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One-of-a-Kind Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day

How often do we take the time to express how much we love someone? For many of us, celebrating Valentine's Day is a way to show our love to those we deeply care about, be it our children, a spouse, mother, special friends or girlfriend. Traditional Valentine's Day gifts include candy, flowers and cards. Instead of the traditional, you may prefer to give a personalized Valentine's Day gift for the woman you love.

I always feel so touched and loved when my husband gives me a special gift. I know that he took the time to find something sweet to tell me how much he loves me. It's not so much the object as what comes from it: the care and attention he puts into it, letting me know that he is expressing his feelings in a meaningful way. I enjoy seeing him enjoy my delight. Such simple acts affirm the love between us.

If you are not sure what to get your girlfriend for Valentine's Day, here are some unusual Valentine's Day gift ideas with a personal touch. Think about what might please your girlfriend, wife or another important woman in your life, and enjoy her reaction when she sees that you care.

Something She Wants but Won’t Buy Herself

As we go through our days, we often see things that we like but won't buy for ourselves. We defer these small pleasures to meet the practical demands of life—paying bills, saving for a child's education or buying a new home. Giving the special woman in your life something she wants but will not buy for herself brings joy to you both. Think about how she might feel luxuriating in a silk pajama set or a soft, warm cashmere wrap.

If you want to give a simple, beautiful gift that is sure to please, have a look at my sterling silver heart stud earrings. These tiny hearts symbolize your love and let her know that you care. Wearing them will remind her throughout the day that you gave a personal gift that emanates love. These handmade earrings are also available in 10- and 14-karat gold.

For a complete look, add a customized sterling silver heart necklace. Personalize it by stamping your names, a meaningful phrase or a special date on the heart. As she wears it close to her heart, she will remember the love you expressed with this unique gift.

Talk With the Language of Love

Sometimes communication falters, creating misunderstandings or hurt feelings. We suppress feelings or allow superficial interactions to become the norm. Make a date with your significant other, put away the phones, and share experiences and feelings to strengthen your relationship. There are many ways to improve communication. Some are fun, and some are serious. Try a game or a free online quiz. Write a poem that expresses your feelings. Most importantly, talk, share, and relax together.

Gary Chapman's book, "The 5 Love Languages," reveals how people like to give and receive love. Find out what your love language is and the love language your partner values most. Rediscover the deep values that brought you together, and learn more about your partner. Let the language of love be one of the best Valentine's Day gifts for her.

My husband, Stephen, and I went through some stressful months. I held my feelings in, became resentful and withdrawn and was unable to communicate what caused my negative attitude. This eventually reached a crisis that we had to acknowledge. At that point, I poured out my feelings. Although Stephen was hurt, he listened.

That simple gesture of listening opened a way for us to begin honest communication again. We vowed to help one another express feelings, both positive and negative, and affirm our relationship. Today, I stand bathed in the love of my husband. We weathered our crisis and strengthened our bond to one another, basing our relationship on communication, trust, respect and deep faith in God.

My book, "Brave Love," details my life's journey through love, hope, despair and joy. I learned how to allow myself to love deeply, accept what life brings and treasure each moment. I like to wear my Brave Love birthstone ring to remind me of all the tender, wacky and, yes, scary, moments in my life.

Each sterling silver ring is handmade, set with up to five birthstones to honor those you love. The Brave Love gift set includes my book and a personalized ring. Wear the ring to remind you about where your journey has taken you.

Stack Up the Years With Stacking Rings

How many years have you been married? How long have you been dating? Show how much you care by commemorating your time together. Sterling silver stacking rings not only make a great fashion statement. They tell the tale of your relationship. Personalize them with your names, names of your children or a word that symbolizes your life together.

For a special touch, add a heart. When your beloved wears these sweet romance jewelry items, she will be reminded of what she holds most dear. These organically shaped rings are also available in 10- and 14-karat yellow gold and 10-karat white gold.

This adorable ring with tiny hearts is one of the sweetest Valentine's Day gifts for her. She can stack these thin bands with other rings to create a personalized jewelry set that expresses her individuality. These cute Valentine's gifts will remind her that you care.

Pampered in Romance

If you want to make the woman in your life feel pampered, give her a gift certificate for a session at a spa, beauty parlor or local wellness center. A massage, manicure or other beauty treatment revitalizes, making a woman feel attractive both inside and out.

When I feel stressed, I remember the relaxing benefits of a massage. As my muscles relax, my inner tensions recede, allowing me to reflect on the joys and treasured moments of my life. Some types of massage actually lower heart rate, blood pressure and hormones that increase stress, anxiety and tension. I feel rejuvenated and ready to continue with the ups and downs that life deals me.

