My Heart is Hurting

Hi friend. Is your heart heavy like mine? Sometimes things happen in the world that we can’t understand. People make choices that harm others, and we are left questioning why. It’s hard to move through the day while so many are hurting.

My heart is hurting… yours may be too.

It’s okay to feel worried, overwhelmed, helpless, angry.

In times like this, it helps me to slow down and reflect on what I’m feeling. I take a moment to go inside and really FEEL my feelings. It may sound strange but instead of trying to avoid those hard feelings, I try to feel them as much as I can. Feel the worry, fear, pain, anger. Then I breathe. I can feel multiple things at once—worry, gratitude, anger and love. The more I feel the hard feelings, the less hold they have on me. Feeling the hard feelings helps move them through to make space for energy and action.

There is a reason why we have strong feelings toward the hardships of others. It shows that we are capable of caring, of loving, of deep compassion. This is why our hearts hurt for strangers—people who would likely be friends if they lived next door.

Let’s lean into these feelings and then ask —“What am I capable of doing to help?” This is where great acts of kindness and healing are born. Pray, donate, love your friends and family. Each of us is fighting a hard battle. There is enough love and compassion.

You may not have the answers to every problem the world is facing. But you can find the answers to your heart. And you can follow its calling.

I’m grateful for you today. I’m sending you love and light. I pray you see beauty around you and find there’s grace for each moment.





  1. Thank you so much for posting this today. My heart is broken for everyone suffering in Ukraine and everywhere else in the world. I think I may need to reread Elie Wiesel’s book When Bad Things Happen to Good People to help me think through all of this insanity. I wish peace for all of us.

  2. What a lovely comment. I, too, have been spending time in quiet reflection, trying to make some sense of it all. I then find myself SO angry, at the senseless loss of life. A million people have walked away from their families, their homes (and all that is in it, including memories), and most of all, their country. I feel very helpless. What do I do to help? I have been praying a lot. I spent some time today thinking what I would take if I had 5 minutes to decide. Pictures, jewelry, identification.How many clothes. These people have been fighting for years, though no one thought this would happen. It is so heartrenching.
    Meanwhile, we have a totally open border, allowing every criminal known to man, carrying who knows what diseases, tramping the poor peoples property on the border, where they live with rifles in their bed, and everywhere they go. Have we forgotten our own? I hope not.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful words of kindness, love, companionship, and letting people know to be honest about their feelings in this very difficult time in our world. I know myself that I am so grateful for our lives each and every day. That everyday I wake up I am so blessed to be able to breathe and that my family is healthy. My prayers our with the families fleeing for their lives and that this situation will be over soon so that people can heal and move forward in their lives . Your words are healing to the soul. Thank you May peace be with you and your family.

  4. My heart is hurting, too, and I can relate to your words. Your authenticity makes me value your business even more.

    Thank you!

  5. My heart has been devastated since last weekend. I have such compassion and respect for the courageous and strong people of Ukraine, along with their amazing President.

    Praying for peace and comfort for everyone involved. 💔

  6. I wear 4 rings from your company. Those rings are very special and always remind me of what they mean to me. Love!! Two rings are the names of each of my grandbabies and the ring between them, says, “nana”. Me. My fourth ring has a paw print and represents the dog live of my life, Sloane. The ring bears his sweet, precious, special name. My Standard Poodle boy. He passed away in August, ’21. So, your rings, bring joy and happiness, daily, no matter what. Thank you!

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