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Style Personalized Name Rings


Jewelry is so personal. It expresses your taste, values, sense of aesthetics and the feelings you have for the people in your life. Customizing jewelry makes it even more personal.

Each piece of my jewelry is handmade, crafted with passion, care and love. I want it to make you or someone you love feel special and unique.

Creating jewelry is my way to express the deep, positive and wonderful feelings in my life. My life's journey has not always been smooth or easy, but I have learned how to love myself. I found that giving myself the permission and space to be and express who I really am has brought a depth of love, spirituality and joy into my life that I could never have imagined. Each piece of my jewelry carries these feelings and is crafted to bring happiness to those who wear it.

My handcrafted name rings let you personalize a message that is hand-stamped onto the ring. You can express your feelings, commemorate important events or place the name of someone dear to you onto the ring. We can help you personalize each ring so that it expresses the love and feelings you have for someone you hold close to your heart. The handcrafting makes each ring unique, and the hand-stamped designs and lettering make each one personal to you and the one who receives it.

Give name rings to mothers, grandmothers, daughters, best friends and girlfriends. If you want a special present for your partner, take a look at my stackable rings and band together rings. Reconfirm your life's journey together with this symbolic representation of your relationship and feelings.

Name Rings Rise in Popularity

name rings popularity

Personalizing jewelry, silverware, linens, glassware, clothing and other items have been in vogue for eons. Monogramming is used worldwide by royalty, artists, religious organizations, public entities, cities and more for both identification and decoration. Stamping or engraving names on rings and jewelry is a popular tradition, allowing men and women to make personal and fashion statements that are both meaningful and decorative.

The popularity of name jewelry for women soared when Carrie Bradshaw, the character in "Sex and the City," wore a gold necklace with her name on it with almost every style of clothing in her wardrobe. The actress who played Carrie, Sarah Jessica Parker, still has the necklace, considering it a fond reminder of her role on the show.  This illustrates exactly how special personalized jewelry can be!

My custom name rings are designed to be timeless, traditional, simple and beautiful. Each carries meaningful names, milestones and messages for the person wearing it or, if gifted, for the one who gave it. We can also add birthstones, diamonds and designs to a custom ring to make it even more special and personal.

How I Handcraft Name Rings

how I crafted rings

Every piece of my jewelry is handmade, from the initial design to cutting, stamping, polishing and assembling. Each is crafted with love and care, using high-quality, lead-free metals. Name rings are available in sterling silver, 10-karat white gold and 10- and 14-karat yellow gold.

I started making jewelry as a teenager as a hobby. After my children were born, I wanted to be able to stay at home with my family. I began making hand-stamped jewelry at my kitchen table when I had spare time. Since then, the business has grown from my kitchen table to an international company. Even though the business has expanded, I still make sure that each piece is perfectly crafted from start to finish so that you love the piece you order.

My designs come from my heart, inspired by nature, the concepts expressed in other art forms and my love for my sweet boys and husband. I sketch and draw these ideas until they meld together into a design that is timeless and beautiful.

Hand-Stamped Designs

hand stamped designs

I use hand-stamping to personalize each ring. This technique creates a unique impression that can never be exactly reproduced on another piece. Hand-stamping presses the design into the metal without removing any of the medium. The technique is different from engraving, which actually removes part of the material when a design is etched in. 

To create the impression, a metal stamp with a raised image or letter is placed on the metal. The end of the stamp is tapped with a hammer, which presses the design into the ring. The letters may not be perfectly aligned, and the depth and spacing may vary slightly, which gives an organic, original and unique look to each item we craft. It takes time, practice and a sense of design to perfect the technique to create a beautiful, wearable piece.

Meaningful Rings for Girlfriend


Rings are traditional, sentimental and symbolic. The uninterrupted circle of a band represents eternity, commitment and unbroken love. Your ring may symbolize a milestone in your relationship, express your feelings or be a reminder of an important event. Name rings celebrate these events, expressing the happy times, stories and experiences that you share. Giving a customized name ring to your girlfriend lets her know that you are affirming the bonds that tie you together.

I remember when Stephen and I were dating, and we celebrated our first year together. A ring from Stephen with our names on it would have meant so much to me at that time in our relationship, expressing our commitment to one another. Since then, we have had our ups and downs, but we have weathered them, reaffirming our love for one another. Wearing a custom-made ring is a reminder of our journey through life together.

