I am forty. four-tee. It’s kind of a big number. I don’t feel that old. It’s kind of an awesome number–because every day of my life, every joy, every pain, has led me to this day. I don’t want to wish this birthday away. I want to embrace it.

There is so much to be thankful for! Maybe I should list out forty things? Ok here, goes!

1. This thrifted leather skirt and denim top. That’s right–both thrifted. It’s okay to be thankful for the small things!

2. These amazing boys. How did I get so lucky? So incredibly grateful.

3. A job that gives me flexibility

4. My hair is long enough to pull back. It’s been so easy this summer!

5. A cozy bed to lay my head in each night
6. That my children have a safe place to sleep each night

 7. A job that gets me all the FREE jewelry I want. It’s kind of awesome. Also, these earrings are only $29 for all three pairs. It’s because of my birthday. HOORAY!

8. Hugs and kisses every day, as many as I want.
9. A husband who stays by side. We’ve been through some crazy crap.
10. I’m so thankful we’ve been able to travel. In the last couple years we’ve been to England, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Thailand, The Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Not to mention, San Francisco, New York, Utah and Dallas. I love travel.
11. David’s smile. It heals my heart.
12. Matthias’ love for art. His passion inspired me.
13. Steve’s love for music and playing guitar.
14. Sisters who know me completely and love me still.
15. Opportunities to blog and work with incredible women.
16. The ocean with all it’s texture and light.
17. Chocolate malted ice cream from Thriftys.
18. A camera that helps me capture moments and hold them forever.
19. Fresh food and groceries available to us and the resources to purchase them. I don’t want to take this for granted.
20. Downton Abbey
21. Pride and Prejudice
22. Sense and Sensibility
23. Local public schools that provide an amazing education for my boys.
24. A God who knows I am deeply flawed and loves me still.
25. Amazing medical care for David
26. Babysitters who love my boys and bond deeply with them
27. The same babysitters who free me to work or get out with Steve for some couple time–so important!
28. Sangria and roasted beets with goat cheese. Yum!
29. Hearing your stories and knowing it’s possible to find joy in the midst of pain
30. Family who stand beside us, love us, support us
31. Warm baths on a chilly evening
32. Coffee in the morning. Oh yes.
33. Dear friends who listen to me and don’t judge
34. Sunshine, rain and a cool breeze
35. Good music that speaks to my soul. Right now I’m loving Tyler Lyle.
36. A younger brother who’s willing to help his older brother.
37. An amazing team of people behind the scenes at the workshop
38. A chance to escape this weekend with some of my sisters. I can’t wait!
39. That you are here. You matter. I am grateful for you.
40. And last, but not least, another year to change, grow and LIVE.