what i wore wednesday

this week i thought it would be fun to show one dress worn two ways. i found THIS dress at target last week. in my opinion, it’s more of a tunic, but it’s sweet and simple and great for layering. i usually wear a size 8 or 10 and i bought this dress in a large. oh, and it’s about $20. nice!

for the first outfit i paired the dress with black skinny jeans, a long gray sweater, lightweight pink scarf and suede gray flats ($6 yay!), all from target.

for the second outfit i wore the dress with cuffed jeans from banana republic, green sweater from target, and boots from anthropologie.

i love finding great, inexpensive layering pieces that work in multiple ways. would you wear this top? which way do you like better, the first or second?


  1. your hair Lisa, I love it. I have very naturally curly hair too. Have been looking for a new cut… I am in love with your cut. Mine is top of shoulders when dry but we all know how that goes cuz wet is much longer. Can you tell me a little how you manage your hair?

  2. Okay Lisa, I think I need a new wardrobe perspective… I just do NOT know how to create these cute outfits like you do! I am stuck in a mom-clothing rut. Plain jeans, and long sleaved tees. I need help! You are so cute and it seems to effortless when you put this kind of outfit together.

  3. I love both outfits! I love to layer everything, but you are super good at it. I am taking notes 🙂
    And how do you find all these cute items at Target. I look through their clothes and I rarely find cute things. I am trying to find that tunic online now, but no luck yet. Love those gray flats too! And your hair always looks adorable! 🙂

  4. Oh I love both of them! they are each so cute and the fact that you got that dress at target is awesome because now i can go and get one for myself and be as cute as you…i hope!love the green sweater and boots and $6 flats a steal! thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I have to say I don’t really like the second outfit (don’t know why, something about proportions?) but I LOVE the first one 🙂

  6. Green is my favorite color…so I’m going with #2…but both look nice. Somehow I just don’t think it would look the same on me….I would need “elevator” shoes (I am dating myself with that expression…haha) I love Target…luckily it’s not too close to my house…because I can always find something there.

  7. I just bought that black dress tunic at Target this weekend! I was looking all over for a cute cardi to wear with it…couldn’t find one.
    I love the jeans..I’m a tunic and jeans girl myself.
    Such cute looks…both of them!

  8. Always love seeing what you are wearing on Wednesdays and I must say, I like both equally, no joke. But, I think you would likely be adorable in a “flour sack.” :o) Blessings to you!

  9. Hi honey, yes I would wear this top and I love the second outfit, especially the green sweater (called a cardigan here in NZ!). I am normally scared to wear tunic tops because I am slim and worry it will make me look swamped, but after seeing how fabulous you look in layers, I may just have to try it! Smiles..

  10. First of all, thanks for the lead; heading to Target tomorrow & will look for this dress/shirt! I love how you’ve worn it both ways, equally. As a leggings & flats girl, the first appeals to me for comfort-sake. And the pink scarf with it is a nice boost of detail! As for the second way, my heart belongs to jeans & emerald green, so that won me over as well!

    Can I just say you look adorable in all of your outfits & I look forward to seeing them week after week!

  11. Fantastic! I would totally wear that top and I simply can’t pick my favorite. It’s adorable and stylish both ways. I saw those shoes in Target yesterday but they didn’t have my boat-size 10. I would love to find that top! I’m going to check online. 🙂

  12. Both look great. You have inspired me to get more into dresses! I got 2 (the same dress, one black and one designed) at Old Navy last week for $5 each. I also bought some belts…you are spurring me on!

  13. Great piece! That’s what I’m in need of right now. One piece that can do double or even tripple wardrobe duty. I love both your outfits but may lean toward the first one as my fav. It looks sweet, comfy, and feminine. Great for the office and hopefully that date you were trying to schedule with your hubby!

  14. SO CUTE.

    Wait, I think i say the same thing to you every week! Oh well, what you wear *is* so super cute 🙂

    And it does look perfect both ways and really you could wear that dress two days in a row, they way you did, and no one would be the wiser!

  15. It looks cute both ways! I’ve been looking for something like this dress to wear with tights! I guess I will go to Target this afternoon! Love the color of your scarf! Brightens up the whole outfit! ♥ I did WIWW today, too! ♥

  16. Is the green sweater a recent purchase? Love both your outfits. I am now addicted to WIWW and check it every week and take ideas from the outfits you put together.


  17. I really like both outfits, but the second is my fave. I’m going to take a quick look at target for those shoes! I also need to buy new blackout curtains that I melted in the dryer!

  18. I love Target, and you make the clothes look so adorable! Both outfits are super cute, but I think I would pick the 2nd. I love the ‘boot’ look right now!

  19. i love both ways too!

    can i just say thank you for being so beautiful and stylish in an 8/10, you inspire me to be comfortable in my 8/10 skin.

    btw- at target this week i purchased a tunic, then a boyfriend cardi at forever 21. i paired them with jeans, boots and an l.l. necklace. i got many compliments!

  20. I would wear it the second way, mainly because I can’t stand to have stuff up around my neck. But you look beautiful either way you wear it!

    I love all these What I Wore Wednesday posts! I am so bad at fashion and you have given me such great ideas. Now if I could only find the money and time to buy new clothes!

  21. First is my fav. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how you tie your scarves!! I saw one way you did it not too long ago that you were kind enough to post here on your blog. Can you show how you did it above? Love your style and if I left the house more I’d totally wear the type of clothes you wear, but I stay home a lot with having 4 kids. Especially when one is 16 months old. So my daily clothes are sweats and shirts and sweatshirts. Blah….

  22. Lisa, I love both looks, but because I spend my day up and down with babies, I love the first look…love the pink scarf too. Have a great day!!!! xo

  23. Love, love it! ;0) Yes, I would wear this top…I actually have it !! Don’t ya’ just love Target? I like both ways but prob will wear with blue jeans as I do not hav any skinny black ones!

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