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christmas nativity palm tree figurine {pewter}

christmas nativity palm tree figurine {pewter}

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Celebrate a true Christmas miracle with hand-crafted palm trees for your nativity scene. The angels were singing and the star shone bright—through the leaves of the palm tree that beautiful night! Our handcrafted nativity set palm trees are the perfect addition of trees for your nativity scene!

These palm trees for nativity sets are hand-molded, cast in fine pewter, and measures approximately 3 3/4" tall x 2" wide base.

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Celebrate the purpose of Christmas
The birth of Jesus is one of the most well known stories for Christians. It is one that we celebrate every year at Christmas time. We give gifts to our loved ones to honor the greatest gift of all— Jesus’ birth! We gather together and retell the beautiful story of God’s love for us. This wonderful, awesome gift of grace and great, great love!

In order for us to receive the grace of God, he had to come to the world as a baby. An angel appeared to a young girl named Mary to tell her that she was to have a baby named Jesus. This Jesus was to be the savior of all! Mary joyfully received this news, and sang up praises. She was thankful to be given such a blessing!

Her soon to be husband, Joseph, was also visited by an angel in his sleep. This angel settled Joseph’s fears. He married Mary, and together they became the family that would raise Jesus.

When Mary was close to giving birth, her and Joseph had to travel to his hometown, Bethlehem. They traveled the long journey by donkey, but when they arrived, there was no space for them in any inn. They asked many, and an innkeeper eventually offered them his stable.

The stable, a place for animals and livestock, became their only shelter. While in the stable, Mary gave birth to little baby Jesus. His first bed was a manger, or a trough where the livestock’s food was kept. This humble beginning is not one we’d imagine for someone who was said to be the king of all.

Above the manger, a bright star shone in the sky, declaring the birth of the newborn king! This star was brighter than any other. Far away, three wisemen were watching the sky for a sign. They knew the stories of a future king and savior, and the sign of the star. When they spotted the star in the sky, they traveled far with gifts fit for a king. They honored baby Jesus with their great presents, even as the king laid in a manger.

These were not the only visitors to baby Jesus. A group of angels also appeared to a group of shepherds, watching their sheep in a nearby field. The angels told them of Jesus’ birth, and sang a song in celebration. Immediately, the shepherds followed the star to meet the newborn king the angels had told them about.

Both the wisemen and the shepherds were witnesses to this amazing miracle and gift!! They were there to praise and honor the newborn king in his humble manger.

There is so much that we can learn from this wonderful story today! That is why we celebrate it every year at Christmas time. We retell the story, give gifts, and set up nativity scenes to remember the birth of Jesus and what this means for us.

Set the scene with my trees for nativity scene
There are so many lovely nativity set decorations out there ranging in style, size, and purpose. But have you seen a nativity scene with palm trees? This is often an overlooked detail, but one that makes all the difference!

My gorgeous Christmas palm tree figurine makes the perfect add on to your nativity set! Handcrafted in fine pewter, the figurine is the ideal size for any small nativity scene, including my very own ‘A Savior is Born Nativity Set’.

The tree looks like it's blowing in the breeze, giving it a whimsical, desert look. The trunk expands from a pile of smooth sand, given a slight texture with a unique polka dot border surrounding it. The trunk details expertly mimic a real life palm tree, and the palm leaves realistically model actual fronds. The details are completed with a bunch of cute little coconuts underneath the leaves. All this carefully crafted detail makes the palm tree figurine an artistic and realistic addition to your nativity scene.

Make magic with the Lisa Leonard Nativity Set
A lot of us have holiday decorations that model the story of Jesus’ birth. Nativity sets, ornaments, and images are a common and beloved decoration at this time of year. My ‘A Savior is Born Nativity Set’ depicts this great story in stunning detail! Experience the Christmas story like never before with my beautiful ‘a savior is born nativity set’! With a unique nativity stable and dazzling nativity figurines, this pewter nativity set is a stunning design you’ll want out all year long!

The Lisa Leonard Designs nativity set comes with 11 pewter figurines and a wooden stable, completed with a poem engraved on a pewter plaque. The pewter nativity looks perfect on your mantel, bookshelf, or side table! You’ll be reminded of God’s greatest gift whenever you see it.

Capture the magic of the season! With every nativity figurine set, each character in the Christmas story is charmingly crafted. Complete the set with my additional add ons! Or, include your own elements such as holly leaves, tinsel, or cotton snow.

