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sweet maggie’s wedding

March 14th | weddings

Oh friends! Last week’s wedding week was sooo much fun! Thank you for all your sweet words about the new product we introduced–we are thrilled with the response. We’ll continue to share more weddings with you here and there. And we’ll have new products to introduce over the coming months, too!

I wanted to share this last week, but was having internet issues. I am so excited that my sweet friend Maggie {gussy sews} has agreed to be part of wedding week and share some sweet details about her wedding day with us! Maggie is seriously creative and fun–and her products match her personality. You can get to know her here!

How did you and Zack meet?
Zack and I met in college, at Central Michigan University. We were both freshman and knew each others friends/roommates, although we weren’t friends just yet. Zack was singing in a male a capella group at the time and let’s just be honest, he has an amazing voice and fun personality… that’s what won me over {along with his big smile}. He and the group would stop by my dorm room a few times a month and would sing to me until I opened the door. And then Zack would give me a smooch, and they’d sing a bit more.

We’ve always kept friendship as part of our solid foundation and it’s made marriage seem pretty darn easy ;] Zack and I were quickly known as “the lunchroom couple” because we ate in the same dining commons every day {and everyone thought we were so cute}, and we dated all through college. We were hitched 1 month after Zack graduated — our wedding was June 7th, 2008 {yeow!}.

What is one special memory from your wedding day?
This one is going to make me tear up just writing it. We were married in my home church and had invited about 250 guests to the wedding. My bridesmaids and I were getting ready in one of the Sunday School classrooms, pretty far from the church Sanctuary. A few good friends and some of my Aunts had come by the room to give me a quick hug & kiss before it was “time to go.” Soon after my dad came into the room. He had this huge smile on his face and said, “Are you ready?” {OK, I am totally crying right now.} It was such an intense moment of love, joy, excitement. I could feel how proud my dad was, and that’s such a wonderful feeling…

Did you incorporate something unique and fun into your wedding celebration?
Instead of lighting a traditional Unity candle, Zack and I each had two small vases of salt and together we poured our grains into the larger vase of salt. The meaning behind this is Biblical, that when two men were ready to commit to a sale, or an agreement over something, they would each take a pinch of salt from a little pouch and place it in the other man’s pouch. The idea is that it is impossible to know who’s grain was who’s, therefore making it impossible to undo the agreement {or commitment}. We transferred this idea to our marriage — once united there’s no undoing what we’ve committed to.

I have the larger vase of salt, with both of our individual salt grains mixed in, and my dried wedding bouquet sits inside.

What kind of wedding cake did you serve at your reception?
We had a traditional wedding cake for when we cut the cake, but our guests were served Cheesecake with various fruit toppings. Zack and I don’t really love cake {but I love cake now!} so this was a fun way to change things up.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a bride planning her wedding?
I would tell her to take some time to incorporate meaningful, unique-to-the-couple designs with the wedding plans. We had a pretty traditional Lutheran wedding, but we found many ways to make it OUR DAY and not a wedding straight from our wedding planner book.

Thank you Maggie and Zack! What a beautiful day. Now hop over to Maggie’s blog and say hi!

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  1. Ashley says:

    I loved reading this! I love how they incorporated the salt into their wedding! & they sure are adorable!!

    -Many Smiles!

  2. Gussy says:

    aww — thank you Lisa for featuring us :]

  3. Sarah says:

    Loved reading Maggie’s wedding story!! I just ordered my first tote from Gussy Sews this past weekend…looking forward to its arrival!

  4. Claire says:

    Such a cute wedding!


  5. Neat idea using the salt Gussy girl! And I love seeing the pics of Maggie with her long hair:)

  6. Southern Gal says:

    She’s so cute and talented. Her “yeow” always makes me smile.

  7. Loved reading this! What a lovely wedding you had Maggie. Lisa..thanks for sharing.

  8. Mama Gus says:

    Hi Lisa! What a delightful post. Aren’t they adorable??? Reading Maggie’s answers and seeing a few pictures brings back all the warm and fuzzy I felt on that day; and it brought a few “puddles” of my own!


    Mama Gus

  9. Sarah-Anne says:

    aw, so sweet! maggie & zack are now my fave couple!! :)

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  11. skye says:

    i love the salt idea! :) beautiful pictures of the wedding – looks like it was a lot of fun!

  12. Stacey says:

    This looks like a beautiful wedding :) Thanks for sharing!

  13. Christina says:

    Love it!!

    My husband and I did the salt ceremony also. I too wanted something that was unique and closely represented the goals we have for our marriage.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Kelsey says:

    Hi there,

    I just loved this whole wedding week theme. It was so awesome.


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