parking lot poetry

{first a quick note}

we had to reschedule david’s sedated echo because he has a cold

which is great because i can prolong my denial

and a bummer because i’ll have to face it again in a week or two.

thank you for your sweet words and prayers!!




i got to spend a wonderful, lingering lunch at the camp in orange county with my sister.

each space in the parking lot is marked with a simple bit of wisdom.

the parking lot was charming, lunch was divine and the shopping was so inspiring!

i highly recommend!!




start where you are.

such good advice. every day is a new start.

every project starts with a small first step.




important, right?

a great pair of jeans can make your whole week better 🙂




a shadow of me and my sis.

we are identical twins, so i thought the word ‘reflect’ was appropriate.




have i ever told you i suffer from perpetual dehydration?

it’s not as serious as it sounds,

i just need to drink more water!




make time to play

play is good.

play is an item on my daily to-do list.

* * *

so if you had your very own parking space,

what would it say??

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