How to build a candy charcuterie board

Hey friends! We’re hosting a Halloween party tonight at our house for a bunch of High School students. I firmly believe the number one rule of hosting a Halloween party is–have plenty of candy! I think we are doing okay with rule number one.

Here’s my DIY candy charcuterie board. Want to build your own?!

Building a candy charcuterie board isn’t hard but I did figure out a couple tips while I built mine.

  1. Find a huge board or tray. This one is from pottery barn and it’s beautiful!
Ins’t this charcuterie board gorgeous?

2. Add some kind of themed decor to the board first. I debated about using a couple pumpkins but since this is a high school party I figured spooky was better than cute!

You’re going to needs LOTS of candy!

3. Get A LOT of candy–more than you think you’ll need–in lots of different colors that tie in with your theme.

It’s okay if candy spills over the edges. Let it be messy and fun.

4. Place bigger candy on your charcuterie board first–surrounding the edges to hold everything together. Fill in with smaller, unwrapped candy at the end.

I have helped myself to a Twix while I was creating my candy charcuterie board!

5. Make sure to create your candy charcuterie board in the location where you plan to leave it. Once the candy is arranged it’s going to be hard to move!

Done! This candy charcuterie board is such a fun treat. And speaking of fun treats–did you see the gorgeous, best selling Cross My Heart necklace is 40% off today?

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Isn’t this necklace beautiful? Find it on sale here! The entire shop is on sale for Halloween! I think you might need one of these or a couple of these!

Are you ready to build your candy charcuterie board??

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