I have more pictures {and thoughts} to share from my time in Georgia. We stayed on Tybee Island but spent a day in Savannah. I love Savannah. Tybee is relaxing, Savannah is invigorating!

Can I be honest? Coming home is a bundle of emotions. I missed my boys and and I could’t wait to see them and hold. It’s hard to be away–they are where my heart is.

But being away is so good. I need time to reflect, rest and care for my soul. I got to sleep in and move through the day without having to rush. I had time with friends to talk and search my heart. And I laughed–really hard.

So while I’m happy to home, it’s hard to re-engage. My time away was ideal-oceanfront cottage, walks on the beach, time with friends, yummy food. I needed it and now it’s back to real life. And real life it beautiful–it’s just a lot messier. I’m off to make dinner, cuddle my boys and soak up being back in real life.