New necklace–state of my heart!

Today’s outfit is all about comfort…well not all about comfort, because I wore heels. If it was all about comfort, I would be wearing slippers! But mostly about comfort. These pants are basically pajamas.  I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration.

I ended uptown in LA with David. He’s been having so much abdominal pain that we were able to make a last minute appointment with his GI at UCLA and problem solve. It’s a long drive but we are fine tuning his meds and I feel confident there are no larger problems {other that gas, cramping} that are affecting him. Anyhoo I had my comfy outfit on at UCLA.

And I had my big ‘ol bag and I filled it up with protein bars, bottled water, and magazines. And of course, I  read none of the magazines. Ha!

Have you seen the new ‘state of my heart’ necklace? It’s SO FUN! We also have a keychain and bracelet. Too fun! Check out the presale here.

Today I’m driving home and catching up on emails. David seems to be feeling better–and we’re hoping we can get him into a better place! It just breaks my heart to see him in pain. We’ll be adjusting his meds slightly and trying some herbal remedies like camomile tea when his tummy hurts.

Outfit details: Pants, Target. Black heels, Target. Gray tank, Gap. Denim jacket, Stitch Fix. State of My Heart necklace, My shop. Sterling cuff, my shop.

Which state{s} hold a special place in your heart?



  1. I looked on your shop’s page and could not find any information about the state of my heart necklaces. They are such a great idea and I would love to order one for my mom. Thanks!

  2. Glad to know I’m not the only one who carries around a bag of things “just in case”…that I never really seem to need.

  3. so amazing what all each of you go through on a daily basis. things we all take for granted. to see your child suffer is the worst. i’ll be lifting you up today as you come to my mind. your smile is such an encouragement that even in the rough times… we all still have something to be grateful for! xo.

  4. Was wondering if you do custom pieces. Was looking to make a State of “MY Country ” necklace for my friend’s bday. She is from South Africa. Please let me know. Thanks

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