During the pandemic, mental health often declines as people shelter in place or work from home. A massage may be an essential health service that adds to your quality of life. If you are worried about the risk of COVID-19 transmission, ask about having a massage outdoors or in a well-ventilated room with open windows. Ask the wellness center about their safety precautions and cleanliness protocols. Many offer home services, which limit interactions and ensure cleanliness.

Pretty and Personalized Heart Bracelet and Necklace Set

Personalized necklaces speak from the soul. Our Well With My Soul personalized necklace and bracelet set features heart-shaped charms with a peaceful reminder that beauty exists even when the horizon looks grey. The pewter pendant drops from a silver-toned, 18-inch link chain necklace. The matching bracelet includes a pewter charm that lies flat against the wrist, set on a link chain approximately 8 inches long. Both pendant and charm bear the message, "it is well with my soul."

For a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter or another important woman in your life, browse our personalized necklaces to find the special one that she will love to wear. We custom-stamp birthstone pendants, bezel bars, family tree necklaces and heart charms to display a date, name, stone, initial or important word, creating a unique piece of jewelry that a woman will treasure.

Gorgeous and Green: Romantic Houseplants?

Yes! If your partner loves nature, why not gift a plant? Instead of a bouquet that will wilt in a few days, a plant will last for years, reminding her of your gift of love. To make it more special, choose a plant that symbolizes your partner's energy and personality or a milestone in your lives. Philodendrons symbolize love of nature and respect for the environment. Fragrant gardenias symbolize trust and purity, and lavender is associated with relaxation and serenity.

If taking care of plants is not an option, give a wildflower or birth flower necklace. These beautiful renderings bear a realistic impression of a flower. Birth flower necklaces include a sterling silver pendant bearing an impression of the flower associated with each month of the year. Each flower has a special meaning, and each charm can be personalized.

Cook for Her

One of the five love languages is service. If your wife or girlfriend treasures acts of kindness and service, give her a gift of your time and effort. Set a mood by cooking a special Valentine's Day meal. Even if you are new to cooking, she will love you for your efforts. Browse the internet to find a menu that you can tackle. Select quality ingredients that will enhance the food. You may want to do a practice run to see how it turns out before the actual date.

If you know what she likes, create a dish you know will please her. Otherwise, an attractive meal, such as a colorful antipasto plate, oven-baked garlic bread, pasta with marinara sauce, fresh Parmesan cheese and a decent bottle of wine, will bring smiles to you both. Top it off with a simple dessert, such as fruit salad with whipped cream and a specialty coffee. Whether you create a romantic, formal atmosphere with a tablecloth, candles and fine china or host a casual, outdoor picnic, your meal and efforts will surely be enjoyed.

Romantic Date Night—in a Box?

For an off-the-wall date, try thinking out of the box. With the surge of the novel coronavirus, people are staying home more and exploring alternative ideas for entertainment. Instead of sitting in front of the TV, try something interactive. Box subscriptions are a great way to add variety and pizzazz to your life and relationships. Some are created just for women, some just for men and others for couples.

Each month, a new box with a different theme arrives at your home. Surprise your partner with a couple's box that contains games, conversation starters, dinner menus, snacks, music lists and themes for activities. Laugh, explore, enjoy and learn with box subscriptions. Some are based on hobbies, such as gardening, and specific activities, such as bartending or cooking. Others focus on designer clothing, ties, perfumes and colognes, grooming products, gourmet foods, craft beers and artisan creations from around the world. There are even some for pets. Whatever your interest may be, there is sure to be a box subscription for it.

My husband and I believe that a higher being brings grace, hope and love to our lives. The faith-based date-night in boxes has helped us deepen our relationship with God. These boxes contain faith guides, activities, snacks and topics to enjoy together. We always make time to reflect on our faith and explore the many facets that make it meaningful in our lives.

One of the best Valentine's gifts from my husband was a faith-based box subscription and a cross of faith necklace from my collection of cross necklaces. Wearing the necklace reminds me of how we have affirmed our relationship, acknowledging the sacrifices and the love that strengthen our commitment to our marriage, our children and our faith.

The Most Important Gift is Love

Take time to explore the wonderful ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, and select a personal gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother or other important women in your life. Choosing a personal gift expresses your love and affection. Whether you go for jewelry, a new game, a home-cooked meal, a book or a gift of a plant, your effort and care will show through.

If you cannot decide what to give, a gift card lets her select what she likes. If you want to give handmade jewelry, there are many cute Valentine's gifts in my jewelry collection, including rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets, suitable for mature women, young girls and those in between.

The most important gift is your love. When your gift comes from your heart, the person receiving it will know how much you care. It does not have to be expensive or elaborate, just honest and personal. Be prepared for hugs and kisses from your lady, and celebrate this day of love with enthusiasm and gusto.

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