these are not skinny jeans

I’ve gone out on a limb. It’s not a big thing–but sometimes small things can feel like a big change. Every pair of jeans in my closet is skinny jeans–well, I do have one pair of boyfriend jeans that are straight leg. But basically, I wear skinny jeans. I’ve been seeing more flare jeans around and I kind of like the look–I took a risk and purchased this pair from Madewell. It’s been fun to try something new. It feels good to break out of my comfort zone!

these are not skinny jeans! lisa leonard-01 These jeans are the first thing I’ve every purchased from Madewell. But I’m sure they won’t be the last–what an awesome store.

these are not skinny jeans! lisa leonard-02 This pair is high rise and flare. I love high rise.

these are not skinny jeans! lisa leonard-03 And have you seen the new long lineage necklace? Oh my gosh I love it! I’m wearing a 16″ chain. We’ll set a stone for each of your loves.

these are not skinny jeans! lisa leonard-04 And I’ve got a few bracelets on–the gemstone cuff, crossbar bracelet and birthstone bangle. Love.

these are not skinny jeans! lisa leonard-05 The pups were being so good! Aren’t they sweet? Louis and Beasley support my adventure to try out flare jeans.

these are not skinny jeans! lisa leonard-06

And of course a few rings stacked on keeps my boys close all day.

Outfit details:Flare jeans, Madewell. Tank, Old Navy. Faux leather jacket, Thrifted. Sandals, Ugg {so comfortable!!}. Long Lineage Necklace, My shop. Bracelets, My shop. Rings, My shop.

So tell me what you like to wear–skinny jeans or flare jeans? Or something else?


  1. Where is your handbag from?

    You look wonderful. High waists look so good on people, So glad they are back in style!

  2. I love the crossbar bracelet and birthstone bangle! Your jewelry is so pretty, yet so simple, and it really holds your outfit together! You look fabulous! Thanks so much for posting!

  3. I love my bootcut jeans. It’s getting too hot here in Texas for them now. See you in October, jeans.

    Now, I must know more about that fabulous bag. I love it!

  4. Lisa, you look so cute! My big dare was buying skinny jeans after YEARS of wearing only flare or boot cut jeans. Your pics remind me why I’ve always loved that style! So fun and adorable on you.

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