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Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Protector, nurturer, arbitrator, disciplinarian, sustainer, spiritual guide and defender—all these qualities describe a mother. How can we express what a mother really is? When I think back through the milestones and peaks and valleys of my life, my mother was the steadfast pillar of compassion, strength and joy who was always there for me. She encouraged, guided, taught me to keep me on a productive path and bring me to mature adulthood. Now I am a mother, and every day I experience the trials, unknowns, uncertainties and joys that define the adventure of parenthood.

As Mother's Day draws near, I would like to find a gift with meaning that expresses my appreciation and love for my mother, a gift that she will cherish and enjoy. There are some not-so-awesome gifts I’ve seen in the past. Books about trimming up, diet or exercising, thinking that she might enjoy some encouragement to slim her waistline? Probably won’t go over well. It’s like subtly telling her that she was overweight and out of shape—not a very loving message.

As we consider what to give our moms for Mother’s Day this year, think back about the things she has admired, her hobbies, her passions and her tastes. Has your mother ever expressed a wish for a piece of jewelry, a beautiful knickknack or a silky robe that she would never spend money on herself? Here, I showcase 10 inspiring Mother's Day gift ideas to help you find a meaningful present for your mother.

Mother’s Rings - Personal, Pretty and Enduring

I cannot truly express to my mother what is in my heart, she who carried me and nurtured me as part of herself for nine months. That physical bond never breaks, and those bonds of love sustain themselves throughout our lives. An unbroken circle represents the continuous love that a mother feels for her children. A personalized mother's ring represents that bond. Each of our rings is handmade and can be hand-stamped with a meaningful message, special date or name of a loved one.

Sterling Silver Stacking Rings


Our sterling silver Stacking Rings are hand-molded and hand-cast in a soft, organic shape that sits comfortably on the hand. Add a ring for each child, grandchild or others who are dear to her. For a loving touch, include a ring with a heart to remind her of your love. Combine a stackable mother's ring with other rings to create a one-of-a-kind look just for her. These rings are also available in 10-karat white and yellow gold and 14-karat gold.

Brave Love, Loving Without Fear


There are times when problems seem insurmountable. I have had many ups and downs in my life, including learning that my first-born had severe disabilities. My "Brave Love" book and jewelry express my journey through despair, hope and acceptance. Courage, love, unyielding faith and devotion must triumph to overcome obstacles. When life seems desperate, brave love encourages growth, honesty and forgiveness.

Conflict and disappointment gave me the opportunity to examine and address my needs, wants and fears. I had been ignoring the warning signs of a meltdown and had to overcome a major crisis in my life. With the love and support of my husband, my faith in a higher power and facing up to long-term denial, I was able to change my life through loving bravely.

If your mother has met and overcome challenges, the Brave Love Ring commemorates the determination and commitment she mustered for success. Each sterling silver ring is set with genuine birthstones and can hold up to five stones. The ring is 5/8-inch tall, a handsome testament to remind her how she turned adversity to advantage. These rings affirm forgiveness, compassion and self-knowledge.

Affirm Love From Afar and Be Always Together


If you and your mother do not live near one another, our Always Together Birthstone Ring is a perfect Mother's Day gift. When she wears this ring of six stacked bands, she will remember that you sent a gift of love to express that you are always together wherever you may be.

Personalize this eye-catching mother's ring with three stones to give something important to her. Customize it with the birthstones of her grandchildren, children or of others she holds dear to her heart. I wear one with the birthstones of my two boys and my husband, affirming the bonds of our family. This ring represents the joy, strength of commitment and love that binds us together.

The Best of Both Worlds: Personalized Passage Rings


If you want the best of both worlds, the Personalized Passage Ring combines stacking rings and birthstone jewelry into one! We hand-stamp a name, date or words of your choice onto the band and set a birthstone next to the inscription. You can also add a heart. The words symbolize an important passage in your life, perhaps the birth of a child, the date of your marriage or a phrase that has special meaning. Add as many bands as you like to personalize the look.

I stamped my personalized mother's rings with the words "choose joy." Those words symbolize the transition I made from guilt, despair and grief to joy, acceptance and love. These words remind me that there are many things in life I cannot control, and that is all right. I can accept what is and let go of the expectation of perfection. Choosing joy affirms my trust in a higher power where true perfection lies. In that acceptance and love, joy comes. I feel it. I experience it.

Encircle Her Neck With Love

I stamped my personalized mother's rings with the words "choose joy." Those words symbolize the transition I made from guilt, despair and grief to joy, acceptance and love. These words remind me that there are many things in life I cannot control, and that is all right. I can accept what is and let go of the expectation of perfection. Choosing joy affirms my trust in a higher power where true perfection lies. In that acceptance and love, joy comes. I feel it. I experience it.

Mother’s Day Bezel Birthstone Necklace


A Bezel Birthstone Necklace with personalized tags creates a special gift. We hand-stamp these 1¼-inch long sterling silver tags with the name of a loved one or a special word and set a birthstone at the end of the bezel. The tags hang from a sterling silver link chain. Personal, feminine and durable, the Birthstone Necklace will show her how much you value your relationship.

Crossbar Birthstone Necklace


When I make my jewelry, I often lose my sense of the world during the process of conceiving the design, sketching the piece, shaping, casting, smoothing and, finally, polishing the creation so that it shines. I have found motherhood to be so much like starting a new piece of jewelry.

