it was a really long day today.

david and i drove south for cardiology testing to make sure he is stable for surgery.

i had a major meltdown in the doctor office-it wasn’t pretty.

but, i’ve been getting the run around and i’m tired of driving all over california

and david not getting the care and attention he needs.

and it’s no one person’s fault-it’s just tyring to coordinate lots of care providers

and today i hit my breaking point.

the good news is, as long as anesthesiology agrees, we have cardiac clearance

and can move forward with a CT scan under anesthesia tomorrow

and surgery on monday.


now time for happy thoughts!


things i’m loving…

1. pink blossoms popping up here and there

2. reminders of valentines

3. my new pink flats (target)

4. new pewter hearts and a giveaway

5. new, vintage painting of pink flowers

6. pink marshmallow hearts (and cocoa)


7…what’s making you happy today?