1. Lisa,

    It’s funny you wrote that. I just said to a friend “I sort of feel like I’m in a holding pattern.” We moved in August and are in a rental, so I think that contributes to my feelings of “unsettled.” I know God is using all of it to stretch me and remind me, like you, I’m not in control. Sometimes I wish I’d just learn this lesson already so he could stop teaching it to me! lol Loved your words. 🙂

  2. We’ve had a rough winter as well. Our three little ones are all just a bit less than two years apart and they can really spread things around quickly. My fridge shelves have been stocked with antibiotics and my cabinets with fever and pain relievers. We’ve had some scary high fevers too. I’ve been praying and waiting for some warmer weather to come and “scare” away some of these nasty germs so we can venture out of this house a bit more! We’ve even had to take a break from our Sunday School and church routines to keep them out of potential germ situations. That decision has been so heavy on my heart. I know that “this too shall pass” and that it’s “small potatoes” compared to the sickness of many children today. I’m grateful for that and I know there are many families hurting out there that wish with all their might that it was “just the flu.”Fingers crossed for an early Spring!

  3. it’s enough to be sick once in a while and have plans and routine and all rearranged, but to have it disturbed again and again would get old.

    i’ve experienced my own sicknesses again and again. i know this God uses it for his shaping his molding his glory. he has his hands in every detail of our lives.

    may God be present as you wait, snuggle, heal. glorify him at home, in the dr.’s office seated beside another waiting mommy, in the pharmacy line…everywhere (i know you do lisa!).

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