I had an idea, a dream, about what being a mother would be like. But, when each of my boys was born, that idea was brought to reality by the individuality of each one. My concept of motherhood had to meld and evolve with the concrete force of each child's personality, needs and approach to life. I still try to shape, smooth and polish my children, guiding them toward goodness and love. Together, we grow, learn and become strong in our love and faith.

My Crossbar Birthstone Necklace, suspended on each end from a delicate chain, forms a horizontal crosspiece, the stabilizing force in an ever-changing world. Our relationships survive and deepen because of the stabilizing force of love. Choose up to five birthstones to add to the bar for a unique Mother's Day present.

Jumble of Charms Necklace


A jumble of charms reminds me of life, jumbled with memories, those we love, events that form us and the emotions that drive us to go on to a joyful tomorrow. Customize these whimsical sterling silver charms with motifs, names or words that mean something special to you, such as a heart, the flower of a child's birth month or a twinkling star that represents a beacon of light. They hang from a sterling silver link chain. As they tinkle throughout the day, your mother will remember your gift and the love behind it.

My mother and I share several words that have special meaning just to us. These words and phrases remind us of a funny moment we experienced, the way we resolved a disagreement or a situation that struck us both the same way. Hand-stamp the words most important to your mother onto these charms. When she wears this customized necklace and hears the tinkling of charms throughout the day, she will remember those special moments that affirm your relationship.

Open Circle Pearl Necklace


Pearls are elegant, simple and timeless. A circle signifies continuity and commitment to never-ending love. A delicate freshwater pearl suspended in an open circle represents the uniqueness and individuality of each of us encompassed within a circle of love. We melt into the love, two becoming one. We hand-stamp a name or phrase that is meaningful to you on the circle to personalize the necklace. The circle and pearl pendant come with a sterling silver chain.

Affirmation of Faith and Inspiration for Mom


Sometimes a gentle reminder of faith, hope and love can help us relax, focus and put ourselves in a more positive frame of mind. I created this pewter Prayer Plaque to inspire and reaffirm that the love of a higher being is always with us. Made of hand-cast pewter, this 5-inch by 3.5-inch plaque bears an inspiring verse to calm and reassure. We can personalize it by hand-stamping a name on the banner at the bottom.

My faith is a guiding light in my life. My husband is a stabilizing force that I can depend on. Yet, there are times that I feel that I have reached down into my innermost reserves and am depleted. Finding balance is important for moms. It reminds us of what we must do, helps us refresh when we most need it and puts life into perspective. I love to look at the words on this prayer plaque to remind me of what I am and what my aims are. I want my family to know they are loved and protected. When I see this plaque, I take a moment to reflect, breathe deeply and orient myself so that I can continue on my journey into the unknowns of life with grace and love.

Crossbody Boho Bag for the Active Mom


Sometimes a practical gift is the best idea for an active mom. This boho bag in red leather exudes personality and chic charm while offering practical details. The wide strap stays firmly on your shoulder and is long enough—22 inches, in fact—to wear comfortably as a crossbody bag. The hands-free design is a boon for active moms, who often juggle children, toys, packages and more at the same time.

The size of the bag lets you fill it with essentials without it appearing over-stuffed. It is both casual and elegant, a delightful addition to any wardrobe. We use good-quality leather and traditional, handcrafting techniques that contribute to its good looks. Pair it with a matching wallet for a coordinated look.

We stitched a tag inside with the phrase "wherever i go, i carry your heart in mine" to remind you of the love that is always with you even when you are away. The all-lowercase lettering is part of our design style.

Reflections of a Mother on Mother's Day


I use Mother's Day as a milestone to reflect on the passage of my children through each stage of life: from infancy to young children, as teenagers and their steadfast approach toward adulthood. I have tried to show my love by giving them the freedom to love in their own way.

I made sure they had the basics in life for growth, safety and love, creating a framework of security for them to thrive, learn and assert their own individuality. As they have grown, I have had to adjust and reorient my ideas about nurturing and caring to make sure I was not smothering them. Yet, when they make mistakes in their quests for independence, I worry that I gave too much freedom too soon and failed to keep them safe.

I see now that motherhood is a state of constant learning. Just as my children have made mistakes as part of their growth toward independence and adulthood, I see my parenting mistakes and how they have helped me grow. The most important lesson I have learned is that forgiveness, love and grace underlie our unity as a family. When we acknowledge our pain and mistakes and ask for forgiveness, love deepens.

I hear the term "unconditional love." Can I really fathom what that means? To love freely, without strings attached, without expectation or condition seems unachievable. Yet, I have experienced it from my faith in the highest that imparts grace without condition. Can I achieve that? Mother's Day gives me time to reflect on what love is, to deepen the bonds and strengthen my relationships with those I hold most dear.

The unwavering love from the highest serves as a guide and inspiration as I strive to love without judgment or condition. I try to inject these feelings and experiences into my art and creations, using these simple trinkets to express the love and continuity that binds us together, unique individuals encircled by love.

Taking the time to find a personalized gift that tells your mother you care will mean a lot to her. I am so deeply touched when I see that my children selected a Mother's Day present that reflects my spirit, taste, personality and outlook on life.

I hope these simple Mother's Day gift ideas inspire you as you honor your mother, wife, grandmother or another nurturer in your life on this special day. There are so many objects in the world to choose as gifts. To me, what makes a gift meaningful is the sentiment behind it. I treasure the gift of love more than anything else.

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