Top 5 Best Men’s Bracelets

Best Bracelets for Men

As men become more confident expressing themselves through accessories, the question becomes what to wear, not if you’ll wear them. To help you get started, I’ve compiled a list of what I believe are the best men's bracelets.

Whether leather or metal, men’s bracelets are increasingly popular among well-known fashion labels. They figured out how to retail items that compliment their brand because they know that is what guys want.

While high-quality bracelets have always been a staple with formal wear, today we see more men sporting a bracelet in their everyday lives.  Whether your style is bold, or blingy with bronze snaps and beads, or trendy, layered pieces, I’m going to give you everything you need to find the perfect match!

We all know that when it comes to personal expression, details make a difference.  So, how can you make sure your bracelet matches your identity?  …..with my Top-5 list of cool bracelets for guys, of course!

#1 Black Identity Leather Cuff - The Best Men’s Leather Bracelet  

Black Identity Leather Cuff

The world is riddled with adversity. It is up to us to remember the strength within ourselves to face it. Bruce Lee said it best when he advised “do not pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” My robust, black latigo leather cuff is an inch thick, symbolizing your purpose and determination to rise above hardship. That’s why this piece is not only the best men’s leather bracelet, but also also one of the best cuff bracelets for men.  

The prominent, bronze ID tag is a half-inch wide and can be stamped with a message that speaks to you, whether that’s the name of a loved one or your favourite chapter and verse.  The cuff also has two bronze snaps on the inner side. The snaps make it easy to adjust to your liking; whether firmly in place or loosely hanging. 

If you choose to wear leather bracelets, you can always dress it up by layering with smaller pieces according to your mood. This is why I’ve ranked it as one of the best bracelets for men. 

#2 Blood Stone Beaded Bracelet - The Best Men’s Bead Bracelet  

Mens Blood Stone Beaded Bracelet

A piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be complicated to get noticed and start a conversation. I think the simple beauty of the materials in the blood stone beaded bracelet is one of the best men’s beaded bracelets. The natural tone of the genuine gem, called “bloodstone”, ranges from light gray, subtle greens and blues to charcoal hues. It renders the bracelet very versatile with any outfit or skin tone. But the best beaded bracelets for men don’t just look good; they also mean something.    

I chose bloodstone (a.k.a. Sun Stone) because it is said to represent life and strength – a theme you’ll see carried throughout my collection. This stone reminds me that when I’m at my lowest, I will find my way guided by God’s light. Sometimes we all need this little reminder in our lives. Even if that reminder is as simple as a stone on your bracelet. 

When my wife and I launched our jewelry business ten years ago, we weren’t sure what might happen. Low and behold, our faith and hard work led us to where we are today. It was the strength embodied in the bloodstone that symbolized our dedication to this craft. My hope is that you will draw similar strength and courage for all you face when you wear this bracelet. 

#3 Equitable Leather Cross Bracelet - The Best Cross Bracelet  

Equitable Brown Leather Cross Bracelet for Him

This unisex, handmade leather bracelet is made of natural brown leather with adjustable leather ties. The latigo leather I chose undergoes a traditional “tanning” technique to deliver a rich finish. The result is dramatic, yet it can complement antiqued metals and classic items worn at the same time. 

The textured, pewter bead is designed to feel raw and universal, symbolizing our equality in the eyes of God. Now more than ever while the world feels divided, we need to reaffirm our equality. The pewter bead is straightforward but eye-catching —  be ready for questions about your faith, because this bracelet is a conversation-starter. 

Perhaps, more importantly, the leather cross bracelet is a reminder to stay humble and grounded. I designed this bracelet to look like it could have originated anywhere in the world.  No matter where you live or how successful you’ve been, we are all human equally loved by God.   

#4 Resiliency Black Cuff Bracelet - The Best Men’s Cuff Bracelet  

Resiliency Black Cuff Bracelet (Black Sterling)

We can’t escape aging, or the life experiences we endure along the way. The Resiliency Cuff Bracelet is a mens black bracelet for those who know themselves, feel proud of their commitment and their survival. Resilience itself is defined as the ability to adapt and bounce back from trauma, tragedy, or sources of family, work or relationship stressors. This bracelet captures exactly that. This bracelet sends a signal to other empathetic people to connect and remember that you’re not alone in the midst of your difficulties. 

The solid silver cuff is sandblasted for a black matte finish that deepens with wear. I can set a small bronze rivet to represent each person that matters to you. The bracelet accommodates up to six rivets. This bracelet is only a subtle, third-of-a-inch wide, making it one of the best cuff bracelets for men looking for something thinner. Its slender band renders it discreet and, dare I say, just a little chic.

#5  Limitless Leather Bracelet - The Best Men’s Braided Leather Bracelet 

Mens Limitless Leather Bracelet

The Limitless Bracelet is proof that the best men’s silver bracelets feature crisp design and also hold meaning. This bracelet is intended to encourage you to strive for your goals and celebrate achieving them! 

The wrapped, black, bolo leather cord is wound three times and fastened with a sterling silver clasp. With the standard price, you receive two “Limitless” rings of choice in sterling silver or bronze. Rings can be personalized up to eight characters. 

Use this bracelet to express your passions in life. As your path broadens, you can add more rings to commemorate the goals you accomplish along the way. Limitations only exist in the mind. The braided, leather cords exist on your wrist to remind you of this. 

Wearing Men’s Bracelets  

Sterling Silver Resolute Bracelet - Personalized

Handmade, mens bracelets are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry out there. Most men have just stuck to a good wristwatch and wedding band. It’s time to branch out.  Bracelets can be worn with a formal shirt or casualwear. Made from plain metals, antiqued metals or organic materials like leather, bracelets round out a classic look whether bold or understated. 

If you regularly wear a watch, it’s perfectly acceptable to don a bracelet on the other wrist, especially for more formal occasions.  If you’re a little nervous about wearing a bright, shiny bracelet, opt instead for brushed metal or antique metal with a patina. You’ll achieve the same polished effect without going overboard.   

For casual occasions, ditch the watch and stack bracelets on the same wrist. The more bracelets you stack, the more casual it looks. Mixing different styles of bracelets on the same wrist looks relaxed, modern and cool. 

It’s important to remember that you’re choosing bracelets that reflect who you are, both as a reminder to yourself and as a message to the world. Browse more mens bracelets here!

I’ve created this range of personalized men’s bracelets in timeless, classic materials like leather, pewter, and sterling silver — materials that stand the test of time.

My hope is that you or your loved ones can wear a one-of-a-kind bracelet that’s as unique as you are.  

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