Find the meaning in the holiday
Christmas is a wonderful time to be with family and give gifts to those you love most. And while giving and receiving can be a beautiful show of love and appreciation, we must never forget about the true meaning of Christmas time. The birth of Jesus marks a joyful time full of hope and love. Our gift giving during the holidays reminds us of the greatest gift we can receive, Jesus’s grace and forgiveness!

My ‘A Savior is Born Nativity Set’ is a gorgeous depiction of the birth of Jesus. A unique favorite Lisa Leonard Designs Christmas decoration, my nativity set is brilliantly crafted out of fine pewter. Durable enough to be handled, your little ones will love setting up and rearranging the scene, completed with every character in the Christmas story.

A handcrafted wooden stable is completed with a pewter star and plaque engraved with one of my own poems. Choose the classic natural color, or snag one of my limited edition sets with a Lisa Leonard blue stable and gold baby Jesus.

I love acting out the Christmas story with my nativity set! I even have add ons, so you can complete yours with a little drummer boy, angles, palm trees, and camels. How will you arrange yours?

How will you set up your Christmas nativity set palm trees?
Arrange and rearrange your own miniature pewter nativity scene with handcrafted pewter nativity figurines. The Christmas nativity figurines are sturdy enough to be touched and moved. Create meaningful memories with the whole family as you set up your nativity set together! You can even act out the Christmas story with your little ones.

The original set comes with all of the primary characters found in the Christmas story. Set little baby Jesus in his manger at the center of your scene, with Mary and Joseph around him. Next to their side you can set the donkey that carried them there, now sitting down and resting from the journey. Then let the others gather around the holy family. Place your three wisemen together with their camel as they give their gifts to the newborn king. Have the shepherd stand next to his adorable little sheep as he comes to see what the angels have told him of.

My nativity set can become even more alive with additional add ons that expand the story. Two more cute little camels can be added to make three camels total, one for each wiseman. Each camel has its own unique marking to give it a Lisa Leonard feel. Pair your camels up with a wiseman, or gather them together as they watch over baby Jesus in his manger.

I also offer two sweet angels in my ‘Angels on High Figurine Set’. These angels represent those that sang of Jesus’ birth to the shepherds in the field. Each is decorated with elegant details, making them all the more angelic! One carries a heart, representing the love of Jesus! The other has a star, which symbolizes the star that hung in the sky over the stable Jesus was born in. These angels add a wonderful touch to your nativity scene.

You can also add my ‘Little Drummer Boy Figurine Set’ for some adorable whimsey. I just love the story of the little drummer boy. The song has always been a favorite for my family! Handcrafted in fine pewter, my drummer boy figurine is smaller than the others in the set, making him all the more sweet! He is dressed in the traditional clothes of the time, and carries a hand carved drum slung across his shoulder. The musical drummer boy figurine is all ready to play his song!

Unlike other Christmas drummer boy figurines, my little drummer boy nativity set also comes with an adorable ox. The ox rests as he watches over baby Jesus in the manger. He is decorated with a unique Lisa Leonard touch, a beautiful star design engraved onto his side. This pewter addition creates more magic as your nativity set stable becomes full with animal friends!

My little drummer boy figurine brings the reminders of music, carols, gifts, and joy to your Christmas decorations. Complete your nativity with little drummer boy add on set!

Finally, my nativity set is completed with my miniature palm tree figurines. The bold and beautiful tree is crafted in fine pewter and full of intricate details that give it a special touch. The tree is the largest figurine in the whole set, and looks stunning surrounding the wooden stable. Round out your nativity scene with a palm tree or two. I just love the look of two palm trees, one on either side of the stable. Set up your animals to be grazing around the tree, or place your angels nearby as they watch over the scene through the palm leaves.

See how my Lisa Leonard Designs nativity can bring some joy and beauty to your holidays! Elegantly designed and full of meaning, this will be a Christmas tradition you and your family look forward to every year to come!

The purpose of palm trees for nativity set
A palm tree figurine is not just a thoughtless decoration. While many of us associate Christmas with snow and pine trees, the actual birth of Jesus took place in a desert landscape. The city of Bethlehem sits at the edge of a desert. Yet, it was still very fertile, with lots of greenery and trees. The tree you would see there, though, were palms. So instead of snow, there was desert and green. Instead of pine trees, there were palm trees.

It only makes sense, then, that a nativity scene tree would be a palm tree! A palm tree represents the landscape and culture of Jesus’ birthplace. With my palm tree figurines, you can set the scene of the wonderful story of Jesus’ birth.

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