Guess what? Fall outfits + save 25% off everything!

Hello friends! Guess what? Fall weather has finally descended on us–and we couldn’t be happier. We actually had rain one day last week. My kiddos love having rainy day schedule at school because they get to eat their lunch inside. I remember loving that when I was little, too.

I’ve got a coupon code for 25% off everything in the shop–scroll down for details!

How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Hello raincoat, windshield wipers and crazy curls. It feels like fall is here.

Hello dark mornings, a warm, cozy fire and fuzzy slippers.

Hello having a hard time getting out of bed and needing extra coffee.

Hello gorgeous new necklace in the shop! {Make sure to use code ‘earlybirdie’ for 25% off!}

Hello having my boys close to my heart all day long.

Hello LOVING the shorter days and dreaming about holidays that are not so far away!

Hello earlybird Christmas shopping! Don’t miss out–use code ‘earlybirdie’ for 25% off!

Hello adorable ornament! These are only for the sale and supplies are limited. They’re $22 and with the earlybirdie coupon they’re only $16.50. Fabulous!!

Hello holiday shopping! Click here to go to the shop {and don’t forget code earlybirdie for 25% off!}

Hello busy busy in the workshop. I have so much to share with you this week.

Hello Monday! Let’s jump into this week with full hearts and a smile.

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments or link up your own hello monday post there!


  1. So your kids usually eat lunch at school outside?? This is so foreign to me! Our kids are in the lunch room always, always, always.

    Hello to lots of grading, a new polka dot shirt, a pair of thrifted Frye boots (what! Who was the crazy lady who got rid of these??), book club, a date with my older daughter, and a fun weekend with friends coming up.

  2. Hello. We have been having beautiful weather here in NE Kansas. Love getting out the fall scented candles to burn. Hello pumpkin flavored treats and drinks. Your pieces are lovely. I will be shopping!!

  3. You totally have me all in the Christmas spirit now! And how cute is that little model! {ps…you’ve done a hair tutorial, right? I need to know how you get those curls to stay in perfect ringlets.}
    Saying hello to getting outside more, a fantastic thrift find over the weekend and lots of work in the shop this week:

  4. HOW and WHY have I never visited your site/shop? Oh my goodness gracious. This little sale just made my week! I cannot wait to give an ornament to a very special couple as part of their wedding gift. And the other two? Well, they’ll be my daughters’ First Christmas ornaments – I haven’t bought one for my Eva until now. Nothing “out there” seemed fitting and unique enough. LOVE your work! xoxoxox, Erin

  5. Hello to our first day of fall temps in Kansas – it’s been crazy-warm here!
    Hello to leaves finally changing…
    Hello to FOUR nights away with my hubby this week…kid-free! It’s gonna be GOOD!

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