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Whether you’re buying personalized jewelry for yourself or a loved one, custom designs take sharing sentiment to the next level, telling the unique stories that make us who we are.

Nothing sits quite as long or close to our hearts as lovingly handcrafted jewelry. Something so special needs to be a perfect match with the person, which is why customized jewelry carries a deeper meaning. I think it shows your love for the person alongside a complete acceptance and appreciation for their uniqueness.  

Say Something Special With Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry inspires unconditional love and Beauty. I love how you can also enrich your message with a memory or sweet emotion. 

We wear jewelry to symbolize appreciation, to demonstrate love, or remember a legacy. With so many experiences, personalized jewelry designs mark significant milestones along our journey through life. 

10 Personalized Jewelry Designs That Represent Life’s Journey 

When there’s so much meaning behind personalized jewelry, you want to make sure it is crafted with the love and care it deserves.

1) Stacking Rings

stacking rings

                                     hold my hand, and i’ll go anywhere with you 


Our hands reflect who we hold dearest in our lives, which makes them the perfect place for precious reminders of treasured memories. Beautifully handmade stacking rings make it easy for your eyes to see what your heart feels. 

These lovingly handcrafted rings can be stamped with the words and memories you want to bring to light. Whether you gift them to a loved one or keep loved ones close, these rings are to be cherished. 

Hand-molded in sterling silver, these rings have a natural, organic shape and feel that brings a mood like your favorite jumper — cozy and warm. 

As well as stamping, you can personalize your rings even further by mixing and matching them to express what's uniquely your story.

Once you've found your perfect design or two, just select your size and add your customization, which will be finished with my unique vintage-styled lowercase font.


2) Cross Bar Birthstone Necklace


A crossbar provides true stability, which is exactly what our relationship gives me. 


This delicate cross bar birthstone necklace represents your support and comfort.

Just as extraordinary as you, it’s hand-crafted in 14k yellow gold that reflects the pricelessness of a special bond. Simply irreplaceable!

You should see how wonderful it looks as it’s worn, settling nicely on the chest and hanging from a fine-linked gold-filled chain. There’s space across the bar for up to seven birthstones.  

Use it to carry the stones of those closest to you over your heart, to remind you where your strength and stability come from. 


3) Bezel Birthstone Necklace


you are the brightest light that shines in my universe 


This classic piece of personalized name jewelry, the bezel birthstone necklace, is specially handmade and customized with the names of those you hold most dear. Honor their birth and their beauty by carrying them with you always.

The tags are 1.25” long and made of sterling silver, both strong and precious. If you’re looking for a metaphor for your love, there it is. Birthstones are set in sterling silver bezels to better display their beauty and uniqueness.

It’s the perfect way to show your dearest ones just how priceless they are to you!


4) Very Fine Line Gold Ring


words are like seeds that blow in the wind and plant in our hearts


Words are incredibly powerful expressions and reminders of love: wrap them around your fingers where you’ll always see them.

Use the words, names, or phrases that mean the most to you and create a very fine line gold ring that truly captures the essence of the memories you’re holding dear.  

This antiqued, satin-finished 10k gold band has a subtly textured, natural edge to stay snug on your hand all day, every day. This way, you can take your treasured memories and dearest loved ones with you everywhere you go.  

Since the band holds tight, I would recommend ordering a half-size up for a more comfortable fit. Your hand-stamped jewelry inscriptions will come out in a beautiful lowercase typewriter-like font. 


5) Brave Love Spinner Ring


to love is to risk, therefore, to love is to be brave


Loving courageously creates the most profound, authentic, and extraordinary form of love you can find. This deserves to be celebrated. 

The Brave Love spinner ring represents the unflinching bravery of your love: a large sterling silver band with a “brave love” inscription on the inside, visible through the heart-shaped cut-out.  The ring is finished with smaller gold bands that spin freely around the base.

I want you to create a ring that wonderfully reflects your own experiences with bravery and love. There’s space for up to five gold spinners to represent a unique love in your life.

Whenever you wear it, you’ll gently be reminded of what matters most in life: love that’s messy, beautiful, simple, fun, and complete. 


6) Jumble of Love Necklace


love and gratitude go hand in hand because when we focus on gratitude, love rushes in 


We are all surrounded by love in so many ways, from the beauty of our relationships to the laughter in our days. 

As I stop each day to embrace the present moment, I remind myself of how thankful I am for the people who made their way into my world. You can bring all your loved ones together with this heartfelt, handcrafted design, the jumble of love necklace

Suspended from a sterling silver chain, these charms are cast in sterling silver and can carry the names of your loved ones as well as one of three designs: heart with dots, heart with chevrons, or heart with flower. There’s space on the chain for up to five charms, and you can also add an extra heart in place of a name. Names are stamped in our own custom vintage-look font.


7) Wild About You Initials Necklace

true love brings out the best and the worst of us


True love presents challenges, complications, and wild adventures. But it’s you that makes the mess meaningful. The wild about you initials necklace reflects the wild, beautiful love that I just can’t live without. 

The gold-filled fine link chain strings across up to seven charms, cast in 10-karat yellow gold and engraved with your choice of initial. There’s also a freshwater pearl, to remind you how the difficulties you encounter grow into precious gems. 

Choose between diamond, heart, and circle shapes to place the initials. It’s a beautiful way to represent finding the calm within the chaos of love with the special people in your life. 

When you wear it, you’ll be reminded of how even though the wildness brings crazy times, I will always choose us. 


8) Thin Sterling Cuff

wherever you go, whatever you do, i’ll always be there supporting you 


This simple, delicate thin sterling cuff is destined to become your everyday wear. Handmade and hand-stamped with the names of your loved ones, it’s a daily reminder of the beauty, love and support in your life. 

Want to know what really makes the thin sterling cuff so wonderful? The cuff is a lot longer than most other personal designs, meaning you can easily fit up to 30 characters across this band. 

A freshwater pearl elegantly hangs from one end of the cuff, giving it a lovely, soft look that chimes with the elegance of the piece and just how easily the cuff can slide onto your wrist. 


9) Beloved Name Disc Necklace

you are the author of your own life story


Personalized jewelry for women comes in many forms, but the beloved name disc necklace represents your entire life story: messy, wonderful, and yours. 

Each charm is customizable with a stamp. So every time the necklace settles next to your heart, you are reminded of how in each and every moment you are creating your life story. 

In 14-karat gold, and complemented by a freshwater pearl on gold wire, the beloved name disc necklace comes on a gold chain and you can add up to four charms. 


10) What Matters Most Necklace

your heart is what matters most of all 


 What do you think about? Who do you care about? Where do you put all of your energy? How do you fill your heart with love?

 The what matters most necklace keeps what’s important closest to you.  

 On the bottom of the charm lies a small heart, while up at the top a freshwater pearl sits alongside the sterling silver chain.

 The long charm, hand-molded in sterling silver, has four sides for you to personalize. Stamp them with what lies deep in your heart: important names, dates, phrases, or places.


Share Your Story With Lisa Leonard Designs


Personalized jewelry, reminds you of the moments that mean the most to you, or shows someone in your life that you understand and love them for who they are. Reflect upon a sweet memory and add a touch of beauty into a loved one's life. I believe it is important to show this heartfelt love with heartfelt designs. Life’s adventure is full of twists and turns, and our lights help us navigate our way through. 

Discover our personalized jewelry designs for personalized life experiences. I hope you find what you’re looking for.  

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