow believers. Not only was it a religious symbol, but it motivated and inspired those who wore it.

Today, the cross still holds all of these meanings and more! Modern Christians still use the cross to proclaim their faith to others, to remind themselves of Jesus’ love and sacrifice, and to also inspire them to live like Jesus did. Christians use the cross to connect themselves to the legacy of Christianity and the good past Christians have brought to the world.

The design of my cross of faith necklace sterling silver
I love designing personalized faith necklaces. The cross is a symbol that I hold in my heart as a reminder of God’s love and care. It always gives me hope for what's to come! One of my most adored faith necklaces is my Cross of Faith Necklace. The cross of faith represents sacrifice and redeeming love. Hand crafted in sterling silver, the classic cross shape is smooth and personal. The pendant is hand molded to give it a made by hand, custom look. At the center of the cross is a hand molded heart, representing the great love of Jesus that his sacrifice revealed, and the love you can have for others when you live like Jesus did.

On the back of my Cross of Faith Necklace, the word ‘faith’ is hand stamped in my signature, lower case lettering. As the pendant sits against your chest, the word ‘faith’ touches close to your heart, reminding you to always live by faith in Jesus.

The beautiful cross pendant with a heart sits on a sparkling 18 inch sterling silver chain. This is the ideal length for a pendant this size, hitting below your collar bones on your chest to showcase the cross perfectly. So many details have gone into the making of my Cross of Faith necklace, giving it all the more of a purposeful look that can connect to your heart!

Give a faith necklace silver to the ones you love
A faith necklace is a sweet, meaningful gift for so many occasions. To mom, grandma, sister, daughter, friend, or niece, most women would feel appreciated with a cross necklace gift as a reminder of faith, hope, and love.

A cross necklace would be the ideal gift for anyone being confirmed or baptized into a church. Or, so many of my friends give their loved ones my Cross of Faith necklace as graduation or birthday presents. Giving a cross to someone as they grow into an adult is a way to help guide them along in their faith on their next journey of life!

Sometimes, a faith necklace is a good gift for someone going through a challenging time. My faith necklaces have been used to console those that have lost someone dear to them, or are going through a health scare. I’ve also seen them gifted to those in recovery, or after a divorce as a shining ray of hope when times seem dark.

Or perhaps you have taken an important step in your faith journey! Celebrate by gifting yourself this gorgeous necklace as a reminder of how far you have come, and the faith that is in your heart.

Whether celebrating a milestone, encouraging during a new path in life, or uplifting during a hard time, a faith necklace will always be a good gift to the ones you love and care for.

Make my cross of faith necklace yours
So many women have fallen in love with my Cross of Faith Necklace! It’s not hard to see why. It speaks of God’s love for us, and serves as a wonderful conversation piece to those around you. My faith necklaces are declarations of your love for God and others, and can encourage you throughout your day. Every time I see my necklace, I am given hope for what’s to come! Share in this inspiration by getting your own Cross of Faith Necklace today!

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