these hands

My hands are imperfect. Sometimes I’ve felt self-conscious of my hands. They have freckles from years of being outside. My nails are short and need new polish. My hands are nothing special, except my hands represent something very special.

These hands were made to hold you.

They wipe the tears.

And these are the hands folded in prayer next to yours, asking for safety and wisdom.

these hands always together ring lisa leonard2{customer photos above by Michelle Madigan Herman and Ashley Fink via Facebook}

They turn the pages of your favorite book.

And these are the hands that will turn the pages of that book as we read it over and over.

They tuck the blankets tight.

And these are the hands that softly rub your back night after night.

They pack your favorite lunches.

These are the hands that hold fast while we cross the street.

these hands always together ring lisa leonard3

They comb your hair.

These hands have folded your laundry and helped button your shirts.

They change countless diapers.

And when you have your own children, these hands will gladly change their diapers too.

these hands always together ring lisa leonard4{customer photo above by Chloe Vaquez-Wheeler via Facebook}

They clapped with joy when you took your first steps.

And these are the hands that will clap for joy with every accomplishment—no matter how big or small.

These hands are how I express my love for you.

These hands are an extension of my heart.

And this is the ring, that slips on the finger of my mama hand. This ring reminds me we are always together.

Together—whether physically or just in our hearts, is the best place to be.


  1. Dear Lisa,

    I am reading Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury and think you would like it.
    I will be happy to send you my copy after I finish reading it.
    My first baby was my joy and delight despite her 30 and 40 convulsions a day, severe retardation (. What it was called in th late 60s when she was born,) displaced lens, wrists and hips.
    She died at 16 months 1/2 hour before my healthy son was born. God’s perfect timing. I loved her with all my heart and still miss her.

  2. That made me cry..what a beautiful poem Lisa. I am the mom of 3 grown children and my hands have done the very same thing and I’d do it all over again too. Sadly we lost our oldest son over 10 months ago. There are no words to express the loss, deep pain and sorrow all of us feel but he makes my heart smile every day. Thank you for posting the poem..xx

    1. I’m so sorry about your son. I lost my
      First born, my daughter at 16 months over fifty years ago and I still love and miss her. You never get over losing a child. God bless you,

    2. I’m so sorry about your son. I lost my
      First born, my daughter at 16 months over fifty years ago and I still love and miss her. You never get over losing a child. God bless you,

  3. So very fully ” see” our value, our worth, we must first get really close with our hearts …sun spotted hands, c section scars, weathered skin..all signs of living, being, LOVE.
    Thank you for your insight.

  4. Laura we are sure you are disappointed, and who wouldn’t be, but instead of voicing it here for all to see do you think one could have contacted their customer service dept first? After all, these items are all handmade… & we’re sure they would take the utmost care & understanding with your dilemma with a prompt repair, exchange or resolve to your disappointment! Allow them the Grace of their livelihood & talent to shine through inleu of purchasing a mass produced or made in China item.
    We are not in anyway trying to cause anything further, its just that we’re all in this thing called life together & American made or Homemade deserves some love & respect!

  5. Very disappointed myself as I received a 14k birthstone cross bar gold necklace for Mothers Day. Fell in love with what was portrayed on her website….
    My husband paid a considerable amount of money for this piece, paying extra for the natural gemstones…..5 in all, horrible quality!
    Day 2, 1 of the “diamonds” fell out, the one that didn’t, certainly cannot be a diamond, and upon attempting to remove my necklace that evening, a link broke , while I was trying to simply unlatch the flimsy gold filled latch, that also, broke.
    Not anticipating anything different upon an exchange.

    Disappointed in NH

  6. I Just read the poem about your hands .(It is a real thing) I have twin 5 year old granddaughters… Thank You , You gave me a NEW LOOK at my hands… They are ugly too, from years, and work… Love your GORGEOUS JEWERLY!!!!!

  7. My daughter bought me a ring when my mother died with her birthday. Then she bought me two more with greandkids name so. Love Love Love them . Always have most important people with me. Great product.

  8. Will you email us at customer service at lisa leonard dot com so we can help. I apologize, Laura. xx

  9. Just received my ring…… LOVE EVERYTHING about it! Reminds me of my AMAZING BOYS, every time I look at my hand…. Love it! Thank you… Even the box it came in is exquisite….. Love….

  10. I love my stackable ring with the names of my children. It has been a favorite ring of mine. Wear it everyday. Very good quality.

  11. I love my ring! It’s exactly what I have been looking for for years. Can you tell me the best way to care for it? Is silver polish safe for the metal and stones?

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