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7 Beautiful Personalized Necklaces

 Personalized Necklaces

For many, life is a little crazy these days. Being unusually busy running our households and juggling responsibilities makes it easy to lose sight of what matters. We might even find ourselves neglecting those who need us most like our partners, children and pets.  What does matter most to us?  Where do we find meaning in our lives?  The PEW Research Centre suggests that we find the most meaning in our lives from our families, careers, spirituality, hobbies and health.  

As the holidays approach, the women who mean everything in your life come in to focus. You might find yourself wondering what to buy them as gifts this year?  Sure, you could opt for something practical like a pair of socks or the coveted air fryer, but you might want to choose something that is more meaningful this year.

I believe that little things can make a big difference! Through my jewelry collection, I try to create personalized necklaces that show people just how much they mean to their loved ones.     

For the women in your life who are mothers, grandmothers, daughters, best friends, or girlfriends, I want to share my holiday gift guide filled with beautiful, personalized necklaces. Each one is made by hand, so every piece is as unique as she is! Read on to see what exciting necklaces I recommend.  You just might find the perfect gift!

What Matter Most Necklace


You could say that 2020 has been a “memorable” year, to put it politely. There has been no shortage of unpredictability. I was inspired to create the What Matters Most necklace to promote the idea of centering around what matters most in your life no matter how the tides shift around you.  

There are times when stress can upstage the most important priorities in life. Consider the What Matters Most necklace as a veritable “tool” of sorts to help restore peace and balance.  When a woman wears this necklace, she has something that can plant her right back to her roots. Her family. Her home. Her health.  Her faith. This holiday season, why not pick a gift that carries so much meaning?

With its long box shape, you can hand-stamp a name, word or date on each side of the charm.  I’ve been able to stave off feeling anxious when I choose to stamp the word “relax” or “breath” on my charms as a reminder that staying calm offers me a clear mind to concentrate on the people and priorities that matter most. If family keeps you centered, personalize the names of a partner and children. I especially love the tiny heart on the bottom of the tag that ties everyone together.   

Personalized Cross Bar Necklace


Piggybacking on what matters most, another great design that is meant to balance the tumult of life is the Personalized Cross Bar Necklace. My intention with this piece is to symbolize stability, which is a lot like ‘centering’ but more so about appreciating the stable fixtures in my life that I can lean on no matter what.  For me, that would be my husband, Stephen.  We’ve been through so much over the years.   In many ways, he is my rock.   During the toughest of times, his support has enabled me to find my means for self-expression and growth.

The tags of this necklace can be personalized with the names of people whom you consider to be the rocks in your life.  I would also toss out the idea of personalizing it with an abbreviated bible verse (book, chapter, and verse number like psalms 2.7) that has come to represent a unique challenge or experience in life.  Even an inspiring word as simple as “brave” could be powerful enough. The Cross Bar Necklace is sure to serve as an anchor for yourself or whomever you gift it.

Beloved Name Disc Necklace

beloved necklace

If you’ve followed my journey on social media or read my book, Brave Love, then you know that I am not immune to personal struggles. I’ve often said that “life is messy and perfect all at once. No matter what, we all are worthy of love.”

I was inspired to create this Beloved Name Disc necklace as a reminder that you are writing your story every moment of every day.  Life gives us surprises, for better or worse, but through the ups and downs I find a stronger sense of myself.  

This necklace is for women like me who are finding their voice through brief moments; or long seasons, of self-doubt.  Women who’ve faced unique challenges and somehow found a way to rise up and overcome them.  The decadent, accent pearl brings whimsy and acts as a symbol of endurance.  It shows she can get through anything.

Bezel Birthstone Necklace


Every mother knows that the bond with her children is greater than any force on this planet.  From their first cry, a mother learns what is best for her baby, and the bond continues to grow.

This custom Bezel Birthstone necklace for women was inspired by the birth of my two sons. My life changed in so many different ways when David and Matthias came along. I fell head over heels in love with them. Despite his challenges, David is remarkable and inspires me every day. Matthias has a creative spirit that motivates me as well. I love these boys more than anything, and I wanted to craft something that every mother could wear so that she is able to keep her children close to her heart.

Whether a mother or grandmother, we hold our children close. We are proud of our families. Each new child or grandchild expands our capacity for love. The tags of this necklace are customized with the name of the child and his or her birthstone. This necklace is a perfect way for moms to keep our kids near our hearts and show the world how deeply we love their children.   

Cross My Heart Necklace


I stuck with the motherhood theme as my inspiration for this necklace as well, except with a twist.  Here, my design is intended to be more symbolic of a mother’s commitment to her children, rather than simply a token of appreciation for them.

When my sons were born, I became responsible for their health, growth, development and futures. I wear the Cross My Heart necklace as my pledge to them. They are my ‘reason’.   

Let this necklace be your special someone’s reason too.  Mothers can handstamp each tag with the name of their beloved children.  Alongside their names are the meaningful heart and gemstone. These added charms bring a touch of femininity to the accessory and represent a mother’s strength.

Jumble of Love Necklace


If you are like me, you have many loves in your life! Mine are my husband, my sons, my faith, and my creative jewelry. I just love this personalized necklace and its jumble of charms. It is a great way to blend all my VIP’s together into a classic necklace design.

Although I might place the names of my husband and sons on my charms, you can personalize them with anything that is special to you. The versatility of this necklace is what makes it ideal for any woman, whether that’s your best friend, wife or both!

You can choose between five different charms. Thanks to the dainty dimensions of them, the charms are light yet noticeable, and feel good when you run your fingers across them. Since each piece is crafted by hand, you definitely have a gift that is a one-of-a-kind unique for your ‘person’.

Open Circle Necklace


I am often inspired by nature when creating my jewelry designs, especially while I am out taking walks.  These escapes are like walking mediations; a time for me to reflect on what’s happening inside and to appreciate the art and beauty in the world outside. I witness the symbiotic relationship between the ocean, the air and the earth itself.  It is a precious ecosystem of which we are all part.

It is this idea that paved the way for me to create the Open Circle Necklace.  Its circular design represents the circle of life, while the pearl at its center is a symbol of the bond between the gifter and recipient.  It’s a timeless representation of the seasons in our lives and relationships.  The circle reminds us we are whole and perfect just as we are, right this very moment.   

Choose Personalized Necklaces this Holiday Season

I truly hope that this holiday season brings you and your loved one's peace, health, love, and joy. For a truly memorable and meaningful gift, give the special woman in your life one of the personalized necklaces featured here. Please visit my online collection to shop for these and other personalized gift ideas.  Each woman is unique, so give a piece of jewelry that reflects her individual journey.

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