I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but we are on the road a lot. With visiting family, David’s doctor visits in LA and conference speaking, I’m usually packing and heading out at least one weekend a month.

I’ve gotten pretty speedy and I’ve streamlined the process. I have to pack food, meds and diapers for David–that all goes in one bag. I pack one suitcase for the boys, one suitcase for me and then my computer bag. If we have clean laundry {BIG IF!} then I can get everything packed in under an hour.

The more I travel, the more I realize that I want to be comfortable. That means my favorite jeans, some basic boots, a black tee and a comfortable top. I wear the same thing over and over and no one even notices. If I am speaking, doing a segment on a morning show or attending a dinner, I pack a special outfit for that event–otherwise you’ll probably find me in jeans, booties, a black tee and an easy top layered over!

{I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration}

These are some of my favorite jeans, and a favorite black tee. When we’re out of town, I don’t want to think–I just want to grab something comfortable that I feel good in and GO! Jeans: British company, Fat Face. Black tee: Anthropologie. Booties: Sam Edelman.

Tops, left to right: camo button up, Forever 21. Gray hoodie, H&M. Wool hoodie, Ruby Rose. Gray moto jacket, Gap. Polka dot scarf, Zara. gray sweater with lace, TJ Maxx. Infinity scarf, Target. Black and white flannel, Old Navy. Leather bag, Thailand.

Word of the year bracelet, My shop.

When you pack for a trip, do you find that you usually underpack or overpack?