Band Together Rings

band together rings

Express yourself with a band together ring. Made of sterling silver or 10-karat yellow gold, each ring is 3/8-inch high, enough space to hold two lines of text and 15 characters on each line. A phrase that you share, your names, a date or a place you experienced together are just a few ways that you can craft a ring that commemorates a moment in your relationship. We can help you personalize your ring.

Stacking Name Rings

stacking name rings

Wearing these delicate name rings gently reminds you about those you hold closest to your heart. These beautiful, wavy bands are hand-molded and cast in your choice of sterling silver, 10-karat white gold or 10- or 14-karat yellow gold. We hand-stamp a name, phrase or dates of your choice on each band. You write your message or names, and we add it to the band just as you wrote it. We can add hearts or stars as part of the custom design. Our design style uses all lowercase letters, giving a classic look with a modern touch. As your family expands, add bands to celebrate those you hold most dear.

Rings for a Best Friend

rings for bestfriend

How do you let your best friend know how much she means to you? You can say it with a handmade ring that expresses your love and appreciation of your friendship.

I have given my friends, associates and other women who are dear to me rings and other custom jewelry over the years to let them know that I care about our relationship. I have had incredible caretakers who have helped me with my children when we travel. Women helping women have taught me important lessons about how to give and how to receive. They have taught me how to be me. By mentoring and supporting, they have shown me how to be strong when I faced difficulties in my life and how to affirm faith in myself and deepen my spiritual beliefs when I most needed it. I am fortunate to have friendships and relationships with some incredible women who have been there during some of my most challenging times.

Personalized Passage Rings

personalized passage ring

Even before I started making jewelry professionally, I felt that giving a gift of personalized jewelry was a way to acknowledge the help and support of the incredible women in my life. These delightful personalized passage rings let you express these feelings. Add a diamond to make the ring sparkle or a birthstone to personalize it even more.

These charming wavy bands come in sterling silver, 10-karat white gold and 10- and 14-karat yellow gold. Adding bands commemorates each milestone in your friendship and creates a beautiful stacked ring set with messages that express your deepest feelings. We can help you design best friend rings to give to those you hold close to your heart.

Rings for Daughters and Granddaughters

rings for daughters and granddaughters

Girls today face challenges that their mothers may never have had to face. Social media, advertising and peer pressure can be overwhelming as girls sort out their values and feelings and develop a sense of self-esteem. Even though daughters may not admit it, mothers are important role models for emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

Although I am not a mother of girls, I am a daughter. I remember the way my mother treated me and how her acceptance and regard for me affected my sense of self. Each action, glance, word and expression from a mother gives spoken and subtle guidance to her daughter. Daughters learn kindness, love, strength, hope, faith, forgiveness, honesty and determination when mothers show these positive values.

My friends, relatives and customers have let me know how important the gift of gold stacking rings has been for their daughters and granddaughters. We hand-stamp your message onto each ring. The message can affirm a characteristic of your daughter to let her know that she can be who she truly is. Strong, brave, hope and courage are popular messages, but we can add any message that conveys your trust and love. There may be a word that evokes a personal experience that you share that will make her smile. When your daughter wears the ring, she is reminded of your faith in and love for her.

Gold symbolizes beauty and eternity. Personalize several gold stacking rings with your daughter's name and a meaningful message to remind her that you are always there for her. Add a star or heart to make it more unique.

Express Your Love With Lisa Leonard Designs

express your love

Although we cannot always control what twists and turns we must go through in life, we can make choices about how we accept and respond to life's events. I love expressing my feelings about my wonderful husband and sons. I love sharing experiences, laughing and exploring the next turn that reveals the unknown future. I love creating my jewelry to give love, beauty, faith and hope to my friends, family, customers and employees. I love seeing how my custom name rings reaffirm relationships, express love and bring joy to those who receive and wear them.

I see grandmothers wearing stacking rings bearing the names of their grandchildren. I see women helping women and mothers fostering the emotional growth of their daughters. I see grown daughters affirming the deep relationship and gift of love they share with their mothers. I see girlfriends made happy with a sweet gift from a loving companion. All these expressions of love, continuity and life are built into my rings and jewelry.

I have created a series of books that speak from my heart to yours. In them, I share my life's journey, describing hope, tenderness, despair and joy, emotions that have allowed me to understand who I am and live honestly to my true self. I hope that sharing these experiences will inspire you to search, love and find out what means most to you in your life.

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