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what i wore wednesday

March 16th | what i wore wednesday

hello wednesday! i’m linking up with lindsey for a little wardrobe inspiration!

i got some new shoes from ruche. they are really comfortable and definitely a little fun and different. above, black ruffle top, kohls. black skinny jeans and yellow cardi, both from target. bootie shoes, ruche. aqua stones necklace, my shop {no longer avail}.

this dress is like wearing pj’s all day! above, navy and gray striped dress and jean jacket, both from gap. lime green scarf, gift. black flips, bass.

i wore my hair in messy buns just for a change! above, same ruffle top from kohls. gray cardi, polka dot scarf and yellow flats, all from target. jeans from tjmaxx.

today’s question! {deep thoughts, ha!} would you rather splurge on an amazing new haircut or a super fun dress?

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  1. Traci says:

    Love, Love, Love all of your outfits! Do I have to pick one? What if I want both? :) I would rather have a fun dress…I love to dress up and look nice.

  2. Kristen says:

    I would definitely splurge on my hair! {oh wait…I do that every 3 months:-)} Love all the pops of spring color in your outfits.

  3. Gussy says:

    there is no hesitation here — haircut! i have a new stylist that is amazing!!!!!! she gives me good hair ;]

  4. Carolyn says:

    I have horrible hair….so I would splurge on an amazing haircut.

  5. Danielle T says:

    I’d go for the dress! Clothes are a must I can go a year without a haircut and be just fine! I was hoping to hear the details on your outfit from the wildflower family shoot. The dress and scarf super cute :)

    • Lisa Leonard says:

      the white dress from the wildflower shoot is from and the cardi was from target. jeans from gap. xxoo

  6. Tara says:

    I’d so go for the fun dress. My hair grows like crazy so chances are that the dress will last longer. I’m all about things that last these days….

  7. Andrea L. says:

    Considering that my last 4 haircuts have been bad ones, I’d go for the splurge on a good haircut! A good cut does wonders for me!

  8. McKt says:

    Love the last look with the polka dot scarf! I would go with the haircut, mostly for the professional blow-out! I love having someone else style my thick hair and giving my arms a break for a couple of days.

  9. Nabila Grace says:

    Well….being I’m a hairstylist I would say of course a haircut! haha 😉 But personally speaking a dress 😀

  10. Sarah says:

    I would splurge on a super fun dress~ and if I shopped for it at TJMaxx, maybe I could splurge for 2!!

  11. Natalie says:

    You look so cute with your hair up! And I love those yellow flats! I would so go for the super fun dress!! Hair grows, plus I like my cut already.

  12. oh, i for sure am going for the dress. i have long curly hair and would never have the guts to go as short as you do. i think it looks fun and sassy, but i’m just scared. thinking back to the only one time i ever had hair that short was in the 7th grade. i was inspired by baby’s hair in dirty dancing. remember? well, anyway, i looked like a mushroom head. it was horrible!

  13. Allison says:

    I’m not a big dresser-uper, so I would go for the haircut for sure!!

  14. I would have to say new hair! When you have great hair, you feel great….no matter what you’re wearing:) And a good stylist can be tough to find!

  15. jenn says:

    we’re in the army so splurging on a good hair cut would mean a plane ticket to alabama to go back to the ah-mazing stylist i had there. but like most, i can go a good 6 months without a haircut (i don’t like to…but can)…i’d much rather have a new dress. :)

  16. SusanC says:

    Haircut for sure!

  17. Ashley says:

    Lisa, I love your hair up!! So cute!! I would totally splurge on a fun dress. My wardrobe definitely needs it!

  18. Shaunna says:

    super fun dress….you can always get super crafty with your hair, but a super fun dress just makes you feel amazing! p.s. your hair is adorable up!

  19. mandie says:

    hair cut for SURE!

  20. love your last outfit! a great haircut…definitely! But I have been known to drop a pretty penny on a dress or skirt when everything about it was right.

  21. Cate says:

    I think I’d rather have a new dress. A good haircut only lasts so long and a new dress can make you feel pretty all the time. :)

  22. Cait says:

    I haven’t cut my hair in over a year, so I think I’m going to go with the dress :)

  23. Sarah-Anne says:

    a new dress, definitely!!
    and i love your hair that way. my messy bun is TRULY a messy bun, and i’ve never figured out how to make it “pretty”. 😉

  24. Kel says:

    hmmm I think I might do the haircut, you can change your clothes but not your hair everyday!

  25. I love all the outfits! I would rather splurge on a super cute dress.

  26. Laury Booy Hoganson says:

    I have had the worst luck with hair lately, both color and cut. Just no bueno. So I choose hair! I want to feel like a ME again. Ugh.

  27. melody says:

    hmm, I think I would much rather have the dress!!! :)
    I love that black top your wore this week!!!U R adorable as usual!

  28. denise says:

    oh, i NEED that polka dot scarf! a recent purchase from target??

    hair cut or dress… hair cut.

    you are so pretty lisa. it comes from the inside out.
    you seem so comfortable in your own skin…are you really?

