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Make Your Own Necklace with Add on Charms

Wear your heart with necklaces made just for you! We wear our necklaces so close to our hearts, so it makes sense that they often represent what we love most. Many of us wear necklaces as reminders of the ones we care about, the stories that shape us, and the things that matter most. Necklace charms with children’s names are a sweet way to keep your little ones close. A birthstone charm is a beautiful representation of what makes you YOU. Personalized pendants can be customized with a word or phrase that holds meaning. There are so many ways you can represent your heart and story with pendants and charms!

We know how personal necklaces can be, that’s why we have a whole collection of necklace charms you can add on to any necklace or chain. With our necklace add ons, you can build your own charm necklace with custom pendants and chains. With so many beautiful charms to choose from, you can turn your dream necklace into a reality!

Tell your story, make your own necklace


The best designs are the ones that connect us to our story. We are each a wonderfully unique combination of the people, memories, and moments that shape us. Every chapter is precious because it’s what makes us who we are. Represent every important detail with a build your own charm necklace.

Your story is still ongoing. While you and your family grow, you may want to add more charms to a necklace you already wear and love. Or, you may want to replace a word or phrase that inspired you in the past with your new mantra. There’s no need to get a whole new necklace. With add on necklaces, you can easily attach new charms to your necklace . Just like charm bracelets, you can design your own necklace and rearrange as you wish.

How to make a custom necklace


First, pick a necklace that you want to add on to or choose a new necklace chain to build on. Then, look through our wide collection of necklace charms to find your favorites! Choose from both gold charms for necklaces and silver charms for necklaces. You can mix and match metals to create a unique look, or choose all gold or all silver to make a classic necklace.

Once you find the charms you love, customize them with the names, dates, words, or Bible verses you’d like to carry with you. Think of how the charms will look together— will you make a jumble necklace with lots of different charms, or pick just a single, meaningful pendant?

Now for the fun part! After we handcraft your charms just for you, YOU get to be the designer. Arrange your charms on your chain in a way that suits you best! Which charm will be on top? Which will go next to each other? String your charms on your necklace chain in the order you want.

Now, it’s time to show off your charm! Get ready to receive loads of compliments on your masterpiece!! There’s no better person to craft a necklace that shares your story than YOU.

Carry them close with name charms


Keep everyone in your heart nearby with our name charms. Create your own add a charm necklace with a charm for each of your kids, grandkids, family members, or friends.

Each relationship you have with your nearest and dearest is special and unique in its own way. We have so many charm designs that you can choose from, so it won’t be hard to find a charm that fits that certain someone. From our starry disc charm for the baby that blessed you, the tiny oval with heart charm for the one who has your heart, to the heart with flower charm for the friend who’s helped you grow, there’s so many ways you can express your most important relationships. Show your loved ones just how much they mean to you by wearing their charm!

And don’t worry if you get a new addition to your family, or make a new friend that changes your world. The best thing about a necklace that you can add charms to is that you can always add another! Just order the new charm you want, and slide it on your chain with the rest.

Add some color with birthstone necklace add ons


Birthstones are a great way to show your personality! Bring some color and fun to your personal necklace with your birthstone, or add a subtle reminder of someone special by wearing their birthstone. The birthstone bloom charm is a beautiful flower with a pretty stone placed at the center. Or, make it more personal with our bezel birthstone tag, where you can customize with a name or date and a stone of your choice.

Make it floral with birth flower charms


If you don’t want an add on necklace full of names, you might also like our sterling silver birth flower charms. Wear a whole garden around your neck with a birth flower for everyone you love, or make a bouquet of your favorite florals. We created a hand drawn flower for each of the 12 months and cast it into a naturally molded charm. Each birth flower charm is so pretty and whimsical, and look beautiful on their own or together. Which flower is your favorite?

Wear a unique look with bar charms


Both my dainty word of the year charm and larger what matters most charm give you 4 sides of personalization to play with. The chain strings through the charm directly on its side, so the pendant lays perfectly flat against your chest, offering a unique necklace style. Let your creativity go wild by customizing a combination of words, names, and phrases on a bar charm!

Hearts, initials, pearls, and more!


Whether you’re looking for small and dainty jewelry, or want some variety to your bolder charms, we have some pretty little add on charms for your necklace! One of our favorites is our freshwater pearl charm. In both 4mm and 6mm, a delicate pearl adds so much to any necklace! Place it next to your favorite charm, or wear a single pearl on a chain for a minimal look.

Our love grows charm is another sweet add on charm that gives your necklace character. You can choose from a small or large heart in both gold and silver. String this charm right through your chain and let the heart dangle next to your name charms.

Instead of having a lot of larger name charms, go small with our dainty initial charms {the much loved cherished heart initial charm or simple wild about you charm are some of our favorites!} Carry a whole set of initial charms, or choose just one or two. They even look sweet next to other personalized charms!

Create your own necklace today


With a necklace to add charms to, there’s no limit to how you can share your heart! Collect, add, and rearrange your favorite charms to represent your ever changing story. As you grow through life, you need a necklace that can change with you. With our add on charms, you can always change the story. Start today by finding your chain and first charm, or get inspired by shopping our necklace collection!

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