a lovely rainy weekend {wonderful to be out and be healthy}

steve was out of town so i took the boys to santa barbara to meet two of my sisters. they are so fun, laid back and a huge help. it was great to get away and be with aunties!

it’s been raining raining raining but sunday cleared up and was gorgeous. the sky was so blue and everything felt fresh. we walked around town a little and browsed anthropologie. fresh air and anthropologie–food for my soul ha!

i had been feeling discouraged with the constant sicknesses we’ve had this winter {both boys has strep last week} and it was wonderful to be out and be healthy.

aren’t my sisters amazing? they are two years younger and fraternal twins. i’m an identical twin. yep, my mom had two sets of twins and then my parents adopted a third set. and i have an older brother who’s not a twin, but don’t worry, he had twin daughters!

i am so blessed to have so many sisters and brothers {who are incredible aunties and uncles}. matthias and david have it pretty darn good.

susan and ellen it was so fun to hang out this weekend. you are the best!

are you close to your silbings?

here’s a little video of a rainy evening at the beach. music is NEW and so beautiful. it’s ‘out to sea’ by history of painters. take a listen {you’ll love it}.


  1. OH! My heart!! At once comforted and verkempt watching this beautiful film, Lisa. Thank you for sharing your day with us! Can you share who the music is by?
    Bless you and the Beautious Sisters in your Lives!!

  2. That is a beautiful video, Lisa! You are very blessed to have lots of siblings! I am so happy to hear the boys are feeling better. My kids are on school vacation and sadly, on the couch, coughing and sick. What a way to spend vacation week. But we’ll get through it. As you have reminded me to count the blessings we do have and man are we blessed! A home, heat ( even if it just cost 326. to fill the oil tank for 1 month!), yummy food, our awesome dog Mya and eachother to snuggle with. Thanks for also sharing your sisters amazing story of the adoption of her daughters. All the best, kristin

  3. My boys would have written Star Wars or Legos in their love note! I guess there are worse things to be second to.

    I love hanging out with my sister, but it doesn’t happen often enough! Giggles are abundant when we do get together, so it’s always worth the wait.

  4. what? two sets of twins? and more twins?
    that is awesome!
    i would have loved to have had twins. i was always so bummed when the ultrasound lady only saw one baby….and my husband was so relieved.

  5. just moved to colorado to live in the same town as my twin…yes, we’re close, and getting closer all the time!
    fun to see your pics and such from SB…my hometown…thanks!

  6. once again, your pictures give me a deep breath sigh. 🙂 and OH MY WORD all of you girls look alike [and your identical twin wasn’t even in there!]

  7. I also have an identical twin! We have curly hair too! 🙂 I love her so very, very much and cannot imagine my life without her. I share everything with her and can tell her anything and everything and she never judges me! We are best friends!

  8. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters, and we lost one sister to cancer 4 years ago. We are pretty close in age and even though we can drive each other crazy…we are all close. Try to get together and celebrate anything/everything as often as possible….you know where you start off thinking “This is great!” but at some point secretly think “Whose idea was this???” hahaha
    My dad had one brother,,my mom had a twin brother (a priest) and lost two others in WWII…..so there were never any cousins around…just us! My my lost a set of twins and had twin (uncles???) but none of us had twins. I figure one of our kids is going to have a set sooner or later.

  9. Wow I’ve never heard of so many twins in one family – how wonderful! 🙂

    I’m totally jealous of all those beautiful curls between you and your sisters haha 🙂

  10. What fun and beautiful pictures … such a great weekend! What an amazing family … all those twins – – such a miracle! I have three younger sisters (four girls!!), and three older step-siblings as well (they came along when I was 20)!

  11. I love that there are so many twins in your family! I have younger brothers that are fraternal twins and I think it is one of the neatest things ever! And I think it is just so cute that y’all have that pretty curly hair!

  12. wow! what a fun packed family of twins! i have four kiddos, twins are three. they are the 10th set of twins in my family, 2nd set of boy/girl. really want more…but hasband is fo fearful we’d get another set of twins…at least then we would know what do second time around!!

  13. no sisters or brothers for me…which i used to not like at all, but over the years i have come to find some very close girlfriends who are just like sisters in away.

    i am so blessed to have twin girls…who i love to see their relationship with each other…it is so cute and special!

