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April Birth Flower Necklace {Pewter}

April Birth Flower Necklace {Pewter}

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Honor the month of April as your birth month with Lisa Leonard designs’ April birth flower necklace. The pewter pendant is engraved with a detailed silhouette of April’s birth flower, the sweet pea. Unlike many other birth flowers, the birth flower for April is a result of cross breeding. While sweet pea flowers aren’t always the same color, its lovely, delicate petals give off a strong, sweet scent, which makes them easy to pick out in just about any garden.

The April birth flower pendant can easily be worn on its own or with other birth flower pendants that symbolize the birth of those closest to you, such as your children. And if you have friends or family members who were born in April, a birth flower necklace makes an excellent gift that’s not only stylish, but meaningful as well. Anytime they wear it, they’ll be able to relive the happiness they felt when they received it and be reminded of the inner peace that their birth month represents.

Each charm is handcrafted, cast in pewter, and measures approximately 3/4". Starting price includes an April birth flower charm and 18" silver-toned link chain. Happy, hopeful, brave—what does your birth flower mean?

      • January: Carnation, connection and love
      • February: Violet, faithful and true
      • March: Daffodil, wholehearted devotion
      • April: Sweet pea, happy and peaceful
      • May: Lily of the valley, hope filled
      • June: Rose, love and friendship
      • July: Larkspur, laughter and joy
      • August: Poppy, brave and strong
      • September: Aster, affection and warmth
      • October: Calendula, delight and joy
      • November: Chrysanthemum, beauty and light
      • December: Narcissus, wisdom and insight

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Special Price $49.69 Regular Price $69.99
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Did you know every month has a flower? I bet you know your birthstone, but do you know your birth flower? April's birth flower is the sweet pea, representing happiness and peace. Wear your own flower or layer on birth flower charms for each of your children or loved ones. A birth flower necklace is the perfect gift!

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