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July 28th | what i wore wednesday


i am linking up with lindsey’s what i wore wednesday.

i love looking at the fun outfits people put together,

so i thought i’d share some of mine from last week.

so here’s a BUNCH of pics of me (in case you care!)




top is from forever 21 (last summer)

black polka dot cardigan from target (a couple years ago)

black skinny jeans from target

gold, open toe flats from resale shop.

petite crest necklace




deep aqua bib top (on sale) from anthropolgie

favorite gray cardigan from target

skinny jeans from banana republic

gray ankle boots from kohls

red ripe cherries necklace for a splash of color.

(and just a side note, if you want a red cherries necklace-get one quick.

they’ll won’t be available after july 31!)




navy and gray striped dress from gap (on sale $20!)

aqua cardigan from target

silver flip flops from bass

family tree necklace (a fave!!)




striped dress from anthropologie

belt from target

skinny jeans from banana republic

red flats from target

gray petal pusher from pleated poppy




ruffled top from cheap boutique in santa barbara

rolled up jeans from gap

fave gray cardigan from target

chunky espadrilles from walmart (four years ago!)

* * *

well, have you had enough?

link up with lindsey and let’s see what you’re wearing!

43 Responses

  1. Margie Brown says:

    What a fun post! I love your outfits and your hair! You look darling! These stores should be sending you gift cards for giving them a shout out!

  2. Christie says:

    You are adorable! I love your fashion sense, your artistic endeavors & your transparency. You inspire me. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.

  3. oh lisa, you are so beautiful! love all of it! but i especially love those walmart shoes at the end (and love that they came from walmart!). i have been in love with that style since i was a little girl and have yet to own a pair!

  4. Sophie says:

    Love it!! It’s so whimsical and quirky and unique!!!

  5. You are just so trendy and adorable. I’d show you a picture but my faded out K-mart bermuda shorts and t-shirt are just not super charming! ha!

  6. Chrissie says:

    You are so so cute. I am always amazed at your fashion sense. Adorable!

  7. dawn says:

    Ok Lisa–could you be any cuter? You look adorable. Love the way you put outfits together, and wish I could pull off the skinny jeans like you do…

  8. Paige says:

    Very cute…I usually link up but I have been in pjs and hospital gowns since last week…no one wants to see that!

    Thanks for sharing…love the inspiration.


  9. Morgan says:

    You are such a cute and stylish mama!

  10. You are so adorable!! I used to dress cute when I worked full time. Looks like I need you to go shopping with me! :)

  11. Nicole says:

    This is such a cute idea! I also want to say- you look FABULOUS for having had two kids. I mean, seriously. How many women can still look hot in skinny jeans after pushing out two babies? Not very many. Beautiful!

  12. Lisa! You have such a great sense of style…and look absolutely adorable in every photo!! You are my new style icon. 😉

  13. totally cute outfits.

    question: where did you get your camera strap cover? i’m DYING FOR ONE?!!!!!!!!

  14. Sarah says:

    You’re just too cute! Can I have your wardrobe, please?

  15. Lindsay Lee says:

    Lisa you are so stylish and adorable. Love it!

  16. Sarah says:

    Goodness, you are cute! :)

  17. Ali says:

    The last outfit is my fav! Those shoes are to. die. for.

  18. Kathryn says:

    What fun, you look fantastic. The last one is my favorite too.

  19. Paige says:

    Love. Love. Love the Walmart espadrilles. They are so hard to find this year! Target is one of my favs too…and I get so many compliments on my clothes from there. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Amy says:

    I love your style! You inspire me to put more effort into my outfits! Thanks!

  21. Rachel Folden says:

    You are so girly! I love it! I also love Target. Beautiful lady!

  22. lala says:

    Super cute outfits! I love your style!!

  23. Kelly says:

    Love it all!! I knew that blouse was from Anthro before I even looked. I admire that you can dress that a SAHM, whenever I put in a little more effort, people say “and where are YOU going like that??” Need to tune them out!!

  24. Rhonda says:

    You are cute, Lisa. I also want to know where you got your camera strap. I have been looking for one but am afraid to buy one without being able to actually see it. I would appreciate it if you would share.

  25. teresa says:

    Okay Sweet GIRL!
    You have inspired me!
    Inspired me to get out of my BLACK yoga pants and my WHITE Pacific Cotton sweats!
    I mean I don’t dress up that much in an entire MONTH!
    I dress up every 5 weeks when I pop over to Seattle for a hair appt!!!!!
    I was LOVIN those outfits!
    I just knew that ruffled top was from Anthro!
    And WHY can’t I make those cute dresses look GOOD over jeans!?
    Love this post Lisa!
    Keep on ROCKIN all those cute outfits!
    I gotta go now and get my closet organized! ;o)

  26. liz r. says:

    You look great! Thanks for sharing, it’s almost as good as going shopping myself.

  27. desiree says:

    your so stylish… I just wear the same thing everyday -my pajamas….. I have been home for a really long time though, when I go in public I dress normal. haha.

  28. kerry says:

    I LOVE this. You have such great style!

  29. deezie says:

    Okay I just adore every single outfit you had on. Loved, loved, loved them all. You have the clothes that I want to wear :) How in the world can you eat icecream and chocolate chip pancakes and still look so good!!!

  30. Amy says:

    Ok, so, can I come for a visit and have you personal shop for me??? You look soo cute! Still hope to see you this summer!

  31. deborah says:

    i love that you’re SMILING in each pic. too cute!

  32. Amber says:

    Just had to comment to tell you how cute you look. Love all your outfits! I just had baby #2 July 1st so I’ve been wearing mainly pj’s recently…oh well. :)

  33. Great outfits and great sense of style, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from such a talented artist! Hope to see you again at Blissdom this year!

  34. Becky K says:

    Wow! You are so fun! And I can tell that you are just loving being you…not trying to be someone else. You are totally adorable…hope I can be as cute as you some day! :)

  35. FunkySteph says:

    I love very much how you dress! I love all your outfits! Need to work on my self 😉

  36. love love ALL your outfits!! I also have the bib top from anthro (on sale too) and love it!

  37. love love ALL your outfits!! I also have the bib top from anthro (on sale too) and love it!

  38. love love ALL your outfits!! I also have the bib top from anthro (on sale too) and love it!

  39. Jenny says:

    You are as cute as a button! I bought that Anthro dress at full price, then returned it b/c another one that I loved went on sale and I decided to get the difference back. So the way I operate… so indecisively. That pic of you in it makes me wish I had kept it! Beautiful!

  40. Sarah says:

    I love all of the outfits, but particularly the bottom one. Also, LOVE your hair halfway up with the curly tendrils around your face. Very pretty.

  41. Misty Matz says:

    Okay Lisa, next time you’re in OC ~ you’re hired! I need you to come to my closet and find me new outfits! YOU are good girl!

  42. Christi says:

    love the outfits! as a former fellow curly girl (i straighten my hair now) I am wondering how you keep your curls looking so great! Tips please!

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