surprised by love

As I live, I learn there is so much more to love than I used to think. It’s deeper, wider, stronger and more beautiful than I used to believe.  Here are some things I’m learning about love…

1. Love grows in rocky soil. With a little sunlight and water, love can grow even in difficult circumstances.  It doesn’t require ideal conditions to thrive.

2. Love is resilient. It gets nicked and scraped, but if those bumps and bruises are tended to, it will heal to become even stronger.

3. Love is a renewable resource. Sometimes I feel used up and empty. But with a little rest and room to breathe, I am refreshed and ready to love again.

4. Love is brave. A heart that knows it is loved is willing to risk and be vulnerable.

5. Love expands. There is no limit to love. As we’ve made new friends and watched our family get bigger, I’ve seen my heart stretch and grow.

How has love surprised you?


  1. It has been so wonderful to watch you live out #4: Love is Brave. You have taken many risks to be vulnerable, to trust, to reach out and bring in. Since the first time I had the privilege of watching David and Matthias years ago, you have been a hero to me. Thank you for continually living out your creativity and bravery; your imago dei in front of so many. You can take those risks because you ARE loved!

  2. I’m kind of a plant person, so I love it when soil and plants are used in analogies. (like your first one on your list) The thing about most plants (and about love) is that it’s those differences in conditions that give them the strength to survive. It’s in the watering, then letting the soil dry a bit that gives the roots the air they need. Love needs nurturing, but it also needs time to soak it in and make use of it…I could go on and on about the similarities… 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this!
    I am surprised how big my heart has grown – how much room it has for so many different kinds of love I never expected to experience in my life. xoxo

  4. Love fuels me. It gives me the courage to keep on doing what needs to be done. I do it for love because I love and am loved.

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