Creating it a funny thing. When you create something, you put a piece of your soul in it–and it becomes a reflection of who you are. There are days where creativity flows and I enjoy trying to keep up with all the ideas in my head–and there are days where I have ideas that won’t translate creativity. Sometimes my hands won’t cooperate, but most of the time it’s a state of mind.

Creativity requires bravery. Even when I’m creating alone at my home, with no one looking over my shoulder, I sometimes experience fear and insecurity. Thoughts like, “I can’t do this.” or “This was a stupid idea.” creep in and make me want to give up.

The longer I’ve engaged in the creative process, the better I’ve become at pushing past those feelings. I don’t want to let them hold me back. If I stop creating, then I’ve certainly failed. If I keep creating, sometimes I will fail, but sometimes I’ll be successful!

Lately I’ve been working on a project that is stretching me creatively and pushing me beyond my comfort zone. And it’s good! But it’s hard, too. That’s where I want to live–in that uncomfortable place of being stretched. That’s where growth happens, right?

Looking back I’ve seen myself grow. Looking forward I know I have more growing to do. The way forward seems scarier than what was behind me. But if I never let myself be stretched, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Today I’m speaking kind words to myself, like…

“You can do this!”

“Keep trying, you’ll figure it out.”

“Let it be imperfect.”

Today requires a bit of bravery and a willingness to fail. But today gives the possibility of growth, and who knows, maybe creating something beautiful that will speak to others’ hearts.

Are you growing and stretching and doing anything that scares you?