  29. I love the striped dress!!

  30. Paige says:

    Great outfits! I guess i’d say dress. My hair is pretty easy!

  31. Chrissy says:

    A super new fun dress. My hair looks fabulous at the salon and then it looks like “me” the day after. So….the dress wins!

  32. Jodi says:

    I would have to say the hair, I feel great in what ever i wear if I have a great hair day.

    I love your outfits, you always look cute! 😉


  33. love all your outfits! the dress and green scarf is my fav….does look so comfy! i just love your hair….wish i had curls!

  34. Paige says:

    Hmmm….that is a touogh question. Although my hair is short, I can do lots with it, so I’m gonna go with dress!

  35. I love your long dress with the jean jacket and scarf! I have a similar dress that I’ve been waiting for summer to wear. But now I’m totally going to wear it with my jean jacket because you look so cute! :)

    And I think I’d splurge on my hair. Even though it may not last as long as a dress, I “wear” my hair everyday. Also, I can find a cheap dress but I wouldn’t want to get my hair done for cheap.

  36. Vera says:

    Hmm, I don’t consider a good haircut a splurge, but a necessity! : ) You look great as always!

  37. Ruth Yoder says:

    Love! that last outfit!!
    now i need to change!

  38. Elizabeth says:

    It depends… but if i’m hating my closet, sometimes it has to do with my hair. So i’m gonna say haircut.

    I splurge on clothes way more often though.

  39. Kim says:

    Love your hair, love the outfits!

    I’d splurge on the hair cut because I *really* need one right now!

  40. Julie says:

    that’s a tough one….I think I’d go with the haircut, I always feel sassy when I get a new do, and that’s an amazing feeling! Love your hair up by the way, looks great! will have to try that myself tomorrow! from one curly hair lady to another, cheers!

  41. steph says:

    hair – hair can make any outfit look great

  42. these are my favorite posts of the week! i need the haircut more than the dress…but, a good dress is hard to beat…you are a cutie pa-tutie!

  43. Lea Culp says:

    You always look stylish and cute! Love the yellow flats! Blessings to you!

  44. kristin says:

    Hey Girl!
    I love that you shop at Target, TJ’s and Kohl’s just like me!
    Your outfits are always awesome, unique and full of your funky sweet style!!

  45. First of all, I have to say that I would pretty much wear any one of the outfits that you post on here. ANY of them! Your style is amazing and I wish I could replicate it!
    Secondly, I would splurge on the dress… it’s a very hard choice though!

  46. Robbin says:

    I can’t even remember the last time I wore a dress. Maybe 6 years ago as the “Mother of the Bride”. So, that means I’ll wear a dress in November for my other daughter’s wedding. But, if I looked as good as you do in dresses, I would definitely go with that. :) But, I guess I’ll go with the haircut. I just go in for a trim these days and found a place where I can get it trimmed for $18 rather than the $40-50 I’ve been paying. It would be nice to go in for a fancy haircut someday. Who knows? Maybe I’ll go short one day. Shortest I go is just below shoulder length – then when I wash and dry, the curls are right at my shoulder. love you

  47. sarita says:

    i don’t wear dresses – can i have a new fun cardigan?!!!
    in yellow!! my color for the summer! i’m looking for a small yellow purse! thinking around Easter time i’ll find one..thank YOU for sharing.

  48. Sarah-Kate* says:

    DRESS!!!! :-)

  49. Lynn says:

    Haircut, absolutely. And by-the-way, you look younger and perkier (is that a word?) with your hair UP…

  50. Sarah says:

    I agree- Lisa you look really cute with your hair up, very fresh!

  51. Kristin S says:

    I absolutely LOVE getting my hair cut and blown out. If I could afford it I’d go monthly. Now that my hair is longer I go every 3-4 months so I’m in withdrawal.

  52. Nicole says:

    Considering that I have a huge mess of super curly locks and I just cut it off I’m gonna say haircut…but a new outfit is always fun too!

    I love the yellow flats with the polka dot scarf!

  53. Jackie says:

    Hair for sure! When my hair looks and feels great- I feel great!

  54. Mindy Webb says:

    Hi Lisa! I’d probably splurge on the haircut. You look adorable. My favorites are your striped, Gap dress and yellow flats. xo, Mindy

  55. Jessica says:

    really loving that lime green scarf!! also the color I chose when ordering my bird from your shop!

  56. Kacey says:

    You look so cute! Haircut for sure. I’m never happy with my hair!

  57. Amanda T says:

    Haircut! Cause you wear your hair everyday. :)

  58. Kelly says:

    Love the yellow flats!

  59. Roxanna says:

    Girl, I love your style!

  60. Girl, I want to be you when I grow up, lol! Love the outfits. (And I stocked up on those Target cardi’s. I love them!!!)

    And considering that I’m trying to still get rid of 5 back-to-back pregancies worth of weight, I’d splurge on the cute dress if it made me feel like a million bucks despite the muffin top!

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