what i wore wednesday

hi friends! it’s wednesday and i’m linking up with lindsey again. above, headed to the workshop… black skinny jeans, target. black ruffle top, local boutique. gray cardi, gap. boots, vintage. rosette necklace, allora handmade.

off to church…plum dress, kelly green cardi, both target. same vintage boots. black belt, anthro. necklace, my shop.

rainy day…cuffed, straight jeans, gap. black tunic, gray sweater, both target. boots, jessica simpson. peachy scarf, world market. raincoat, old navy.

matthias is deadly serious. so stinkin cute i can hardly stand it. jedi outfit consists of parts anakin skywalker costume, harry potter robe, black rain boots, and a green lightsaber.

today’s question, if you could have one super power {fly, become invisible, read minds, see the future} what would i be?


  1. Hey Lisa – which size necklace is that from allora handmade? I’m drooling over a grey one – but can’t decide between the regular size & the mini. Thanks!

  2. A WIWW friend and I went shopping yesterday and I LOVED the Old Navy Green Raincoat…..”we” talked me out of it b/c I’m trying to gear up my wardrobe for SPRING….& we get on your WIWW and see you in it;)….btw: I LOVE your style and now I have to go back to ON & get the raincoat! Have a blessed day! (I will be joining WIWW when I can master the self pict taking 101)-hehe

  3. I love your what I wore Wednesday. I always look forward to it! It gives me so many more ideas of what I can do with what’s in my closet!
    Love the ones of Mathias, too funny!

  4. In the Twilight books, one of the characters has the power to affect people’s moods simply being in close proximity to them. I hate seeing people feel upset (even though I know it can be necessary), so I find the idea of helping people feel peace really attractive.

  5. ok I LOVE your posts….you & Pleated Poppy have inspired me to dress a little better every day (ya know, shower & get out of my gym clothes! ha!) maybe one of these days I’ll do a WIWW!!
    but my question is….when did you get the Target dress on the second day? the pic with the green cardi?? I have been looking everywhere for casual, comfy, knee-ish length dresses. just went to my target & didn’t see that dress. is it sleeveless? 🙁 Sadly all I can find in dresses are either too nice, or they stop right below my bottom. ugh.

  6. You are so cute! I love your outfits. I think of you now when I go to Target (which could be almost daily 🙂 I see their clothes differently now.

  7. I am here from WIWW and I always love when you particpate because I love all your outfits. You have such a wonderful style…and your hair…OH MY GOODNESS! love.love.love

  8. Love your style, Lisa!

    Is that the plum Allora necklace? (or eggplant, can’t tell) I have the plum one and I love to wear it with a black dress that has a ruffly neckline, similar to your top! ♥

  9. Love your outfits…I channeled you with straight legged cuffed jeans with cowboy boots and got lots of compliments! Thanks for the inspiration!


  10. The super power I have always wanted: CAMERA EYES! So in the blink of an eye I could capture any moment I am seeing.

    The closest I ever get is having my real camera and iPhone camera close at hand as much as possible!

    We too have some pretty cute Jedis at our house — so fun!

  11. I’d love to be able to have the ability to suspend time….like live out a moment or a day for as long as I wished.

    Your outfits are always so inspiring…wish I could be so stylish.

  12. Lisa –

    You are so adorable. I love seeing what you are wearing!! I really hope to get my blog schedule under control so I can start joining in. You and Lindsey are so cute!

    It was such a highlight of Blissdom for me to meet you!!!


    PS — I love seeing your cute Jedi too. He is so sweet!

  13. I always make sure to check in on Wednesdays because I love your style, but today I noticed your Jedi. I have a little Jedi too. The force is strong with them.

  14. Hmmm I don’t know what super power I’d want, but I don’t know that I would NOT want to see the future. I am so coveting all of your fabulous boots!

  15. As I was viewing this post, my twins walked up behind me and said “Wow, a Jedi…cool light saber” 🙂 You are such a beautiful young woman Lisa, and Matthias looks so cute…um, wait…so super cool…I know boys don’t want to be called “cute”.
    My super power would be flying, for sure 🙂

  16. Invisible for the win! Think of everything you could do and see!!!! I love-LOVE that he has a Harry Potter robe. I want one for myself actually. 🙂

  17. Have you seen that car commercial with the little boy in his darth vader costume? Kind of like your cute son! My super power would be to predict the future. Maybe… maybe I don’t want to know the future!

  18. Seriously loving Matthias! LOVE the creativity and I so get it. My boys, 14 & 11 still pretend they are Jedi’s. Anytime we go into a store with automatic doors, they wave their hand across like they are Jedi’s opening the doors. Hilarious!

  19. Definitely would love to FLY. And I LOVE M’s imagination…my youngest was the same way…the little worlds he created with figures and Legos and Bionicles…wow…so impressive and so sweet. He’s 13 now…I miss those days…xo

  20. Adorable as always! I have an “Ode to Lisa Leonard” outfit on my WIWW today! So nice to have an extra Jedi in the house 🙂 My super power would be to have the ability to blow dry my curly hair perfectly straight every time!! (ok that doesn’t help humanity, but it would help me in the morning!)

  21. I’ve been so inspired by your WIWW posts to actually get out of my yoga pants and try a little harder to look cute. I love your style. Thanks for sharing!

  22. So pretty! I love your little Jedi too 🙂
    Hmmm. Super power…I’m afraid of heights so flying does not appeal to me….not sure why but ‘elastigirl’ is my favorite on the Incredibles, so maybe that! 🙂

  23. I love what i wore wednesdays! I look forward to it every week! What a cutie Matthias is!
    hmm….super power. I’m tempted to say seeing the future, but I think there could be a lot of negatives there too. Time travel would be pretty neat.
    P.S. I am dying to see more of your house on the blog. I love all the little bits & pieces I see here and there in the background of your pictures and I always love everything I see, but it always makes me wish to see more!! 😉

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