  14. i have 4 brothers & i’m the only girl (also the middle child). i was (still am) pretty spoiled. heehee! growing up, i was never really close to my oldest brother but was to my 2nd oldest brother. and my two younger brothers were like friends (or partners in crime). heehee! now, i’m the one that lives hundreds of miles away from my family, but i’d say i am still probably closest to my 2nd older brother. and after my mom died, i became a lot closer to my oldest brother.. he was there for me a lot when i needed someone.

    i’d love to hear more about your family.. all the twins. my grandma had 2 sets of twins & my uncle had a set of twins.. my brother & SIL were pregnant with a set of twin, but only one survived (during pregnancy). and on my husband’s side they have triplets.. so i am so thankful with both my pregnancies, we were only pregnant with 1! heehee!

  15. I love to watch for the videos and ALL your beautiful pictures. The beach is glorious!! And coming from the mitten with all the snow-it isgreat to dream of warm days and sunshine…thank you

  16. i started to tear up when i saw matthias writing “i…love…” and then cracked up when i saw “star wars!” haha! what a boy. 🙂

    i love my two brothers! one now lives much closer to you (san francisco) with his wife, than to us (indy), but we’re all still close. what a blessing.

    1. haha! i thought the same thing! he’s gonna write i love mommy-and then bam! star wars steals the show. oh well! 😉

  17. I am a fraternal twin. It is absolutely one of my favorite things in the world…being a twin. She and I are incredibly close. My husband and I just moved from North Carolina to Virginia just to be able to live closer to my twin and her family. We are having a blast. We have a younger brother that we are very close to as well. I wouldn’t give anything for the relationships that I have with my two siblings. Thanks for sharing about your siblings.

  18. Oh my goodness, I think I might know your family from our toddler days! For some reason, both you and your twin looked familiar to me when I’d read your blogs. Then, reading today about your other siblings … I thought about your names Lisa and Chrissie … I wish I could remember your other siblings names. I remember playing with two sets of twin sisters who had an older brother.

    Anyway, I think I got chicken pox from you guys when I was 4 years old in 1979! Our families were at a mexican food restaurant and then a few days later we got the call that your family was sick. I have one younger brother named Matt. I went to a church preschool where my dad was a pastor. We moved to Central California in 1979 and then to Oregon.

    If that sounds at all familiar to you, email me and I’d love to send a photo of my family!

  19. I think everyone is envying those curls Lisa! Looks like you had a nice day and I’m glad you’re all feeling better. We’ve been hit with that bug around here too.
    Wow, 3 sets of twins plus 1…I thought we had a big family! My youngest are identical twins too.

  20. Love all the curly haired heads! I would fit right in! 🙂 I am incredibly close to my sisters and my parents. We all live within a 3 mile radius of where we grew up. We have dinner together at least once a week. Our kids all go to school together which also happens to be the school our mom works at. We like to say we’re dysfunctionally close. 🙂 But I wouldn’t have it any other way. We moved away from our big, extended family when we were little so we know what it’s like to be away from family. I know we are the lucky ones .to be so close.

  21. I have an older brother by 2 years, we were close in high school, not anymore. We talk maybe once a year. I have a sister 5 years younger than me. We are like oil & water, though ever since she married, she is coming around. We’ve been getting along semi-well, & I invited her out to visit next month, she said yes.

  22. I have one sister and I LOVE her. We have a great grown up relationship, though when we were younger we did fight – al ot! She lives about one hour away and when we see each other it is great times!

  23. those pictures are so sweet. i’m not as close with my siblings as i wish i was. when i heard your sisters story about the girls and how you all go to the desert every year, i got totally jealous. i want to start a tradition like that with my siblings!

  24. amazing so many twins in your family! i too am a twin and we are extremely close although we live hundreds of miles apart. she is a wonderful aunt and my children absolutely adore her. i think they felt bonded to my twin from the day they were born. luckily, she was able to be here for all three of their births!

  25. My daughters looked at the pictures and said, “That’s a lot of curly hair!” We all have stick straight blond hair! 🙂 Lovely – I don’t have near the # of siblings, but my sister and I are close! Love her!

  26. What lovely pictures! Aunties and Uncles and Cousins are the best! So glad you got to enjoy that special family time.

    I am very close with my two sisters, and together our kids form a tribe of nine cousins. The boy cousins call each other “cousin-brothers”…that tells you that they are close too!

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